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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1575 - Refined Inside the Furnace

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Chapter 1575 - Refined Inside the Furnace

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Huang was brought away by Gu Clan, what were they trying to do? The Emperor Clan youngsters all stared blankly, and then revealed strange expressions.

Gu Clan’s status was extremely high, they didn’t have to bow down before Emperor Clans, standing side by side with those clans. This was especially the case when their identities were strange, coming from the same place as Huang.

“It’s not because they want to harm him, right?” Qing Kun said.

Not long ago, Shi Hao captured the Fearless Lion in Heavenly Beast Forest, previously saying that he wanted to seriously punish this traitor. They were similar clans, so was Gu Clan responding to this?

However, according to normal reasoning, it should be the Fearless Lion bloodline who ought to be targeting Shi Hao.

“He hasn’t left yet, Huang is in Medicine Refinement Hall!” Wu Kun said.

Mo Xian, Wu Kun, Qing Kun and Yu Yu had previously moved independently, moreover mobilized their followers to investigate. They just obtained this new piece of information.

They moved quickly, heading in that direction.

Medicine Refinement Hall was extremely peaceful, because not many people were willing to come here. Compared to Magical Force Hall or Weapons Hall, it really was a bit lonely.

The foreign side were warlike, the clans desiring great power, what they pursued was extreme individual power. Comparatively speaking, they weren’t all that interested in the so-called medicine refinement and other types of things.

“Turns out to be like this, the scripture lecturer who came to Medicine Refinement Hall is a supreme being from Gu Clan.” Mo Xian said quietly.

When they hurried over, a few half supreme beings from War God Academy already long arrived.

Mo Xian, Wu Kun, Yu Yu, and others understood the situation a bit better, learning much more about what was going on. It was actually War God Academy’s related people who agreed with Gu Clan’s way of doing things.

It was because in the past few days, Huang had stirred up just too great of a disturbance, especially the most recent time, resulting in such a disaster, shaking up the entire academy.

For some of the supervisors, this could not be endured.

“They want to punish Huang?”

Gu Clan’s supreme being wanted to bring Huang away, bring him to Gu Clan’s ancient land, closely examine some past things.

The clan had left the Nine Heavens for too long, they wanted to learn about some things from Shi Hao.

However, there were some people from War God Academy who weren’t too willing, worried that Gu Clan might act too severely, cripple Shi Hao. After some discussion, they had Huang temporarily detained in Medicine Refinement Hall.

“It is rumored that some of the higher levels agree to Gu Clan’s request.”

“There are some who are worried that Gu Clan’s methods would be too harsh, which is why they are opposed.”

This was the conclusion they reached after understanding the situation a bit more. The undying kings still haven’t returned after entering Ancient Burial Land, or else Huang would have long been handed over to them.

Right now, the higher levels had undying existences overseeing this world, but they didn’t know why Gu Clan wanted this youngster, thus didn’t dare act rashly.

“Which is to say, before the undying kings return, the higher levels are currently divided on how to deal with Huang? This is not good, we can’t directly break him, or else we’ll miss out on an important training partner.” Wu Kun said.

“The unequalled Anlan and Shutuo ancient ancestors headed for Burial Region, but Scarlet King should still be in my side, right?” He Ziming spoke.

Scarlet King was known to be an incredibly vicious individual. He previously refined true immortal kings to death with the Scarlet King Furnace, shocking past and present, leaving all clans in fear.

“Forget it, after Immortal Ancient War, Scarlet King has never appeared again, who dares disturb him in his ancestral land?” Yu Yu shook his head.

In short, the current situation was a bit complicated. The undying kings still didn’t return, while the higher levels’ opinions were divided.

Currently, Gu Clan was extremely aggressive. They ought to have convinced many people, wishing to take action against Huang.

Medicine Refinement Hall was extremely quiet. Right now, it was sealed up!

“We cannot enter. Are they planning something, really going to take action this time?” Wu Kun was extremely shocked.

Within the depths of the giant hall, symbols flickered about, great gates tightly shut, preventing outsiders from seeing inside.

“Younger generation Qing Kun requests an audience!”

“Emperor Clan descendant Yu Yu requests an audience!”

These individuals spoke up together, each reporting their names and backgrounds.

At the same time, news spread, all of War God Academy unable to calm down. Many people hurried over, wishing to see what exactly was going on.

A few people clapped their hands in joy, because Huang was too vicious. There would always be people who wanted him dealt with.

For the foreign side’s creatures, Huang was definitely a demon king. The various clans’ cultivators all gnashed their teeth in anger. If not for the higher levels’ protection, temporarily unable to do anything to him, some of the older generation authoritative figures would have taken action a long time ago.


No one expected that in the end, the gates actually opened.

Wu Kun, Yu Yu and the others rushed in. Then, the academy’s other disciples hurried over as well, entering Medicine Refinement Hall, this place becoming no longer as lonesome as a result.

However, they couldn’t get close, all of them stopping several dozen zhang out. They were stopped by an expanse of symbols, able to clearly see everything, but unable to come into contact.

This gave all of them a fright. It was because when several half supreme beings entered with respectful expressions, carefully looking forward, they found that there was no place for them to stay here.

There were only three creatures seated on a praying mat there.

One was an elder with a short and small body, figure stooped, extremely shriveled, but his eyes were brilliant like golden lamps. His head of hair was originally golden, but because his age was too great, it had long turned white. Right now, the snow-white color was flickering with a faint golden color.

