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«Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1574 - Disaster

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Chapter 1574 - Disaster

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A genius was killed in Great Dao Palace, head falling, the scene extremely shocking within the wisps of primal chaos mist.

In the past, when did this type of scene ever happen? It was always War God Academy’s geniuses slaughtering their training partners, rarely did scenes of reverse slaughter happen.

Even if there were unexpected events, it would just be injuries, when did the ‘fighters’ dare kill the academy’s disciples?

The so-called fighters’ statuses were extremely low, not worth anything, if not descendants of the Nine Heavens, then they were criminals who committed great wrongs.

Huang stood there, the chains on his arm dripping with blood. He didn’t move, just standing there, coldly looking at everyone, not feeling any fear.

Great Dao Palace was a dao comprehension holy land, primal chaos pervading the air, dao laws surging, divine chains of order interweaving. However, right now, the atmosphere was a bit suffocating.

“Huang, you dare act viciously?!” An elder shouted coldly. He was a half supreme being in charge of clearing up confusion here. Even though he wasn’t a true scripture lecturer, his status was still unordinary.

Shi Hao’s expression was indifferent, not paying him any attention, only looking at War God Academy’s elite disciples.

“Forget it, we can only blame him for being inferior to others.” Another elder spoke up. He gave the head on the ground a look, frowning and saying, “You still aren’t getting up?!”

However, that head’s eyes were wide opened, life aura starting to disperse, head not merging with the body.

Everyone was alarmed, greatly shocked.

That half supreme being’s face darkened, eyes ice-cold. It was because that person’s primordial spirit had been scattered, could be considered to be completely dead.

“If not for there being orders from higher up, I would have immediately killed you, how could this be tolerated?!” An elder shouted, clearly having an explosive temper, his eyes full of rage.

Shi Hao’s expression remained calm, only giving him a glance, not paying him any attention.

It was because it was useless no matter what they said. His status was a bit special, at the very least, he still wouldn’t die immediately, but the Nine Heavens’ descendants were less than straw men.

As sparring partners, they didn’t know when they would die, each passing day difficult. No one would treat them as an equal being here.

“We will end things here today!” A half supreme being announced, long lacking the mood to clear up the listeners’ doubts.

Then, the elders left, immediately transmitting sound, asking the higher levels for instructions.

“How long do we have to give Huang special treatment? When can we give up on him?”

In their opinion, when it truly came the time to give up on him, could they truly treat him like a lowly training target then? At that time, it would be fine even if they just kill him.

Unfortunately, the reply was that they definitely couldn’t act recklessly right now.

Moreover, as time went on, there was news that Anlan, Shutuo, and the others didn’t return. This made some people worry.

Many people knew that the undying kings entered Burial Land, but they never returned. Many days have already passed, yet they still didn’t come back, making everyone feel uneasy.

Of course, the clans all believed that Anlan, Shutuo, and the others were unmatched under the sky, that nothing bad would happen. They were likely delayed because of something.

“Wu, I heard that Huang was still wild and untamed even while wearing shackles. Next time, we’ll pay him a visit together!”

When news spread in War God Academy, there were some who narrowed their eyes, speaking like this, extremely interested, preparing to take action together with some people.

All news related to Huang would draw great attention.

Weapon Hall was an extremely chilly place, because there were many weapons there, either stabbed into the ground or laying in disarray in the hall. There were some bone artifacts, some metal artifacts, as well as some stone artifacts and others.

“As for weapons, it can be considered an extension of our body…”

When the true scripture lecturer left, there were half supreme beings who began to help clear up confusion.

“When a weapon merges with the body, the two is almost one entity, it must be carefully refined, grown within the flesh…”

Inside the palace hall, this time, there weren’t many people, also only a few hundred. In the end, it came time for the practical segment again.

Sure enough, Shi Hao and the other prisoners were brought out again, serving as fighters, training targets.

Before coming, the shackles around Shi Hao were increased again. This was decided by higher ups, fearing that he might act out again, so they had to suppress him.

As expected, after the events of the last time, a few students felt restraining fear towards him at first, no one rashly provoking him.

“Look, you all, this is a lethal weapon. When nurtured with blood, its power will become much greater, but it will bring harm to oneself as well. It contains murderous energy, which will bring harm to the primordial spirit. Nurturing it inside the body would even affect one’s nature.”

