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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 789 Chaotic Martial Arts!

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Chapter 789 Chaotic Martial Arts!

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“Three Forms of Heaven Turning Seal!”

Lin Feng read about the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal carefully. The three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal were what he found interesting, and the main reason he helped the Qi family.

The first move was the Earth Seal, which was the technique that Qi Xuan had used previously.

The second move was the Heaven Seal. The power of this move was extraordinary. Ordinary half-Chaotic lifeforms could not cultivate it. Only those top half-Chaotic lifeforms or outstandingly talented cultivators could cultivate it.

As for the third form, it had almost become a myth. Only the ancestor who founded the Qi family had mastered the complete three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal.

It was rumored that the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal imitated a terrifying Chaotic artifact in the Chaos, the “Heaven Turning Seal”. This artifact was famed in the Chaos.

Since they imitated the Heaven Turning Seal, the power was naturally impressive.

“This kind of martial arts is interesting. It doesn’t seem to be just martial arts, but a combination of martial arts and spells!”

Lin Feng studied the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal carefully, and made some discoveries as well.

When cultivators fought in the Chaos, they had all kinds of methods in terms of martial arts and spells. Martial arts were domineering, and spells were miraculous and strange. However, most of them combined martial arts and spells.

Martial arts and spells were very compatible with the rules in the Chaos, and were extremely powerful when used.

For example, Lang Da’s berserk bloodline could actually be considered a type of spell. There was also Ao’s Chaotic flames, which was also a spell. However, they were innate spells that were passed down through the bloodline.

Lang Da and Ao could use them at any time. They were similar to instincts, and were inherent in their bloodlines.

The three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal combined martial arts and spells, and were rather powerful. With Qi Xuan’s cultivation level and strength, it was actually very difficult for him to unleash the true power of the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal.

“Earth Seal!”

After carefully studying the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal for four hours, Lin Feng had already vaguely grasped the essence of the first form of the Earth Seal. He formed a seal in the void, then struck out with his palm. A storm of Chaotic aura seemed to rise within a radius of dozens of meters, containing astonishing power.

Its power was more than ten times stronger than the Earth Seal used by Qi Xuan.

“I see. The three forms of Heaven Turning Seal is quite extraordinary. No wonder the Qi family could dominate Red Phosphorus City with the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal in the past!”

A peculiar glint flashed across Lin Feng’s eyes as well.

Hence, he focused on cultivating the second form, the Heaven Seal. After spending eight hours, Lin Feng also successfully cultivated the Heaven Seal.

“Heaven Seal!”

Lin Feng growled and formed the seal with his hands. A storm of Chaotic aura swept over within a radius of hundreds of meters, and a terrifying pressure filled the library.

With the power of the Heaven Seal, it was probable that no half-Chaotic lifeform could resist it head-on. If one mastered the Heaven Seal, they could do whatever they wanted in Red Phosphorus City.

“Impressive, impressive. This kind of martial art is incredible.”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up slightly. Even though he was a Universe Supremacy in the Origin Universe, and was already invincible, he actually did not study martial arts much. He had relied on his combat body to fight.

However, the combat body was the mainstream in the Origin Universe. After entering the Chaos, restricted by the rules of Chaos, the combat body was useless. Martial arts and spells were the mainstream.

Although the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal seemed to only be able to cause fluctuations of Chaotic aura within dozens or hundreds of meters on the Chaotic continent, the first two forms relied on the Chaotic aura in the body of cultivators. Once used, it was enough to sweep through any living being in the Origin Universe.

The Chaotic aura itself was a few tiers higher than any power in the Origin Universe.

“There’s still the third form!”

Lin Feng had a vague feeling that the third form of the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal was not simple. The third form was called the “Heaven Turning Seal”.

Lin Feng studied it for a total of 24 hours, which was an entire day.


Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

“Heaven Turning Seal!”

In an instant, the Chaotic aura within a radius of thousands of meters went completely berserk. With Lin Feng as the epicenter, a huge vortex of Chaotic aura was formed.

The terrifying pressure enveloped the entire Qi family.

“What’s going on?”

“What a terrifying feeling. It’s as if the world is collapsing.”

“Who’s breaking through to become a Chaotic lifeform? But it doesn’t feel like it. It seems to come from the direction of the library…”

The Qi family was shocked. They looked at the violent Chaotic aura around them, their hearts palpitating.

Only Qi Xuan and a few others knew that a senior called “Lin Feng” was in the library. There was no knowing what methods he was testing.

“It seems very familiar, and it feels a bit like the Heaven Turning Seal… But even the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal can’t be so powerful, right?”

Qi Xuan was also a little uncertain. He was indeed very familiar with the Heaven Turning Seal. How could he not be familiar with it after practicing it for so long? However, with his strength, he had barely mastered the first form.

Even the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal in his memory did not have such terrifying power. Hence, he had never thought that this would be the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal.

At this moment, Lang Da and Ao outside the library actually felt a little uneasy.

This was especially the case for Lang Da, who was only a half-Chaotic lifeform. At this moment, he felt the terrifying pressure in the library, as if it would erupt at any moment. Once it erupted, he might be shattered.

The feeling of approaching death was not that pleasant.

Even Ao could not help but growl, its eyes filled with vigilance. This was because even a true Chaotic lifeform like itself felt a great threat from this level of power.

“I see. This is the true Heaven Turning Seal!”

In the library, a smile appeared on Lin Feng’s lips.

He understood now. He understood completely.


Lin Feng retracted his hand, and the surrounding Chaotic aura instantly dissipated. The library returned to calm, as if the storm had never existed.

