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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1576 - Ruined

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Chapter 1576 - Ruined

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Gu Clan had always been powerful, now, it was still extremely strong!

Regardless of whether it was the Fearless Lion’s dissatisfaction or the Emperor Clans’ suggestion, he faced them both calmly.

This place immediately became calm, no one saying any more.

Wu Kun, Yu Yu, Qing Kun and the others all revealed strange expressions. They were so-called young great ones of Emperor Clans, yet they were still extremely quiet, Gu Clan supreme being’s formless pressure making them all tremble inwardly.

As for War God Academy’s other students, they even more so kept quiet out of fear, not daring to act rashly.

Right now, only the furnace released a strange sound, burned by the great dao flames. At first, it was bright, then it became scarlet red, as if the metal was going to be melted away.

At the same time, it became transparent, revealing everything that was happening inside.

Many people shivered inwardly, sighing for Huang’s sake. He was refined away just like that?

A few people felt their scalps going numb just from looking at this, let along Huang who was personally experiencing this. Even though these people hated Shi Hao bitterly, wishing for him to die here, they still felt a bit of sympathy.

Regardless, Huang was an extraordinary figure, could be considered a rarely seen young expert, yet in the end, he was this miserable, falling through this type of method, it really was a bit pitiful.

He was being dissolved!

Everyone could see that if this continued, he would definitely be crippled, that there wouldn’t be a good result.

In the airtight medicinal furnace, his blood energy was extracted, surging out, forming a scarlet red expanse, extremely bleak. He really could be considered to be at the end of the road.

His flesh and other parts were broken down, long coming off, refined into a paste shining with sparkling radiance. This was divine force, as well as the resulting mixture of natural laws.

“Harvesting human body great medicine is extraordinary after all, even I am shaken. This type of living pill medicine is more powerful than any medicinal herb!”

Someone finally broke the silence, precisely the Fearless Lion bloodline’s old lion.

It was sitting down, even though it had a lion body, it sat like a human, its imposing presence carrying a bit of viciousness. Its golden fur was a bit ancient and dim, surrounded by a bit of chaotic energy.

Everyone knew that its temper was explosive recently. Even though it was a supreme being, its murderous energy was extremely great, because its descendant was seized by Huang, taken as a mount.

This was viewed by it as a great humiliation. For the Fearless Lion bloodline, this was an extremely embarrassing experience.

No one interrupted, even Gu Clan’s elder silently controlling the dao flame, refining Shi Hao.


Some strange sounds could be heard from the furnace. Shi Hao’s bones were all removed, completely separated from his skin and flesh, some bones already broken.

Just how terrifying was this type of refinement?

Everyone saw that Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was struggling, roaring out. It was clear that the instant his flesh crumbled, he experienced unimaginable suffering.

In reality, one would understand if they just thought about it, just how terrifying of an experience this was.

At the very least, the students who saw this scene, including Mo Xian, He Ziming, Yu Yu, and others felt their bodies go cold, goosebumps appearing on their backs.

“So this is the so-called legendary Yin Yang Refinement! Breaking down the vital energy, starting from all aspects.” The old lion’s eyes flickered with radiance.

“Wu!” This time, Gu Clan’s elder nodded. His face was calm, dao flames surging between his fingers, burning that ancient furnace.

“Demonic buddha have mercy!” What was rather unusual was that Fallen Ancient Monk actually chanted this name.

“I hope we can get some results.” The mysterious person wrapped in chaotic energy said. With things already like this, everyone was certain that the last supreme being who hurried here came from an Emperor Clan.

Pi pa!

In the furnace, Shi Hao’s bones broke apart, burned down. Even though they had now long been separated, no longer one with his skin, flesh, primordial spirit and other parts, Shi Hao still felt great pain.

His primordial spirit was struggling greatly.

This type of suffering was something others could not even imagine. It was many times worse than being killed, he really wanted to immediately take his own life.

Imperial Pass’ people couldn’t imagine that Shi Hao suffered this type of pain, it really was hell on earth.


Immediately afterwards, the furnace moved. Shi Hao’s bones exploded, becoming hundreds of pieces. Even though it was sparkling white, they all split apart, breaking, scattering apart in the furnace.

This was being completely destroyed!

In the furnace, medicinal flowers bloomed one after another. One could vaguely smell waves of fragrance through the sealed furnace.

