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«Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Web Novel) - Chapter 2307 - Restrain your gaze toward Director Si

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Chapter 2307 Restrain your gaze toward Director Si

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This girl was stunningly beautiful but her personality appeared to be immensely prideful and icy. Aside from her father, she looked down on everyone…

Thankfully, she didn’t act rashly earlier. But Yin Yuerong still retained her suspicions. How could there be two people who looked this identical in the world?

Could it be that there was something odd about this? Was this girl actually President Yi’s daughter? Could it be that she was Worriless Nie…?


The girl walked up the stage and looped her arm around Yi Lingjun’s arm. Only then did the apathy in her eyes recede a little and turn into gentleness.

“Good daughter. Introduce yourself to everyone,” Yi Lingjun said in good spirits.

The girl glanced at everyone and said, “Father, I don’t think that’s necessary. The prerequisite for me introducing myself is that there should be someone I would like to befriend and get to know. Apologies, Father, but I haven’t found someone like that yet.”

“Yunmo, don’t be so insensible,” Yi Lingjun said.

The girl was indifferent. “Father, you should know that I’ve never been sensible since I was young.”

“Sigh. I’m very sorry, everyone. My darling daughter was pampered and spoiled since childhood and might still be unfamiliar with this kind of occasion. Please don’t take it to heart,” Yi Lingjun said with an exasperated expression but there wasn’t a hint of reproach in his eyes.

A higher-up vehemently shook his head and hastily said, “Nonsense, President Yi. Miss Yunmo has an extraordinary aura and doesn’t behave like normal people and has her own personality. It’s very uncommon to see a girl that self-aware with such strong views anymore!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Director Gao is right! I think that someone with this type of personality must be impartial, incorruptible, and very well-suited for entering the Arbitration Council and holding an important position!”

All the directors started agreeing and lauding her at the same time.

The attention that was originally directed toward Qin Xiyuan also shifted instantly.

An older director asked with an apparently casual air, “President, since your daughter is so outstanding, she must be taken already, right?”

A person nearby also said, “Sigh, I wonder who has the good fortune of obtaining Miss Yi’s favor!”

Yi Lingjun glanced at his daughter and responded, “Heh, I wish there was someone by her side to take care of her, but unfortunately, she hasn’t encountered anyone she likes yet.”

In other words, she didn’t have a boyfriend yet?

President Yi’s daughter—his sole precious daughter—was actually still single!

Many people’s eyes brightened when they heard this news.

Ye Wanwan remained haughty when faced with everyone’s concern and good-will.

However, Yi Lingjun was closest to her and didn’t miss her little glances.

Yi Lingjun cleared his throat and continued to chat with everyone while imperceptibly leaning close to Ye Wanwan’s ears and whispering, “Good daughter. Restrain yourself a little!”

“Restrain what?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Your gazes toward Director Si.”

“What’s wrong with me looking at my man?”

“If you look any more, you’ll drop your disguise!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t drop it. I’m someone whose closet is filled with disguises! Don’t underestimate me!”

Anyway, she couldn’t be faulted for this. She truly couldn’t help herself since Si Yehan was seriously too handsome today!

Perhaps it was because tonight’s banquet was rather important, so Si Yehan wore a luxurious formal suit on this rare occasion. The heartache-inducing fatigue on his face didn’t impact his looks at all and actually amplified his allure…

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