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«Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Web Novel) - Chapter 2308 - Really preparing to matchmake her?

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Chapter 2308 Really preparing to matchmake her?

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Yi Lingjun led Ye Wanwan from the stage into the crowd.

A sharp glint flitted through his eyes before he regained his fatherly expression and heavily said, “To be quite honest, my greatest trouble right now is dealing with Yunmo’s marriage. However, this child’s taste is too picky and truly makes my head hurt!”

These words were no doubt a stone evoking thousands of ripples.

Anyone with an iota of intelligence could understand him.

President Yi probably hastily brought Yi Yunmo back to recruit a husband for his daughter, didn’t he?

“President, what are you saying? Your daughter is so beautiful and capable, so it’s more than normal for her to have higher standards. After all, the man will be her companion for the rest of her life, so of course she has to choose carefully!”

“That’s right! There are so many handsome and talented youths in Tianshui City and quite a few came today, so Miss Qin can take her time getting to know them!”

The young men who were fawning over Qin Xiyuan moments ago immediately fluttered toward them.

A suave man wearing a light gray suit asked in a gentlemanly manner, “Miss Yi, allow me to introduce myself. I am one of the directors in the Arbitration Council. I was born and have lived in Tianshui City all my life, so I’m very familiar with Tianshui City. You’ve just returned, so if you need a guide of any sort, I’m always willing to serve you.”

When the other people saw this man recommending himself, they all couldn’t sit still and swarmed forward to make conversation.

“Miss Yi’s taste is truly splendid. Your outfit is seriously too beautiful!”

Many older higher-ups also struck up a conversation with Yi Lingjun. “President, my son has also been abroad for many years, so perhaps he’ll find some common ground with your daughter!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Yi Lingjun didn’t reject anyone and politely chatted with each and every one of them, looking as if he was really seriously choosing a husband for his daughter.

Ye Wanwan was at a loss for words. Could it be that he was really preparing to matchmake her?

Why was he asking so seriously?

Yi Lingjun’s attitude demonstrated that he basically wanted the whole world to be in chaos!

Ye Wanwan retained her cold and haughty persona and frowned. “Father, I’m going over there.”

A beautiful woman was extremely beautiful even when she frowned. The irritation in her eyes was like the dew-dropped thorns on a rose and all the gentlemen around her were mesmerizingly dazed.

Yi Yunmo immediately inquired in concern, “What is it, Yunmo? Do you feel unwell?”

“The air here is bad.” Ye Wanwan randomly tossed those words behind her and sauntered away in her high-heels.

In other words, she didn’t like how loud this place was.

Yi Lingjun exasperatedly said, “This child! Her personality is simply too unsociable!”

Although her tone and the way she spoke made many people displeased, no one dared to comment on it.

After all, Yi Yunmo wasn’t targeting a single person and was targeting everyone.

No one would stick their head out first to reason with her.

Instead, her personality was arrogant like a raging inferno and haughty like a frosty glacier, evoking the desire in many men to conquer her…

Qin Xiyuan was beautiful but lacked a unique personality. She was akin to a fresh flower meticulously nurtured in a greenhouse.

Furthermore, whether it was looks or family background, Qin Xiyuan and Yi Yunmo were from completely different levels and couldn’t be compared.

It appeared that from today onward, the titles of Tianshui City’s number one socialite and number one beauty would both change hands!

It was uncertain whether it was intentional or accidental…

But Ye Wanwan just happened to walk toward Yin Heng and Qin Xiyuan.

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