“This…” A group of young students were shocked, crying out in alarm. Was this really still refining medicine?

“This is the human body great medicine?” Yu Yu’s eyes flickered with brilliance, staring at Shi Hao inside the furnace.

“This youngster is not simple at all, his cultivation extraordinary, containing so much spiritual force at this cultivation realm. With all of this refined in one furnace, it truly is worthy of being called great medicine, not just in name but in reality!” Even Gu Clan supreme being spoke endless praise.

Everyone knew that Huang was finished, never able to act arrogantly again. He lost the cultivation he was so proud of, the divine essence refined away by this elder!

The so-called human body great medicine was extracting a creature’s essence, including divine force, dao skills, and others, a body’s most pure substance. Right now, it was extracted just like that.

A few people even swallowed their saliva, these individuals coming from some extremely cruel clans. They were bloodthirsty, really wishing to swallow this furnace of great medicine in one bite.

“Dao brother, isn’t this going a bit too far? The great ancestors haven’t returned yet. We can interrogate Huang, but directly crippling him seems a bit too much.” The Emperor Clan supreme being said.

There were six praying mats in the palace, and only the six great experts could sit here. Gu Clan elder, old lion, Fallen Ancient Monk, these three previously belonged to the Nine Heavens, while the other three were from this side, having an Emperor Clan supreme being, as well as other terrifying experts carrying bits of undying aura on them.

Right now, the latter three were all a bit unhappy, revealing expressions of worry. If Huang really was completely crippled, provoking the dissatisfaction of undying kings, who would be able to shoulder the consequences?

“It’s fine, there is no problems as long as the primordial spirit remains. The undying kings definitely wish to obtain some things from his mind.” The old lion said. It was naturally hoping that Huang would be suppressed without mercy.

Gu Clan’s elder didn’t say anything.

However, everyone felt like Gu Clan acting like this really was a bit too much, even more vicious than those originally from this world. Did he hate Huang that much?

In a few people’s opinions, Gu Clan acting like this was perhaps out of worry of something. He wanted to completely end the good saplings of the Nine Heavens’ side.

“Traitors are even more hateful than the true invaders!” This was what Shi Hao thought with a sigh when he could still keep a clear conscience. He was roaring inside, really wanting to immediately kill them.

The intense pain was unendurable, he was in constant suffering.

At this time, Shi Hao felt as if his primordial spirit was going to break apart, because there was a mysterious power surrounding it, carefully probing, extracting, wishing to break through the seals.

It was easy to see that the other side’s great experts all knew that there were chains binding his primordial spirit, sealing it, preventing outsiders from searching within.

And now, what they wanted to do was break through them.

This was extremely dangerous, a single mistake and Shi Hao’s body and spirit would be extinguished.

“This is the most difficult sea of consciousness sealing method, even those whose strength is far greater than his cannot come into contact with it, or else his body will explode.” Fallen Ancient Monk said, the dark light behind his head shining brilliantly.

This made a few people frown. Even though the seals were being broken down during this process, the effects were slight, difficult for them to succeed.


At this time, a strange noise sounded from inside the furnace. This time, it wasn’t bones cracking, but rather some type of divine chains of order snapping. Only powerful individuals could hear it.

The expressions of the individuals on the praying mat all changed, the first time they could not remain calm anymore.

Wu Kun, Yu Yu, and the others also trembled, they sensed that something happened.

Huang was now really most likely going to be ruined, his cultivation skills were torn apart, all of his natural laws, order, and other things crumbled, producing a collapsing sound.

“Sigh, what a pity, I thought that if his luck was good enough, he could obtain some natural luck, from this, shed his mortal body and exchange his bones.” Gu Clan’s elder shook his head.

He indeed said this before, that during this process, there was that bit of hope, the creature being refined could undergo a transformation.

However, that was clearly empty talk.

Just from how vicious he acted, he completely wanted to kill Huang, how could he tolerate him transforming? His dao achievements were directly ripped apart.

Even if the flesh and blood separated, no longer together with the primordial spirit, Shi Hao still had a type of feeling that he might have been ruined!

The cultivation he acquired from Imperial Pass’ side, the magical force and other things he refined from that side had all been ripped to shreds, scattered.

It was to the extent where he sensed some divine chains of order breaking apart, the Nine Heavens’ aura breaking apart, forcibly destroyed.

Just how cruel of a thing was this?

For a cultivator, there was no experience darker than this.

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