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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1927 - Punishing the Foreign Side

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Chapter 1927 - Punishing the Foreign Side

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This storm exceeded the imaginations of all clans. After two days, all of Scarlet King bloodline’s undying beings came out, even Scarlet King’s son emerging, frantically seizing suspicious people from all clans.

All of those who couldn’t clearly state what they did in the past few days were targeted.

Those people were all baffled. The Emperor Clans obviously refused to be pushed around, some exceptional experts appearing, asking about this matter, demanding an explanation from Scarlet King bloodline.

However, Scarlet King bloodline’s attitude was extremely unyielding, insisting that if it was a battle they wanted, then so be it!

This made all of the clans realize the severity of the issue, all of them sending out ambassadors, heading to the Time Beast’s important places, trying to find out just what exactly happened.

This clan’s people wanted to start a clan war, not hesitating to exhaust hundreds of thousands to millions of the clan’s accumulation!

What did this signify? Many people shivered inwardly, all of them frightened!

It had been two days since Shi Hao entered Sin Province. It was a ghastly sight, this entire province was corroded by darkness. Moreover, after ten thousand years passed, they had their own ‘history’.

They were loyal to the other side, full of murderous intent and fierceness, already transformed into a corps. If the other side was going to launch a large scale invasion of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths again, they would be at the vanguard!

“How vicious!” The expression in Shi Hao’s eyes was cold.

Sin Province was finished. They were previously treated as descendants with sinner’s blood flowing through them. Even with Desolate Border’s Seven Kings taking the lead, they still all died, basically completely slaughtered.

When darkness matter was used to corrode them, even though their flesh still existed, still living, were these still the same people? It was already unknown who they were!

Sin Province was more vast than the lower realms’ eight regions. There were so many creatures, yet not a single one of them was able to narrowly and luckily escape, all of them falling to such a miserable state.

“The day will come when I will end you all!”

Shi Hao vowed, looking towards the ancestral land where some undying kings resided.

Sin Province didn’t have Huo Ling’er. Shi Hao left this place. During these two days, he learned a lot of information, knowing where she headed.

“Dao Comprehension Mountain, this truly is a coincidence!”

Shi Hao laughed, only, it was a bit cold.

Back then, he had also headed to that place. There was a Dao Comprehension Tea Tree growing there, every so often, it would produce leaves, able to assist in one’s cultivation, drawing countless heroes over.

This time it was different. Because chaotic times were starting, this foreign realm was accumulating power, preparing to go out for war at any time!

A group of powerful and extremist individuals were surging with hot blood, gathering at Dao Comprehension Mountain.

These individuals’ power ranged from Self Release Realm cultivators all the way up to undying beings, having individuals of all levels.

It was because Dao Comprehension Mountain’s tea leaves had matured, so they chose to gather here, drink immortal tea and discuss greater matters, preparing to set out at a suitable time.

“This time, we definitely have to slaughter our way into Immortal Domain!”

“The darkness’ turmoil is about to start. What immortal kings? In the end, they are going to be dealt with, not a single one left behind!”

“Everyone, please remain clear-headed. Before slaughtering our way into Immortal Domain, we have to first destroy the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!”

A group of creatures were discussing among themselves, all of them experts.

Shi Hao came. He looked towards that mountain, his eyes swirling with brilliance.

He sensed that strand of aura, precisely an ancient tree that released a great dao aura, located on that mountain.

Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, in the earliest years, it was enough to rank in the top three ancestral roots, one of the most well-known immortal medicines. Even when undying kings drank the tea from this tree, they would gain some enlightenment, the value impossible to measure.

Unfortunately, it suffered a disaster. This ancestral root was cut up by someone, the roots divided in half, planted in different places, reducing the medicinal effects.

The foreign realm’s stalk was precisely on Dao Comprehension Mountain!

Even though Shi Hao was previously taken as prisoner, he fought a great battle here, obtaining quite a bit of the Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves. Today, he could be considered heading down memory lane, taking the initiative to climb this mountain.

Immortal Tea Ancient Tree, ever since it was cut up, undying level existences rarely came here, most of the experts here were Mortal Dao level cultivators who came here to seize opportunities.

However, today, it was different. The mountain had a few undying beings, and they were all celebrated, well-known individuals.

