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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1929 - Gu Ancestor

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Chapter 1929 - Gu Ancestor

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At the same time, Shi Hao withdrew, following his original path out of this chaotic world!


However, he sucked in a cold breath. That path he could take to return to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths was near Scarlet King Clan’s ancestral land. However, that region was now surrounded by an endless great army, there were soldiers everywhere.

The Time Beast Clan experienced great problems, they were always seriously on guard these past few days. They were simply about to go to war.

Shi Hao wanted to go back through that path, but it was too difficult, almost impossible to complete.

This path was blocked, things were now troublesome!

Shi Hao just couldn’t understand. Didn’t he just chop up a pompous Time Beast? Why did this clan go crazy like this?

He turned around and left, quite decisive, heading straight towards another region. He hoped that he could make it in time, that he could return to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths amidst the chaos.

In the blink of an eye, he saw a giant city. That city had an altar that led towards the other side of Desolate Border’s uninhabited region.

This place definitely had guards watching it. Shi Hao examined this place closely. He knew that there wasn’t much time left, that he had to cross realms during the chaos, slaughter his way back!


In the distance, undying kings roared, facing the creatures from the Realm Sea. It was just too terrifying. Chaotic mist surged, unrivaled magical force raging.

It was rumored that an ancient existence slept within the Immortal Smelting Pot, one who didn’t belong to this great era. Now, it appeared in the world, staring in Realm Sea’s direction. It was searching for that so-called butcher.


A divine arrow flew over. If it descended, it could destroy another Emperor Clan, it was just too terrifying.


The Immortal Smelting Pot moved, rushing into the heavens, smashing into that divine arrow, neutralizing a great disaster.

“You all can just fight it out on your own, I’m going back first!” Shi Hao said coldly.

He turned around, entering that giant city, no longer paying the world shocking great battle in the limits of the horizon any attention.

The altar was guarded after all. This was a middle-aged man, at the very least, this was what he looked like from the outside. His hair was jet-black, his figure seated on a praying mat, dressed in golden daoist robes, there was an undying aura around him.

His eyes opened and closed from time to time, guarding this formation platform, but also watching the great battle in the distance, primal chaos visible in his eyes. This was a powerful individual.

A half undying king!

Shi Hao’s expression became serious, it seemed like he had to fight a great battle. Half undying kings were definitely no joking matter. They were extremely powerful, only Anlan’s son and few others could reach this level.

Creatures of this level were like those at the absolute peak of true immortals, about to approach the king realm, but still weren’t there.

Regarding cultivation realms, even though it looked close, sometimes, it was like a heavenly moat, impossible to cross, insurmountable, leaving one helpless.

Shi Hao’s eyes were cold. His body’s five great realms shone at the same time, his essence energy rising to the absolute peak. He didn’t have time to fight a great battle at all, so whether it was victory or retreat, he had to concentrate it within three moves. Otherwise, he would provoke the descent of several undying kings.

Fortunately, those great unrivaled experts were currently occupied, unable to come to this side.

“Sigh, the young truly are daring.”

Suddenly, this voice sounded by Shi Hao’s ears. It was too sudden. He turned around, seeing an aged figure quickly approaching along the great earth.

That creature was just too fast. When Shi Hao saw him, he was still extremely far away, outside the city, yet in the blink of an eye, he already entered the giant city.

He was extremely old and shriveled, not having much skin and flesh, dried-up. However, there were many time fragments released from his body, just too terrifying.

He seemed to have gone against time to come over, arriving while stepping on time itself.

Shi Hao’s eyes were ice-cold. He didn’t pay this person any attention, directly taking action, smashing towards the altar. He wanted to end the battle with a single move, and then return to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.


Heaven and earth exploded. Shi Hao’s five great realms released dazzling radiance, releasing chaotic energy. He used his own ultimate technique, wishing to decide life and death in one move.

Right now, all of Shi Hao’s precious techniques merged together, becoming a completely unique secret technique of his own, the power extremely terrifying.

He condensed a fist imprint, smashing over!

This fist imprint was all-embracing, containing too many profound mysteries. There was the Kun Peng Technique, True Phoenix’s undying secrets, Lightning Emperor’s most tyrannical power…

Shi Hao used all those different techniques as reference to derive his own great dao method. This dao imprint could overturn the heavens, able to sever time!


His five great realms seemed to be burning. They were just too dazzling. Immortal dao power erupted, smashing towards the seated person.

That person suddenly opened his eyes, his hands forming magical imprints, using his most profound dao skills, facing Shi Hao head-on. At this level, it was extremely difficult for one to die from a sudden attack.

This creature was extremely vigilant. His golden dao robes swept about, releasing undying chaotic energy. In this instant, it was as if the void figures of undying kings appeared behind him.

This was the inheritor of an undying king’s lineage, the only living child of a certain king.


The two clashed, shocking the heavens and moving the earth. It was incredibly intense.

Shi Hao was shaken. A half undying king was powerful beyond compare after all!


At the same time, when his secret technique was displayed, he continued to shine, mixing in another type of innate divine ability, the third type of supreme being bone technique. It interweaved, transformed and derived, able to support his offensive power, continuously increasing it.


At the crucial moment, when this type of transformation happened, for that half undying king, it was definitely fatal. He immediately spurted out blood from his mouth, his body also producing many cracks.


Shi Hao’s fist erupted, crushing down on his body, completely focused on offense. Under an expanse of blood radiance, that half undying king exploded, blasted to pieces.

If it was a normal battle, then it would definitely be an extremely intense great battle, unknown just how many exchanges there would be. However now, it was shortened to just a single move or two.

For Shi Hao, the consumption was tremendous!

However, he didn’t stop. After erasing the final primordial spirit imprints of the half undying being, he rushed into the passage, about to escape.

