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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1888 - People From Immortal Domain

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Chapter 1888 - People From Immortal Domain

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A hundred years, it came just like that, extremely quickly. In the endless years, in this great era, it was also just a hurried instant.

However, the people of the mortal world had already experienced life, adulthood, decline, and death. For them, this was a long life. When one died, they would fade away like an extinguished light, unable to leave much behind.

Shi Hao came out of his seclusion. He gazed into the distant skies. Perhaps Immortal Domain’s gates were going to open, someone coming to send him an invitation.

He knew that this wasn’t some act of kindness, most likely meant for him to see just what Immortal Domain was like, for their powerful individuals to intimidate him. There might even be a great killing disaster.

During these hundred years, he spent most of his time in Imperial Court’s giant palace, remaining in the higher realm.

Shi Hao was still stopped at the peak of Mortal Dao, his dao skills seemingly not advancing an inch. It was as if he arrived at a plateau, unable to see any rising or falling no matter how far he walked.

However, he knew that his cultivation wasn’t without benefits. He could sense some type of fine transformation taking place in his body, just that these changes weren’t too clear.

It was too difficult trying to ascend to immortality during the Cultivationless Age. According to the suspicions of predecessors, this was impossible, the path ahead was already cut short!

If one wished to achieve immortality, there was only one way, which was to break into Immortal Domain, cultivate for an endless amount of time in that world. Then, one day, they will suddenly rise from Mortal Dao, become a true immortal.

A hundred years later, the others’ changes were significant. Their vitality became even more vigorous. Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, these people’s foundations became even more sturdy. After a hundred years of tempering, their dao skills advanced.

Unfortunately, they stood at the very peak of Self Release Realm, but just couldn't’ take that step into the supreme being level.

Perhaps they were only a hair off, but they couldn’t break through that paper window. If they even took just another small step forward, then it would be a whole new world for them!

This wasn’t something they could beg for, it was something that couldn’t be helped.

However, they didn’t feel discouraged, all of them cultivating bitterly, forging their bodies, tempering their primordial spirits, making themselves even stronger, becoming more and more perfect.

It was because they could sense that during these hundred years, their cultivation skills actually did increase somewhat. This meant that the path was ahead, they could still continue.

When could they cross that gate, truly become fish that leapt into the nine heavens, becoming true dragons?

During these hundred years, the three perfect dao seeds were circulated among them. No one cut off their previous foundations, instead, after serious contemplation, they decided to switch halfway, reforge themselves from the Heavenly Deity Realm.

After the dao seeds were merged, they would continue cultivating, and then in the end, they would extract them again, handing them to others. They merely sensed the different scenery along this path.

The three dao seeds were still too few in the end, they could only share them.

However, these three seeds were different, all of them unique. Even after many people continuously used them, there still weren’t any problems.

The Five Elements Seed condensed the essence of five elements. The world could be broken down into five elements, they were the foundation. When they were used by this group of people, the intrinsic nature of the world was derived.

The All Dao Tree was even more strange. This ancient tree was planted in Imperial Court, even without being merged into the body, one could comprehend the dao with it, cultivate like this.

It didn’t seem to need to be merged into the body, but was rather able to merge into a sect, an inheritance, prospering with an entire faction.

Whenever they cultivated, heaven and earth’s great dao would rumble, descend from all sides. Even the deficient laws of heaven and earth seemed to have been replenished, making them immerse themselves within a boundless ‘dao sea’.

The most bizarre one was that Heavenly Seed. Apart from Shi Hao, no one was willing to continuously come into contact with it. It was too strange, carrying the war cries of endless men within.

Hundreds of soldiers were buried, becoming its nourishment. A great foreign Emperor Clan was eradicated, one could imagine just how terrifying it was.

During these years, Shi Hao studied it extensively. This thing could allow him to achieve immortality in the Cultivationless Age? Even though he examined it, he didn’t discover any breakthrough points.

That day, the world could not remain calm. A terrifying aura rippled, alarming all secluded experts.