Not only were there newly ascended undying beings who ruled an area and exceptional geniuses among them, there were even older generation experts who oversaw a region as well, incredibly terrifying, thick chaotic mist spreading from their bodies.

This was equivalent to seizing the opportunities of Mortal Dao level cultivators. With them here, how could others still seize Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves?

In reality, this was precisely the case. In front of every undying being were jade cups that released wisps of fragrance, these were full of Dao Comprehension Tea water. They didn’t need to fight over it, there were already people who picked leaves, helping them soak in hot water.

These people had one common point, which was that they were all extremists, currently discussing the arrangements for the future expedition.

“The Nine Heavens Ten Earths should have been wiped out a long time ago, a ruined place actually sticking around all the way until now… When those immortal kings died that year, that world should have already declined.”

“That place is currently in a Cultivationless Age. If we slaughter our way over, it will be unfavorable for us.”

There were many cultivators seated at the foot of the mountain as well, their figures densely packed. They were all heroic figures, especially Mortal Dao Domain cultivators, all of them well-known figures from various clans.

They originally came for the Dao Comprehension Tea.

Now, the undying beings that came here were even more so extraordinary, so this tea ceremony’s meaning became different.

“I heard that in recent years, our realm tried to enter the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, but in the end, some troops were lost, all of this is related to Huang?”

When Huang’s name appeared again, many people’s expressions changed. Some people were furious, others gritting their teeth. This was especially the case with the Emperor Clans, their expressions were extremely ugly.

In the past, Shi Hao had previously unleashed great might here, overturning all competition, seizing large amounts of Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves.

Later on, he actually fled and then continuously fought with this side. It was rumored that he was the one leading the Nine Heavens Ten Earths now, stopping the creatures of this side from heading over.

“I truly never expected the past Mortal Dao cultivator can now even face undying beings!” Someone said with a sigh, feeling that this was incomprehensible.

In some people’s eyes, Huang was simply comparable to an ultra evolved darkness being!

“Huang is nothing more than a human, what is so great about him? What can the Nine Heavens Ten Earths amount to, it is nothing more than ruined earth! Back then, my ancestors previously slaughtered their way over, personally killing more than one true immortal, bringing them back as slaves, even now, they are still raised as servants in my clan!”

“Haha…My clan has these types of servants as well, their primordial spirits suppressed, shackles placed on their bodies. They really have become the most loyal slaves.” Another person roared with laughter.

These were some youngsters, wild and untamed, all of them extremely arrogant, looking down on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. They couldn’t accept that the Nine Heavens had someone stronger than them.

However, what they said weren’t entirely empty words. In reality, in some great foreign clans, there were these types of servants, seized from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

There were some that had been refined into puppets and some whose primordial spirits were restricted, only loyal to them like pack animals.

“Wu, some of that side’s creatures really are tasty… I like humans, like Flood Dragons, like Luans, their meat really is tender.”

There was a green haired creature who was licking its lips, exposing its snow-white teeth, extremely fierce-looking.

“Alright, that day isn’t too distant. The things you all are talking about are all the achievements of our ancestors, the embodiment of their glory. Now, this world is going to become chaotic again, turbulent times are starting, it is once again time to establish merit. It will depend on you all to see if we can recreate our ancestors’ brilliance.”

An undying being spoke, his attitude calm.

“We will naturally recreate our ancestors’ glory! In the past, we slaughtered them until they suffered a great defeat, so of course we can completely wipe them out now! Even if it is Immortal Domain, there is no need to fear them, our reinforcements have arrived!” Someone said.

When everyone heard this, they all became excited. When these words were spoken, some people carried unruliness, their eyes shining brilliantly, bodies surging with blood, really wishing they could immediately slaughter their way over.

The only issue was that during these past few days, Scarlet King’s descendants went crazy. Several Time Beasts came here, Scarlet King’s son actually also came here, bringing away several suspicious undying beings.

However, this didn’t affect much, the gathering still continued.

Right at this time, Shi Hao got on the mountain. He remained far away from the foot of the mountain, but already heard these people’s conversations, the expression on his face becoming incredibly ashen.

As an Immortal Dao Domain expert, when he got angry, even the world’s colors would change. Sure enough, there were rising winds and scudding clouds, Dao Comprehension Mountain even cracking, the entire ancient land trembling.

