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«Peerless Genius System (Web Novel) - Chapter 488: One move to knock you out

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Chapter 488: One move to knock you out

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It did not take too long before the subordinate returned with two pairs of red boxing gloves.

Leon continued to explain to Su Li, “These boxing gloves are 284 grams each, and with their protective padding, Mr. Xiao will never get hurt. So, you can totally rest assured, Sabrina.”

Su Li did not clarify to Leon that her words were meant for Xiao Luo and decided against saying anymore.

Xiao Luo smirked. “But, if we are sparring with mixed martial arts, we can’t possibly avoid the occurrence of accidents. If we do hurt each other accidentally in the process, this is perfectly reasonable. Am I right, Mr. Leon?”

Leon was stunned but reacted immediately with laughter and said, “That’s absolutely right, Mr. Xiao is indeed a professional. Punches and kicks do not care about feelings, and nobody could promise that the sparring would not cause any casualty.”

However, he was actually swearing in his heart—you dumb ass, I was still trying to find an excuse to put Sabrina’s mind at ease before I break your limbs. It seems like I don’t have to find one now. Your explanation was perfectly reasonable.

As he thought about it, he laughed even louder.

Xiao Luo did not say anything but simply put on the boxing gloves he was given by Leon’s subordinate.

They both moved over to the lawn beside after putting on the boxing gloves.

Shen Qingyan smiled with her eyes squinted. “Li, how long do you think Mr. Leon can last in Xiao Luo’s hands?”

“I don’t know, but I hope he would not overdo it.” Su Li bit her lips. Although Leon was pretty rude, it was not to the point of being unforgivable. All he needed was a lesson, and there was no need for extreme measures.

“I wouldn’t bet on it. After seeing Leon taking advantage of you, Xiao Luo is obviously mad, which is a terrible thing,” Shen Qingyan said.

Then she pouted her lips as she pondered further and said, “Let’s observe a silence tribute for Leon for three seconds!”


Would he really be mad because she was taken advantage of?

Su Li was shocked.

Xiao Luo stood opposite Leon at a distance of three meters. The latter took off his coat and threw it to his subordinate. He also unbuttoned his shirt’s first button and exposed a little of his hairy chest. He rolled up his sleeves and showed his muscular arms, looking very intimidating with his tall figure of some 1.8 meters. As he went into an attacking stance, it made him looked even more formidably aggressive.

As compared to him, Xiao Luo was a little shorter by two centimeters; he was also not as ripped and jacked. Putting them together only made Xiao Luo looked weak, and those who were unfamiliar with Xiao Luo would think that Xiao Luo was overrating his own abilities. It was the case of a mayfly trying to shake a tree up.

“Are you ready, Mr.s Xiao Luo?”

Leon smiled coldly, and his eyes resembled a beast that had set its sights on its prey.

Xiao Luo smiled. “We can start anytime,” he replied.

“With that?”

Leon looked confused as he stared at Xiao Luo, who was in neither defending nor attacking stance. It was weird to him that Xiao Luo did not get himself into an appropriately defensive posture.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Xiao Luo scratched his chest with the boxing glove he put on.

“Nothing, nothing at all, hehe…”

Leon smiled coldly, and his whole face tensed up and twisted into a scowl the next second, exploding forward after compressing his entire energy into one point. He let out a deafening roar and shot out like a sharp arrow towards Xiao Luo’s direction.

He dashed swiftly and closed the gap within three steps. His left foot stomped on the ground and shook the entire lawn, as the sudden change from a completely static position to a sudden explosive start brought about an unimaginable force on impact. He started spinning with his left leg as support; his right leg was swinging in using the powerful inertia, aimed at Xiao Luo’s head.

It was as hard as a tiger’s strike-strong enough to part the sea and move the mountain.

Both Su Li and Shen Qingyan were slightly stunned as they finally understood why Leon was so confident to spar with Xiao Luo. He undoubtedly would not have many rivals in Xiahai city from the explosive impact and stance he displayed.

A simple low kick had produced a world-ending momentum!

However, Xiao Luo only leaned back at a certain angle and dodged it effortlessly. Leon’s foot had swept near above his face, and the kick even sent his fringes flying.


Leon was a little surprised, but his leg merely stayed for a moment after the initial kick had failed. He rushed up to attack with his fists immediately. His punches were extremely fast, like a hail storm. He had performed uppercuts in all directions in a short amount of time.

However, no matter how ferocious his attacks were or how fast his punches went, Xiao Luo could still dodge his attacks effortlessly. All he did was tilting his head, shifting his body, leaning back, or turning aside…He could quickly avoid Leon’s huge fist with simple yet straightforward moves every single time.

Leon’s two subordinates were no rookies. They had sensed accurately that Xiao Luo was skillful. Their master had gone all out in leashing out powerful strikes at the expense of recovery time, but it still could not harm Xiao Luo a single bit. This was definitely problematic, for they were mistaken about Xiao Luo. This man, Xiao Luo, was a terribly powerful fighter.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Leon was getting faster and faster, and his fists were leaving explosive sounds. None of the strikes were able to land on Xiao Luo’s body, and they all ended up swishing through thin air, no matter how powerful they were. This had made him feel more agitated and apprehensive.

“Do you only know how to f*cking dodge?”

He roared desperately and kicked at Xiao Luo’s chest.

Xiao Luo guarded his chest with both of his arms, and the kick landed right at the center of his crossed arms. He merely backed off for a step and regained his balance. On the other hand, Leon lost his balance and stumbled backward for a few steps, even though he initiated the attack. He stumbled back after he lashed out the kick, as a strong recoil hit him along his striking leg.

They both faced off at a distance of five meters. Xiao Luo was still as calm as ever, whereas Leon was panting heavily after rounds and rounds of ineffective attacks, and he was sweating profusely.

“They are indeed not in the same league!”

Shen Qingyan was amazed as she could tell that Xiao Luo was toying with Leon, but Leon had already given all he had. To his disbelief, he still could not even touch Xiao Luo’s body once.

Su Li did not speak but stared at the man who stood up tall and straight like a pine tree on the lawn. Since the event at Bode Villa, she felt that this man was tremendously powerful, but she still could not figure out the source of his strength.

At this moment, both of Leon’s subordinates took the opportunity to approach Leon.

“Master, let’s call it a day. You are no match for him.”

“He’s a powerful opponent!”

Both of them tried to convince Leon with all sincerity. Being his bodyguards, they were confident about their judgment, and they could see that this man called Xiao Luo was the dominant fighter.

“Get the f*ck out. I’ll destroy you two if you guys stay here!”

Leon’s rage had totally lost his composure. He pushed off the two subordinates and roared at Xiao Luo, “Mr. Xiao, what do you want to prove by just dodging? Are you mimicking a tortoise? Come at me, fight with me, unless you want to be called a son of a b*tch!”

“One move, I just need one move to knock you out!” Xiao Luo retorted, smiling.

Leon was infuriated and started thrashing on his chest like a gorilla. He bellowed, “Come, show me how you do it, if you can’t, get the f*ck away from Sabrina!”

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