In the back, the wizened elder’s face became bitter. “If I knew that you were this capable, I might as well not have appeared.”

These words were rather strange. When Shi Hao heard them, he was incredibly shocked and confused.

What left him shocked was still to come. That elder followed him in, saying, “There is no need to leave in such a rush, let’s chat for a bit.”

At the same time, a wave of terrifying might descended. This was definitely an undying king level existence!

“Who are you?” Shi Hao stopped. He was incredibly shocked. Even this level of existence appeared, if he insisted on taking action just now, then that half undying king most likely wouldn’t die, there would still be time to save him.

Shi Hao was confused!

“You should know that I carry no malice. Otherwise, this passage would have been sealed up by me. No matter how great your speed is, you wouldn’t be able to leave.”

“Who exactly are you?” Shi Hao asked.

“Someone who has shouldered infamy for endless ages, some people call me Ancestor Gu.” The elder said with a sigh.

“Ancestor Gu, the traitor?!” Shi Hao was immediately shocked. This was one of the leaders who defected to the other side?!

He really never expected Ancestor Gu to appear, moreover this close to himself.

Shi Hao was sure that Ancestor Gu was an immortal king, his power exceeding that of a half immortal king!

Back then, the Vicious Ten were all powerful, their potential also tremendous, that was why they had such a great reputation.

The clans of the Vicious Ten were also like this, and it was precisely because of this that their numbers were extremely few, yet they were all incredibly powerful.

Back then, this old Gu still wasn’t an immortal king, but after cultivating for an entire great era in the foreign realm, he long successfully rose up, becoming the peak figure of a generation.


Ancestor Gu released a great sigh. When he looked at Shi Hao’s expression, he knew what he was thinking, unable to help but carry great sadness. This endless infamy was destined to stick to him.

“I wanted to help you escape, I carry no malice.” Ancestor Gu said.

Shi Hao was skeptical. Back then, this clan’s people almost tormented him to death, yet the ancestor of this clan actually had this type of attitude? It was too contradictory.

“In order to rely on the foreign realm, how could we convince them? In order to deceive them, we had to first deceive ourselves.” Ancestor Gu said with a sigh.

He told Shi Hao things as they were. When the Nine Heavens Ten Earths showed signs of collapse, destined to perish, Gu Clan received orders to defect, enter the foreign realm.

Of course, all of Gu Clan’s people thought that this was a true defecting, only him alone knowing that it wasn’t real, that there would definitely be much death along the way.

It was to the extent where even the old Gu himself had hands covered in blood. For the sake of convincing the other party, he used a great method to make himself forget the truth, only remembering the matters of defecting to the foreign realm.

Only after a small half of a great era passed, did Ancestor Gu’s old memories slowly start to reemerge.

By now, Gu Clan had long taken on a reputation of infamy.

“In that case, why did you stop me instead of letting me quickly leave?” Shi Hao said. He didn’t really believe this old Gu’s words, inwardly still carrying suspicion.

“This one is already old, after remembering the past, it feels like a knife is being twisted in my heart, wishing to speak some words to those on that side.” Old Gu said.

Shi Hao became speechless. Did this fella really want to help him? At this critical juncture, he was still stalling him for time!

“Don’t worry, I am from the Gu Clan. Towards the so-called time-space, we have a certain amount of interference ability.”

Old Gu told him that he would help him erase all types of traces that were left behind. It seemed like time was being exhausted here, but they were within an expanse of time laws, not much time actually passing.

He arranged time laws, surrounding this place, clearing up traces for Shi Hao in a calm manner, also burning away the half undying king’s blood.

In the domain where Gu Ancestor stood, time seemed to have stopped. No wonder he had this level of confidence, not wasting Shi Hao’s time.

“Did you end up provoking great trouble in Scarlet King’s place of seclusion?” Gu Ancestor suddenly asked.

“I only chopped up a Time Beast, yet in the end, this clan went crazy. It really is strange.” Shi Hao said.

When Gu Ancestor heard this, he was stunned, his entire body going a bit foolish. An immortal king having this type of expression really was rarely seen.

“You are still confused? Do you not understand that you might have chopped up Scarlet King?!” Gu Ancestor said, his breathing rushed.

“Impossible! It was so weak!” Shi Hao shook his head.

“There were already rumors outside that Scarlet King underwent rebirth, starting from the beginning again, wishing to break through the limits of an undying king, but he suddenly encountered disaster two days ago!” Gu Ancestor said. He already confirmed what really happened, even he ended up becoming speechless, incredibly shocked.

Shi Hao was naturally stupefied, a bit absent-minded.

He was just that close to slaughtering Scarlet King! Now, he only removed half of its body.

Shi Hao produced that half of the Time Beast’s body, saying, “It really was Scarlet King! I feel so much regret… back then, I should have just chased him all the way down and completely ended him!”

Shi Hao was going crazy, truly finding this a bit hard to accept.

In the end, he stared at that half of the body angrily, saying, “I’ll definitely roast you and directly eat you when I go back!”

If someone heard this, knew what happened, they would definitely be dumbstruck. That was Scarlet King, yet it was actually going to be eaten by someone?

“If you dare eat it, you have to be careful. That most likely contains some of Scarlet King’s vitality and dao fruit, so watch out for issues.” Ancestor Gu reminded him.

“If you have nothing else to say, then let’s part here.” Shi Hao turned around to leave.

“If I knew it was like this, I really shouldn’t have appeared… He could actually already kill half undying kings.” Gu Ancestor said with a light sigh, starting to clean up the traces here.

Even though the two did chat, all of this actually happened in an instant. It was because everything was carried out in his time domain, time itself stopped just now.


Shi Hao rushed out of the passage, returning to his own world!

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