“So the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal is a true Chaotic martial art!”

The so-called Chaotic martial arts referred to martial arts cultivated by Chaotic lifeforms.

After Lin Feng successfully cultivated the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal, he understood completely. The first two forms could still be considered half-Chaotic martial arts. Cultivators who were half-Chaotic lifeforms could cultivate them, but the requirements were very high, and the Chaotic aura in their bodies had to be abnormally rich to cultivate their power.

As for the third move, it was impossible to master unless one was a Chaotic lifeform. The reason was very simple. The third move, the Heaven Turning Seal, required one to control the surrounding Chaotic aura. The greater the range of control, the greater the power.

Controlling the Chaotic aura outside the body could only be accomplished by becoming a Chaotic lifeform. Every move of a Chaotic lifeform could stir the Chaotic aura, forming a terrifying power. Chaotic martial arts were created based on abilities like those of Chaotic lifeforms. All of them were abnormally powerful.

The power of the third form, the Heaven Turning Seal, was more than a hundred times stronger than the previous two moves. It simply exceeded the imagination of half-Chaotic lifeforms. Only a true Chaotic lifeform could contend with it.

“Chaotic martial arts are fascinating. There are also spells that seem to be compatible with the rules of Chaos. From these martial arts and spells, I can see a trace of the mysteries of the rules of Chaos. Perhaps I can find the direction of cultivation for Chaotic lifeforms.”

Lin Feng mastered the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal and did not leave the library. To him, even if the martial arts and spells in the library were not very powerful and did not increase his strength much, they were still very good references.

Hence, Lin Feng continued to stay in the library and focused on studying all the martial arts and spells in the library.

“Elder, we have to think of something quickly. The Qi family is aggressive, and our Li family has suffered heavy losses. If that powerful cultivator from the Qi family attacks again, our Li family will be finished!”

The Li family of Red Phosphorus City were completely on the defensive recently.

The reason was very simple. In the battle of the Qi family, the Li family had lost all their elites. Even though the Li family still had some powerful attendants, after hearing the actual situation of the battle of the Qi family, they all left the Li family using various reasons.

This was no joke. There was a cultivator who roamed the Chaos, and had a Chaotic dire beast under their command that was suspected to be an adult Ao. That was a true Chaotic lifeform! Wouldn’t staying in the Li family be courting death?

“Li Longwu is really incompetent. Is a cultivator who has a Chaotic spaceship and travels in the Chaos someone to be provoked? It’s one thing to provoke him, yet no one expected the opponent to be so powerful. He brought calamity to our Li family. Li Longwu’s death is nothing regrettable!”

The Li family’s elder was the true mainstay of the Li family. No one knew that the Li family’s elder was in seclusion all year round in order to metamorphose into a true Chaotic lifeform. He was already a peak half-Chaotic lifeform.

Such an expert could be considered the strongest in Red Phosphorus City!

However, now that the Li family was in danger of destruction, they had no choice but to consult the elder again.

“Elder, Patriarch is already dead. Moreover, Patriarch could not have expected this either. We had more than ten experts who were half-Chaotic lifeforms, yet they were all killed by Ao. It was truly terrifying.”

At the mention of “Ao”, some Li family members who were lucky enough to escape still had some lingering fear.

“Hmph, the Qi family tried to use that expert in the Chaos to drive our Li family out of Red Phosphorus City completely. How can I let the Qi family have their way? Red Phosphorus City is the foundation of our Li family, and cannot be shaken. However, that Ao is a natural Chaotic lifeform. It’s indeed difficult to deal with. Looks like we can only rely on the Zhao family of Shangyang City!”

The elder’s expression was dark.

“Huh? The Zhao family of Shangyang City? Elder, although this Zhao family is a Perfected Person family, and once had a Perfected Person who was a Chaotic lifeform, that Perfected Person of the Zhao family has long disappeared. Can the Zhao family deal with that Ao?”

The Li family expressed their doubts.

“Heh, how ignorant! How can a Perfected Person’s family be as simple as what outsiders see? Back then, that Perfected Person from the Zhao family stayed in the Zhao family for a thousand years. He dominated a region and was famous. There’s no knowing how many top-notch martial arts and miraculous spells he left behind, as well as all kinds of terrifying Chaotic artifacts. The Zhao family’s foundation far exceeds your imagination. A mere Ao? The Zhao family would probably even have to thank us for informing them about it, giving them a chance to subdue a natural Chaotic lifeform!”

“However, this way, the power of the Zhao family in Shangyang City will expand to Red Phosphorus City.”

Some people said worriedly.

“Isn’t it all thanks to your folly? The Li family is in imminent danger now. How can we still have so many inhibitions? Moreover, even if the Zhao family wants to interfere in Red Phosphorus City, the Red Phosphorus City is barren. When the time comes, they’ll definitely find someone else to manage it for them. Isn’t our Li family the most suitable candidate? Although we’ll be under the Zhao family’s control, being able to monopolize Red Phosphorus City is already not that bad.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Elder is thoughtful. Let’s go to the Zhao family in Shangyang City immediately and invite them to attack!”

“The sooner, the better!”

Elder Li cast a long look in the direction of the Qi family’s residence in the distance, a trace of wariness flickering obscurely in his eyes. He would only tell the Zhao family that Ao had appeared in Red Phosphorus City, but he did not intend to tell the Zhao family that this Ao seemed to be already subdued by someone.

How could someone who could subdue the Ao be ordinary?

At that time, what happened between the Zhao family and that mysterious expert from the Qi family would have nothing to do with him. As long as he could protect the Li family, his goal would be accomplished.

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