“Who is it?” Someone shouted.

Shi Hao ascended this place. He immediately saw Huo Ling’er and the giant black wolf. These were his targets, he would immediately bring them away after subduing them.

Of course, there was no way he could leave just like this. Since he came all the way here, he naturally had to leave these extremists with a bloody lesson. They were all outstanding individuals, all powerful beings. If he killed all of them, it would definitely stir up this world.

“This foreign realm previously forced the Nine Heavens Ten Earths to suffer a great era gap, made it a world without true immortals, without immortal kings. Today, I will also suppress and kill, bring a great gap to the other side’s heroic talents, several generations of your elites!”

Shi Hao prepared to unleash a great slaughter. The so-called Dao Comprehension Tea Ceremony possessed a different significance, as it was something only the best of the various clans could attend.


When he came, he didn’t say anything, a palm striking over. Several pu noises sounded. On the mountain peak, there were several thousand cultivators who exploded, their bodies and spirits erased, turned into a bloody mist.


Miserable screams rose and fell, this place directly entering chaos.

There were people who didn’t die, protected by undying beings.

“Who are you?!” The undying beings were alarmed. It was because just now, there was an undying being who was covered by that large palm, directly slapped into a bloody paste.

That was a frontal exchange, yet the undying being wasn’t a match.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. He reached out a large hand. With a hong noise, the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree was pulled up by the roots. There were still more than two thousand leaves on it.

Even if an undying being came here to this meeting, they still could only use a hundred or so leaves, the rest still remained on the immortal tea tree.

“You dare?!”

Everyone was alarmed.

Who was this person? He really was too crude, actually even daring to directly seize the immortal tea tree! In the past, even the Emperor Clan’s experts didn’t dare do this out of fear of raising public anger.

Shi Hao directly seized this tree, preparing to grow it in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.


Immediately afterwards, his large hand moved across the sky again, covering the stunned Huo Ling’er, restraining that giant black wolf, suppressing them, and then they were taken into spatial magical artifacts.

The Dao Comprehension Tea Tree and Huo Ling’er were both here before, leaving him a bit restricted. However now, that was no longer the case.

Since he already took action, Shi Hao decided there was no point in leaving anyone alive, preventing these people from heading out and making any reports.


His left palm descended, everything within a million li caved in. As for the cultivators seated at the foot of the mountain, they all lost their lives, their bodies and souls completely erased.

A hand covered the sky, ending the lives of these elites.

“It’s you, it was definitely you who acted wantonly in Scarlet King’s place of seclusion! Who exactly are you?” There was a sharp undying being who guessed that Shi Hao might be that terrifying person.


Even though this undying being was resisting, he was still directly blasted apart by Shi Hao’s fist imprint!

“Run! This isn’t someone from our realm!” Someone shouted.

However, where could they go? He had just ripped apart the void, escaping into the heavens, but there was already a faint golden hand that covered him. That hand shattered the void, reaching over, grabbing him and crushing him.

With a pu sound, this person was directly squeezed into a pool of blood!

“A half undying king?” Everyone was alarmed. This wasn’t someone they could face at all!

Even if they were a group of extremists, their natures callous and unyielding, they still panicked at this time. If they truly faced this person, that was just throwing their lives away!

Pu pu pu…

They were running. However, in the end, they were all directly blasted apart by Shi Hao, dying here, undying blood dyeing the skies red.


Then, Shi Hao released another palm. With Dao Comprehension Mountain at the center, a great collapse happened. All cultivators at the Mortal Dao Domain, even though they were the best of their clans, they all died, turning into bloody paste.

Shi Hao’s strike shocked heaven and earth. Those with cultivation levels lower than his couldn’t stop it at all.

Even undying beings couldn’t escape disaster. There were five of them in total, some just recently reaching this level and some who cultivated for an endless amount of time, lived for a long time, extremely powerful. However, in the end, they were all killed by Shi Hao.

This was a heaven shocking bloody event. The creatures from the foreign realm who attended this Dao Comprehension Tea Ceremony were completely wiped out, dying here.

He swept through this place, completely massacring everyone here.

Then, he turned around to leave, not remaining here for a second longer.

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