As if there was a streak of thunder crashing down upon the Nine Heavens, a streak of flowing light tore through the heavens, descending upon the great earth.

“They’re here.” Shi Hao said to himself. He knew that a crack was opened in Immortal Domain’s gates, sending down some creatures.

Sure enough, not long afterwards, people visited Imperial Court. Several experts paid them a visit, stating that they wanted to meet Huang.

In this age, few people could seek out Shi Hao. Even if they came respectfully, they weren’t arrogant like these people, not feeling any apprehension.

These people ranged from young to the golden years, to elders, of all different types. At the very least, this was how they looked on the outside. As for their true ages, it was hard to be certain.

“Huang, we have come to bring you an invitation, to invite you to enter Immortal Domain.” One of them spoke, quite young. Long purple hair scattered down his back. He had a type of arrogant and untamed aura.

They could tell that these people were normally domineering with a single look, their gazes like eagles, sizing them up. He raised a golden invitation card, saying, “Accept it.”

Shi Hao remained completely unperturbed, extremely calm.

Zhu Lin walked up, her gait light and agile, about to receive that invitation.

“This is for Huang, no one else is allowed to touch it. Huang, come out here and personally receive it. If there are no objections, follow us to immediately enter Immortal Domain.” The purple-haired youngster’s gaze was fierce.

He didn’t hand the invitation to Zhu Lin, instead saying this domineeringly.

“Are you here to deliver an invitation or to pass on a decree? What qualifications do you all have for my master to personally receive it?” The crimson dragon shouted.

As for Zhu Lin, she even more so had on a sunken expression. With a raise of her hand, True Phoenix cries sounded, scarlet multicolored light overflowing. She was going to directly seize that invitation.

“Unbridled! This is Immortal Domain’s invitation, how can it be blasphemed by you all? Huang must come here and personally receive it!” The purple-haired youngster said coldly. He shouted out, releasing purple multicolored light, strands of supreme being aura flowing out.

Zhu Lin was indeed not a match. She was restricted by this impoverished world, no hope of advancing into the Supreme Being Realm, unable to be this person’s opponent.


However, she wasn’t blasted aside, nor did she fall weak under the other party’s supreme being aura. It was because a wave of boundless great force appeared in this giant palace, protecting her.

In the palace, that stone statue shone, releasing endless will force, directly crushing down, restraining the purple-haired youngster. This was Shi Hao’s divine image.

As for Shi Hao’s true body, he still didn’t move, seated there, looking at him coldly.


In the back, someone shouted.

Moreover, another person had a fiery temper, already taking action.

“Who are you calling unbridled?!”

In the giant palace, the seated Shi Hao’s gaze was like cold lightning, tearing through the void, staring at a white-robed youngster. It was precisely him who took action just now.


The will force was tremendous, condensing into a human figure. It directly descended, crushing towards that white-robed youngster.

With a hong noise, the white-robed youngster faced it. In the end, he discovered that he was no match at all in horror. When he was surrounded by that large hand, he couldn’t move at all.

With a peng noise, the instant that great hand descended, he immediately bent down, his head lowered, even his legs bent, moving uncontrollably. A massive force crushed down on him.


There were bones that broke. He was forcefully holding on, but he ended up being crushed until his bones snapped, his head breaking out in cold sweat, unable to hold on.

The people from Immortal Domain were shocked. This white-robed youngster had cultivated for twenty-three thousand years already, a supreme being, his magical force vigorous, It has been more than two thousand years since he achieved the dao, his strength exceptional, yet he was directly subdued here.

The reason he took action was because he heard there was a fella who was just a thousand something, yet long became a supreme being, so he couldn’t accept it.

That was why he looked for a chance to take action. He believed that after cultivating for so many years, solely in terms of magical force, he was definitely greater than that youngster.

Who would have thought that he wasn’t a match at all, moreover the difference not just a small amount.

