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«Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Web Novel) - Chapter 2309 - Hurry and introduce us

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Chapter 2309 Hurry and introduce us

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The girl stepped closer and closer, her aura and stunning looks captivating everyone she passed.

Like every man present, Yin Heng involuntarily tightened his grasp around his wine glass.

Yin Heng watched as the girl approached him and he stepped forward, courteously raising his glass toward her. “Miss Yi, my name is Yin Heng. I’m Director Yin Yuerong’s son…”

However, the girl treated Yin Heng like air and acted like she didn’t see or hear him.

The other guests were naturally witnesses to Yin Heng being ignored and discussion ran rampant again.

“Pft, he actually got ignored!”

“That’s a man Miss Qin took a fancy to, but Yi Yunmo didn’t even look at him!”

“Please! Miss Yi’s standards must be much higher than Miss Qin’s! What’s weird about that?!”

The slightly embarrassed Yin Heng could only smile cordially and withdraw his cup, pretending not to care.

As Qin Xiyuan listened to the chatter around her, her expression turned darker, and displeasure entered her eyes as she looked at Yin Heng.

“What? You’re getting ideas?” Qin Xiyuan glanced at Yin Heng.

Yin Heng was briefly startled before promptly shaking his head. He calmly replied, “Miss Qin, she’s President Yi’s daughter after all, so it’d be within my duty to toast to her. As for how she responds, that’s unrelated to me.”

As a man, he was naturally more attracted by women like Yi Yunmo. However, Yi Yunmo towered after the heavens and she was someone he could gaze at but couldn’t touch.

On the other hand, Qin Xiyuan was a sure shot already. There was no way he would offend Qin Xiyuan because of Yi Yunmo under these circumstances.

“You’re rather good with your words.” Qin Xiyuan harrumphed.

How could she be clueless about Yin Heng’s thoughts?!

She was originally supposed to be the sole focus today and enjoy the coveting gazes of all the attending men.

However, she never expected Yi Yunmo to drop from the sky or all the men circling her a second ago to all swarm toward Yi Yunmo instead

Yin Heng was no exception…

Many higher-ups of the Arbitration Council were itching to give Ye Wanwan a shot but no one dared to strike up a conversation with Yi Lingjun’s precious daughter.

This kind of person was chilly like an ice block and looked down on every living being present. Conversing with her would be a masochistic act.

“Ninth Brother… she should be Ninth Sister, right… Aside from identical twins, there can’t be two people who look exactly the same in this world,” Lin Que asked Si Yehan, confusion brimming on his face.

Si Yehan’s gaze settled on the girl, but he remained silent.

Si Yehan immensely venerated and admired the President of the Arbitration Council, Yi Lingjun, and didn’t think Yi Lingjun would lie and deceive everyone. However, his instincts told him that girl couldn’t possibly be some Yi Yunmo person…

Hence, there could only be two explanations.

Yi Lingjun previously mentioned that he became estranged and lost contact with his daughter, Yi Yunmo, many years ago. It was possible that Ye Wanwan employed some kind of method to fool Yi Lingjun and became Yi Yunmo.

The other possibility was that President Yi Lingjun was truly deceiving every single one of them.

However, why?

After exchanging some conventional greetings with everyone, he immediately ran off to find his precious daughter.

“Why were you talking for so long?!” Ye Wanwan grumbled bemoaningly.

“Aren’t I here now? Good daughter, what is it? Do you finally need Father’s help for something?” Yi Lingjun asked with anticipation.

Ye Wanwan bobbed her head eagerly. “I do! Hurry and introduce me to Si Yehan!”

“I think you’re the one who has a split personality, right, good daughter…?”

“Thank you, thank you! I’m merely surpassing the one who taught me.”

Yi Lingjun: “…”

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