The half supreme being explained, in his palm a blood-colored war spear. It wasn’t extremely long, but it was terrifyingly red, clearly not tainted by blood, yet there was a bloodiness spreading from it.

“That is why when nurturing a vicious weapon, one needs to have a proper plan. How exactly can it be nurtured so that the vicious energy within the lethal weapon can match one’s own cultivation, prevent it from harming oneself?”

When he spoke up to here, that half supreme being flung out the blood spear. It turned into a streak of red light, under pu pu noises, it continuously stabbed through several ‘training partners’.

A few people cried out miserably, directly exploding, and then turned into a blast of bright red essence blood, entering the vicious weapon. There were some whose bodies shriveled and dried up, blood energy completely vanishing, their bodies rigidly falling.

“This vicious weapon has been nurtured for many years, the blood it absorbed long astonishing. It has already become full from drinking a dozen or so people’s blood, if it drinks any more, its vicious energy will cross the limit.” The half supreme being explained. 

The fighters’ expression were deathly white. This was what they were least willing to see, because Weapon Hall was more dangerous than any other place, there was danger of being diced up by the weapons at every turn.


This time, the old Barbaric Ox by Shi Hao’s side wasn’t that lucky, its chest stabbed through by a scarlet red divine sword. The sharp end stabbed into his chest, sucking his essence blood.


Shi Hao couldn’t keep watching. He directly took action, smashing at it with his shackles, breaking that blood sword.

In that instant, the old Barbaric Ox’s hair became much whiter, paying an extremely great price.

“Wu, I forgot to mention that if you all wish to nurture a domineering vicious weapon, there is a chance to do so today.” The half supreme being spoke, pointing at Shi Hao and saying, “He is Huang, many people should have heard or seen him before. His blood should be quite extraordinary. If you want a vicious weapon to transform, you all can try it on his body.”

“I wanted to give it a try for quite some time already!” One person replied.

This was a King Clan individual, his physique sturdy like a bronze bell. Meanwhile, the magical artifact he held was a Heaven Gathering Parasol, carrying blood radiance. When the parasol surface opened, it would become incredibly sharp.

All vicious weapons were merely an extreme type of magical artifacts. Normal people weren’t willing to foster them, because it would bring harm onto oneself as well.

All those who wanted to get into this were naturally all extremists.

The number of people who nurtured vicious and bloody artifacts was extremely few. In the other side, because there were some clans that were extremely warlike, comparatively speaking, there were more who did this.

Before coming here, many people already got together, wishing to take action against Shi Hao, treat him as a practice target, bombard him with vicious attacks.

That was why when one of them spoke, a group of people responded.


The first to fly over was precisely that Heaven Gathering Parasol. It spun about, releasing scarlet multicolored light, blood radiance surging, killing intent overflowing.

It had to be said that this was an extremely powerful King Clan individual.

At the same time, the other weapons, for example, soul bells, bone blades, stone daggers, and others flew over while carrying dark red light.

These people all carried cold expressions, having a great grudge against Shi Hao. There were people from their clans who died under Huang’s hands.

When they truly faced off, they definitely weren’t Shi Hao’s opponent, so they couldn’t really get revenge, and so they used this chance to do so.

Shi Hao who had two layers of shackles on him had a cold expression. He suddenly erupted with terrifying killing intent, brandishing the chains, directly smashing them into the Heaven Gathering Parasol.


The parasol surface was struck through, its body breaking.

Just how great was his strength? Everyone’s eyes widened. One had to understand that he had two layers of shackles on him, unable to use even a trace of magical force. This was purely physical strength!

Meanwhile, the other side could use the greatest magical force, activating a blood weapon, yet it was this result. This made all of them shiver inwardly.


This was a King Clan coughing out blood, because his vicious weapon was destroyed. When this type of weapon was broken, it would inflict great damage to the user, because normally, it had to be nurtured by one’s own blood, thus sharing an extremely close connection.

Then, ka cha sounds ran out continuously. Even though Shi Hao had two layers of stocks and chains around him, he still moved as fast as lightning, continuously brandishing his fetters and handcuffs, breaking many weapons!

As a result, a group of people coughed out blood!

