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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1928 - Foreign Realm Thrown Into Complete Confusion

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Chapter 1928 - Foreign Realm Thrown Into Complete Confusion

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This was a heaven shocking great affair. Shi Hao massacred Dao Comprehension Mountain, completely wiping out a group of extremists. One had to understand that this was a group of the hardline faction, declaring that they were going to trample down the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, wipe out that realm, yet in the end, they were all destroyed instead!

A group of experts was buried, the lives of the elites of several generations ended just like that!

Shi Hao’s single hand covered the heavens, sweeping through them, not letting a single person escape, incredibly iron-blooded. His methods were fierce, wiping out all of the elites who gathered on Dao Comprehension Mountain!

In the surroundings, formation banners rose one after another, turning into streaks of light, following Shi Hao out.

This was a formation he arranged beforehand out of fear that people would escape, but also because he wanted to lock this place down out of fear that experts from other places would be alarmed, doing this to lock down heaven’s response.

However, he knew that there was no way it could be hidden. The moment he powerfully killed the elites, there were undying beings who called out Anlan and Shutuo’s true names.

These were names that were extremely long and extremely complicated, several hundred characters long. Even though the undying beings didn’t completely speak out their names, Shi Hao still suspected that several undying kings were alarmed.

“Do you know where Great Elder Meng Tianzheng is?!” Along the way, Shi Hao was extremely rushed, clutching the giant black wolf while loudly shouting. It was because there wasn’t much time left, the undying kings would appear in the end.

The giant black wolf was confused, not knowing what Shi Hao was talking about.

At the same time, even now, it was still stunned. How did Huang appear here? He actually ended up running into this side! This was just too crazy, taking the initiative to slaughter his way over.

“What did you do to those people at Dao Comprehension Mountain?” It couldn’t help but ask.

“I killed them all! If you don’t want to die, then hurry and answer me!” Shi Hao directly searched its soul, wishing to completely examine it.

“What, you…” The giant black wolf was alarmed, its expression becoming sluggish. Huang did such a terrible thing, daring to massacre Dao Comprehension Mountain, wiping out all of the elites.

There was nothing crazier than this!


Shi Hao directly knocked it unconscious. He didn’t obtain what he wanted to know from its head.

In the end, he directly seized Huo Ling’er, not acting overly polite at all, searching her sea of consciousness, suffering intense resistance. However, he still didn’t obtain any information relating to Great Elder Meng Tianzheng.

In reality, during these two days, he had gone to Sin Province, seizing and interrogating foreign creatures along the way, but none of them knew anything about Meng Tianzheng. This left him feeling rather anxious.

“It seems like I won’t be able to find Great Elder this time.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

It wasn’t easy for him to arrive in this foreign realm at all, but there were actually no clues about Meng Tianzheng. This left him shocked and confused.

Shi Hao quickly left, leaving behind a string of afterimages, disappearing in the limits of the horizon, heading into the distance just like that.

As time went on, great stars rumbled. Shi Hao entered outer space, leaving the surface. He used a formation to hide himself, conceal his aura, and then quickly continued on his way.

Stellar streams seemed to flow in reverse. He went from one foreign realm land to another, and then crossed who knew how many star domains. This was because this place was just too vast.


Suddenly, an indistinct figure appeared in the distant skies, overlooking the endless world. It possessed an overbearing heaven and earth aura, vaguely appearing in the depths of the star domain.

Shi Hao cried out inwardly, thinking that things were bad. Sure enough, there were undying kings who were alarmed, now about to appear in this world.

This was baleful energy that rose from the ground, condensing into a giant that towered in the cosmos. Just how terrifying was this magical projection? It was just a few strands of energy, yet it could already do this.


Shi Hao cut apart heaven and earth, vanishing from this place.

He landed on the foreign realm’s great earth again, now moving along the mountains and rivers, restraining all of his aura as he fled.

“Those who chanted my true name, everlasting will be revealed in reincarnation.”

This was a grand voice that resounded across the boundless heaven and earth. Terrifying blood energy rumbled, simply about to burst the stellar sea in the world beyond, crushing the cosmos.

These were irregular scenes, not true blood energy that leaked out. Otherwise, even if only a bit was leaked out, the sky dome would collapse and the great earth would cave in, the blood energy of all living things would even explode.

This was precisely an undying king. If he woke up from his slumber, the entire boundless world would start to tremble, making all living things cry out.

Right now, countless creatures knelt down, bowing in that direction. All those who kowtowed and those who were sincere, chanting out his true name, were relieved from their fear, peace returned to them.


Another figure appeared, blurry and indistinct, but this figure was already towering above the world. This figure was formed from a strand of energy, standing in the cosmos right now, overlooking endless generations.


Everyone saw that Anlan woke up. His aura spread out, forming an unmatched projection on its own.

His true body was going to move soon as well.

Then, another wave of terrifying aura swept out. A streak of undying radiance tore apart a sea of cosmos. An unmatched creature opened its eyes.


The ancient ancestor Shutuo also revived!

This type of activity was too great. Whenever one of them revived, the entire foreign realm would be alarmed, yet today, several respected undying kings revived. Even without thinking about it in detail, everyone knew that something huge happened.

In that instant, a large black hand covered the heavens, reaching towards Dao Comprehension Mountain. This place already turned to ruins, all life was extinguished.

All that was left behind were ashes, because even the ruined blood was refined away by Shi Hao, burned to ashes, doing this in order to stall for time, prevent the undying kings from investigating closely.

After this hand appeared, the voice of an undying king began to echo about. This was dao sound, but it was more like an unmatched decree that commanded the world, none dared to disobey!

Following that low voice, all of the deceased creatures revived from ashes, turning into blood, turning into bones, about to recombine together, reappear in this world once again.