Aocheng’s descendants hid the truth from a hundred years ago, that a true immortal lost to a lower realms youngster. This was too humiliating to talk about, so they didn’t publically announce this.

Otherwise, this ‘white-robed youngster’ wouldn’t dare directly take action.

“Did you come over to deliver an invitation, or do you want me to accept a decree? Acting so overbearingly, what do you all wish to do?!” Shi Hao’s face sunk as he berated them.

The white-robed youngster’s face flushed red, crushed until the blood he suppressed was about to spurt out. He was incomparably shocked. One has to understand that this person’s true body was seated on that praying mat, not even taking action personally, just an incarnation already suppressed him.

“Heh, there is some skill. Let me test you out a bit!”

At this time, that ‘purple-haired youngster’ spoke, his entire body surging with purple flames. He already struggled free from the will force swamp, taking a large step forward. “I cultivated for nineteen thousand years before becoming a supreme being. Now, I’ve lived for twenty-three thousand years, I came specifically to ask for guidance.”

He was similarly unresigned. After cultivating for an endless amount of time, he finally became a supreme being, yet he heard a lower realms youngster actually achieved the dao before five hundred years.

He found this extremely hard to believe, inwardly unconvinced, feeling like this was definitely because of luck. That was why his gaze was ice-cold, wishing to size up Shi Hao’s true dao skills and methods.

“Nineteen thousand years to achieve the dao, if you were in this realm, in this Cultivationless Age, you would have long turned to dust, what achieving the dao is there? Nothing more than dirty soil!” Shi Hao said indifferently.

“You…” The purple-haired youngster’s eyes were icy cold, his face becoming red. This was already a cultivation speed that wasn’t slow.

Shi Hao now understood. In this Cultivationless Age, the supreme beings who emerge in the future will inevitably be the most powerful, all of them able to leave behind their names in history. It was because this path was going to be more and more difficult.

Meanwhile, in Immortal Domain, achieving the dao in twenty thousand years was considered rather fast.

It was because they had more than enough time. There was undying matter and enough time. As such, supreme beings wouldn’t be too few, there were more than enough opportunities.

“If you have the skill, then fight me in an open battle. What kind of skill is there in borrowing will force?” The purple-haired youngster spoke. He was wild and untamed, extremely arrogant.

“The will force incarnation is far inferior to my true body.” Shi Hao said indifferently.

Then, the incarnation’s other hand rose, also moving, crushing towards the purple-haired youngster.


The purple-haired youngster released a great roar. Purple flames burned the heavens, facing that incarnation. However, the result was quite regretful, he was directly crushed by Shi Hao’s will force incarnation, unable to move at all.

“Leave behind the invitation, you all can leave.” Shi Hao said calmly, looking down on these people from Immortal Domain.

Zhu Lin walked up, removing the invitation from that purple-haired youngster’s hands without any politeness.

“You…” The purple-haired youngster couldn’t move at all, so he could only accept this. His previous domineeringness and arrogance all seemed just that petty and low.

The three people in the back looked at each other in dismay, not daring to take action.

“You received the invitation, yet you aren’t immediately following us back into Immortal Domain?” The purple-haired youngster said through clenched teeth.

The ‘white-robed youngster’ also had an unkind expression. He couldn’t hold on anymore, about to fall weak on the ground. He was crushed to the point of feeling incredibly uncomfortable, blood already flowing out from the corners of his lips.

“Bear in mind that this is merely an invitation. I will go if I feel like it, if not, I will just toss it to the side. Do not feel like Immortal Domain is anything special!” Shi Hao replied coldly.

Then, he released the magical force, letting those two people go. However, immediately afterwards, his sleeve flung them out. With a honglong noise, all five were swept out of Imperial Court’s giant palace, sending them flying.

The five people were staring blankly in the void. Then, their faces turned red. This really wasn’t giving them any face. They really were swept out of the gates!

“Is he a reincarnated old devil or something? He is so young, how can he be this terrifying?!” One of them said quietly, truly finding this hard to believe.

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