In the end, the half supreme being’s face fell. With a shout, he quickly ended this session of ‘dispelling doubts’.

“Huang acted out again?!” This matter spread through the academy, triggering many discussions.

Fortunately, even though many people were injured this time, no one died.

“This group of disciples can’t even win against a bound Huang, is it them who are too unsightly, or is it Huang who really is that strong?” Finally, a scripture lecturer said.

These types of existences were supreme beings at the least, sometimes even undying existences personally descending!

Of course, the scripture lecturers normally always hid their cultivation, not willing to reveal their own secrets and other things. Moreover, after giving the lecture, they would immediately disappear.

Two days later, it was in an ancient palace again, another even more shocking thing happened.

When the scripture lecturer left, a few half supreme beings helping with the students’ confusion properly ‘took care’ of Huang.

This was ‘Magical Force Hall’, a powerful magical force surging within it. Normal people would be crushed apart upon entering. When a few ‘fighters’ were thrown in after their cultivations were sealed, they were directly crushed to pieces, the scene extremely miserable.

Surprisingly, this time, they didn’t become training partners, but this was even more terrifying.

War God Academy’s disciples all operated magical force, advancing into the depths of Magical Force Hall, using this to train themselves, squeezing out even more powerful magical force from within themselves.

During this time, Shi Hao had his stocks and chains undone. He was locked inside of a divine gold prison that could be moved, moved into a moving divine gold cage, pushed far inside by someone with magical force, delivered into the depths of the hall.

The old Barbaric Ox and others were all in miserable states, treated like experimental subjects, about to explode to pieces from the pressure just halfway in. Meanwhile, the students of the academy naturally wanted to see just how strong Huang was, which was why they had cruel smiles, exerting force together, sending him into the depths of Magical Force Hall.

However, it was precisely because of this that a disaster happened.

Shi Hao was extremely silent at first, only doing his best to resist, using all of his strength to neutralize the boundless magical force’s pressure.

A few people sneered, which was why they asked people to undo his shackles, send him into a special prison, doing this precisely because they wanted to see the limits of his magical force, at the same time wishing to see him suffer.


Suddenly, a loud noise sounded, this place shaking greatly.

Many people’s faces became snow-white, their souls trembling. Then, they cried out in fear.

It was because they lost control of their magical force while magical force poured unendingly from within, crashing down on their bodies.

This was because of Shi Hao!

He had a type of ability that made the other party’s attacks useless, Magical Force Immunity. Moreover, in recent years, he had always been secretly studying it, so this ability became increasingly unordinary, undergoing some transformations.

Now, it was no longer an issue of ignoring magical force on himself when on the defensive, instead, he could now also make the other side’s magical force scatter, lose effectiveness.

This naturally produced catastrophic results!

Over a hundred people shouted in horror. When they lost the protection of magical force, their bodies were crushed by Magical Force Hall’s boundless power until they split apart, and then exploded.

Magical Force Hall always had powerful magical force surging, Shi Hao selectively targeted them!

Thus, a tragedy happened.

In this hall, those elite disciples were just like the ‘fighters’ before, many of them exploding under pu pu noises, turning into clouds of bloody mist.


A half supreme being roared, now completely angered, quickly coming to their aid.

However, in the end, there were still eighty-three elite disciples who exploded, losing their lives.

This was definitely an absolute disaster. No one expected things to end up like this.

“This is… completely a fucking disaster!”

Then, there were great ones who roared out.

There were some who really were angered badly. This was just a captive, yet in the end, War God Academy’s students experienced mishaps again and again, a group of people dying as a result. It really was unforgivable.

“Hah hah, interesting. It is about time for us to take action. It really would be too much of a waste to miss out on such a great training partner.”

“Wu, I’ve been searching these undying king remains all this time, haven’t sought out Huang, yet he stirred up such disorder. It is time for him to fulfill his duty as a whetstone.”

These were the words of the young Emperor Clan youths.

After these people entered War God Academy, they didn’t immediately seek out Huang, instead exploring this place, because this was a divine land left behind by an undying king.

However, they came a step late.

“What? Gu Clan moved, bringing Huang away?!”

Gu Clan was a clan on par with Emperor Clans, far above the normal populace. They originated from the Nine Heavens.

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