Just what kind of heaven shocking power was this?

Ashes transformed, with just a single line, creatures whose bodies and spirits were erased reappeared. This was a heaven-defying process!

Of course, this was only a method that traced upstream, it wasn’t true revival. It touched upon the realm of time-space, as well as even more profound natural luck mysteries.

Shi Hao severed all auras, not leaving behind any traces, but undying kings could investigate through this type of unmatched method!

“Trackless Formation, activate!”

In the endless distance, Shi Hao released a low shout. He didn’t foresee the scene behind him, but he was extremely cautious, always on guard. When he figured that it was about time, he activated this formation.


Heaven and earth rumbled, becoming incredibly brilliant. A streak of light cut across the other side, illuminating the cosmos’ endless nothingness.

Half an incense stick was lit, moving across the star domain. It was carried by a formation, quickly moving into the distance. However, it shone brighter and brighter, the brilliance terrifying.

In the end, the entire foreign realm was ignited, the heavens becoming blinding, as if there was an endless great flame burning, raging flames illuminating everything.

The foreign realm became transparent, Realm Sea appearing, revealing the scene there. With each wave, a ruined world appeared, just too terrifying.

In the world behind the dam, there were creatures who crossed the sea. Meanwhile, there were creatures confronting each other on the shore. This type of scene and that type of imposing might horrified the world. These were unmatched forbidden existences, never seen through endless times.

Realm Eradication, this stick of incense was lit by Shi Hao, moreover carried by a formation, quickly moving through the foreign realm. It crossed endless space, its precise location difficult to track down.

The reason Shi Hao came here wasn’t because he let his emotions affect his decisions. It wasn’t only for the sake of saving a girl important to him and rescuing Great Elder Meng Tianzheng, he also wanted to seriously damage this realm.

He went for broke. He always wanted to ignite this stick of incense, now that the chance was here, he went all out.

“You all slaughtered my people, my ancestors, today, you will have to pay back the interest, pay the price!” Shi Hao said with a low voice. His eyes shone brilliantly, completely throwing caution to the wind.


When this stick of incense appeared, the undying kings who appeared before all revealed serious expressions. Not only did their projections appear, their true bodies also opened their eyes.

Several streaks of eyesight pierced through the world like divine spears, covering the sky dome, looking for that stick of incense!

At the same time, all of the creatures in Dao Comprehension Mountain exploded again, turning back into dust.

It was because ‘Realm Eradication’ appeared, already lit, powerfully interfering with the great dao fluctuations of this world. It was like a lighthouse that shone to the world beyond.

Right now, in the Realm Sea, there were ancient figures that opened their eyes in the darkness. Their gaze was terrifying beyond comparison, just too powerful.

There were some standing on large black ships, some on duckweed, gazing towards this place, looking into the almost transparent foreign realm.


A streak of dazzling radiance erupted, hacking over from Realm Sea. This was blade radiance, sweeping towards all under the sky with unmatched might.

That streak of blade radiance was too long, and also too resplendent. It was boundless like an expanse of cosmos, pouring over!


Following a cold shout, Anlan took action. His hands and fingers were sparkling, releasing precious radiance, cutting apart heaven and earth, stopping that blade radiance, blocking it outside this realm!


A blood-colored spear appeared, just too sharp, moreover too sudden. It directly entered the foreign realm, horrifyingly thick. It shattered the heavens, stabbing inwardly.


Shutuo took action, forming a fist imprint, sending the spearpoint back out.


Heaven fell and earth split apart. One area exploded, a passage about to form. Unmatched experts from Realm Sea were about to cross over, powerfully arrive and descend here.


However, Realm Sea wasn’t calm either. There were existences there that released heaven overflowing black mist, walking over from the sea, stopping those who wanted to cross realms.

“It’s Realm Eradication!”

A foreign realm creature released a low roar, this individual was an undying king.

His true body appeared, his eyes locking onto Realm Eradication. Then, he grabbed forward.

Shi Hao saw this. He knew that undying kings were ridiculously powerful, but he still underestimated them. Even Realm Eradication was ineffective and quickly found.

In reality, he also expected this result. If Realm Eradication really was effective, it wouldn’t have been left behind for him to use now.

After all, undying kings were unrivaled. With them here, it was enough to protect this realm. In the end, this stick of incense had nowhere to run, it would be found and destroyed.


In the end, Realm Eradication exploded, the last of Shi Hao’s formation’s power also disappearing alongside it. When an undying king reached over a large hand, it exploded.

As luck would have it, this was the place where an Emperor Clan resided. Otherwise, that king wouldn’t have immediately found Realm Eradication. When it was about to stop burning, it arrived in his territory.

When this stalk of incense exploded, the effects were tremendous. With a honglong noise, it erupted with even more resplendent brilliance, burning down the sky dome, exposing this realm before Realm Sea.


In that instant, several types of weapons descended, entering this realm, all of them attacking this side.

“You dare?!”

The undying king here berated furiously, erupting with immeasurable divine might, facing them.


Unfortunately, when an arrow descended, abruptly descending in the darkness, landing on the surface, he couldn’t immediately block it.


This great earth collapsed. This undying family’s glory was immediately eradicated, everything was destroyed, only a child of this undying king managed to rush out alive.

The other creatures were completely wiped out!

“Butcher, you were still alive!”

In the foreign realm, an ancient voice sounded. The Immortal Smelting Pot appeared from a direction, its owner’s background similarly horrifying, incredibly ancient.


The undying king who had his ancestral land destroyed roared out in fury, the voice he released too horrifying. He almost rushed straight into the Realm Sea.

This was a great disaster!

The entire foreign realm entered into a great chaos!

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