This elder’s aura was incredibly great, intimidating and powerful, making others couldn’t help but bow down in worship.

“Gu Clan’s supreme being!” Yu Yu was alarmed, at the same time, he was greatly stirred. This clan really was extremely strong, completely comparable to Emperor Clans!

Apart from this, there was an old lion in beast form, it didn’t turn into human form, golden fur shining around its body. It was extremely aged, eyes carrying great changes.

The most unique part was that even though the lion was in beast form, it was like an ancient monk, seated there, not moving.

“Fearless Lion bloodline’s supreme being!” He Ziming revealed a strange expression.

Apart from this, there was a real monk, when his eyes opened and closed, blood radiance flickered about. Buddhist light shone behind his head, but it was black.

“Fallen Ancient Monk bloodline’s supreme being!” Mo Xian’s beautiful eyes flickered with divine radiance.

There were three great supreme beings here, their ancestors all previously from the Nine Heavens. Now, all three clans were here, what were they going to do?

After carefully examining this place, deducing where Huang was, the Emperor Clan youngsters were all shocked.

As for the students who came later, they were all stunned too, staring at the medicinal furnace in front of the three individuals.

“Do they want to refine away Huang” Wu Kun’s body was greater than a zhang in height, like a metal pillar. His body trembled, feeling like things had now become big.

The higher levels’ differences in opinion were just too great, someone actually wishing to refine away Huang!

“The families who came from the Nine Heavens are trying to make their move first, more proactive than the others!” Yu Yu revealed a shocked expression.

There was a medicinal furnace there, ancient looking and dull. There was a flame burning below, the furnace lid on top tightly shut. Everyone couldn’t help but associate this with a terrifying situation for Huang.

“Dao brothers, please be more careful!” Right at this time, a voice sounded. Another person arrived in the hall silently, appearing on the fourth praying mat.

“If we wish to search the secrets within his mind, this is the only way. Otherwise, we’ll trigger the restrictions in his sea of consciousness, thus make him explode to death.” Gu Clan’s supreme being nodded.

Below the medicinal furnace, flames jumped about, the temperature becoming more and more terrifying. This wasn’t a normal divine flame, but rather one formed from dao laws.

Right now, it was precisely the Gu Clan supreme being who personally controlled the dao flame, heating the ancient furnace.

“If Huang is brought to my clan, refined with the Yin Yang Furnace, I can almost guarantee success. The world will be reversed, all of his mysteries revealed.” Gu Clan’s supreme being said.

“If there really is no way, then bring him to Gu Clan.” The creature on the fourth praying mat said.


That furnace released resplendent divine multicolored light, because it had been refined to the crucial moment, the entire furnace releasing endless auspicious light, surging with essence energy and multicolored brilliance.

“Senior, Huang is inside that furnace?” Right now, someone asked, seeking confirmation. It was because suspecting was one thing, seeing it for themselves was another.

“Correct.” The Fallen Ancient Monk nodded, dark light shining from behind his head, the radiance intimidating.

The furnace was sparkling, the situation inside clearly visible. Everyone saw Huang, he really was being refined.

Everyone was a bit stupefied. These clans’ supreme beings really were going to have Huang die here? Being refined in this type of divine furnace, it should be hard for him to have a good end.

“Wu, since you all came, I’ll share a bit of scripture knowledge.” Gu Clan’s supreme being spoke.

He would occasionally come here to impart teachings, but not many people were fond of medicine refinement, all of them searching for extreme power. It was a rare chance for so many people to gather.

Of course, he also knew that these people didn’t come to listen to scriptures.

“All of you are walking crooked paths, blindly seeking power, overlooking many important things. You all should come here a bit more to listen to great dao scriptures.” Gu Clan supreme being said.

Then, he began to lecture on scriptures, soon afterwards, many people were moved.

“Cultivation is like the process of picking medicines. To be more precise, the great dao is also like medicine…”

“You all should see that today, refining Huang within the furnace is like harvesting human great medicine. If it is done properly, it can topple yin and yang, overturn the world.”

In the furnace, Shi Hao’s body was being dissolved, for example, blood energy seeping out from the body, skin and flesh being cooked.

Pure white essence energy flowed out from within his body streak after streak, spreading out like blood energy.

Harvesting human great medicine, were they trying to refine out the various hidden powers within Huang’s body?

Soon afterwards, they discovered that this medicinal furnace was extremely special, yin and yang energies moving within, starting to break down Shi Hao’s body, actually separating him into sheets.

Inside his body, medicinal flowers blossomed one after another, every single piece of flesh that was removed containing mysterious human body great medicinal flowers.

Eventually, his skull was also removed, exposing a primordial spirit, being cooked and refined there.

“Will this really work?” Inside the hall, another person appeared silently, sitting on a fifth praying mat, wisps of undying energy surrounding him.

Then, a sixth came, status extremely high, suspected to be from an Emperor Clan. He said, “Even if it results in failure, his safety must be ensured, his primordial spirit cannot be allowed to be damaged. If it really won’t work, then we’ll head to your Gu Clan, use the Yin Yang Furnace that can reverse the universe.

“He won’t die, even though we are harvesting human body great medicine, perhaps it might even help him.” The Fearless Lion bloodline’s supreme being said coldly, a bit dissatisfied, feeling like this was being too kind to Huang.

“My Gu Clan is executing this, so we naturally have our confidence. It is enough if everyone just watches.”

It was clear that Gu Clan’s tone was calm, but also firm.

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