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«Peerless Genius System (Web Novel) - Chapter 763: The Return of Ghost

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Chapter 763: The Return of Ghost

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Although Xiao Luo’s attainments had retrogressed to Martial Master, he was not any less aggressive. He was totally a humanoid fighting machine. As long as any wolf-like beast approached him, he would throw his knife over immediately without thinking. It was almost a reflection, a spontaneous action.

Blood spurted. Screams and wails came.

All of a sudden, a wolf-like beast who had fallen to the ground opened its mouth to bite Xiao Luo’s ankle. Its sharp teeth tore his skin open, pierced into his flesh, and bit his bone. His ankle bone was broken instantly.


The pain was unbearable, and Xiao Luo screamed. He turned around to stab the wolf-like beast that had attacked him after falling to the ground, and the beast was killed.

He pulled his right foot out of that bloody mouth. His ankle was badly mutilated. He could see his bone through the blood.

The wolf-like beasts around him were provoked. Screaming, they jumped on Xiao Luo one after another. They used their sharp claws and teeth as their weapon. Xiao Luo’s right foot was injured, so he had great difficulty getting about. He kept retreating while fighting. The claws of those wolf-like beasts left awfully shocking wounds on his body. One of the beasts even showed up behind him all of a sudden and bit into his shoulder.


As blood spurted, his shoulder blade was completely fractured. A sharp pain struck him instantly.

Clenching his teeth hard, Xiao Luo stabbed into that wolf-like beast’s belly backhand. This way, he relieved his right shoulder of that bloody mouth.

That attack was doubtless fatal. Xiao Luo was covered with blood. He staggered back to a giant tree. Leaning against the trunk, he had to support himself with the Dragon Saber to manage not to fall to the ground. Blood was flowing out of the numerous wounds on his body. Starting from his feet, it flowed everywhere. The ground around him was tinged red very soon.

A spent force.

At the moment, it was not exaggerated at all to describe him this way.

Xiao Luo wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. He lifted his head to look forward. Those wolf-like beasts did not hurry to jump on him. Instead, they surrounded him in a fan shape. They did not look like they would launch an attack. Those beasts obviously knew he was already a spent force, so they wanted to avoid unnecessary casualty. They would keep a safe distance and wait until he fell himself. As soon as he fell to the ground, they would flock to him, tear him up with those sharp teeth of theirs, and swallow him.

Would he need to use the system again?

Xiao Luo smiled bitterly. His strength went beyond the limit the system could offer him a long time ago, and he always felt there was a manipulator behind the system. He really did not want to turn to the system again because he had no idea what that manipulator wanted. However, at this moment, he seemed to be in a desperate situation. If he did not use the system to cure his injuries, he would absolutely die.


When he had been driven into a corner, a figure jumped down from the tree behind him.

Long green hair, bangs on the forehead, and a long black strapless dress with tiered ruffles below the waist. It was possible to see from the big swaying skirt that the back of the dress was purple, which contrasted with those red tall boots and that small red umbrella in hand.

Who else could it be if it was not the girl called Ghost?

“Hey, Little Luoluo, I told you it’s dangerous here, but you wouldn’t listen to me. You’ve been suffering, haven’t you?” Ghost focused her attention on Xiao Luo as if those wolf-like beasts did not exist.

Looking at her, Xiao Luo felt an unspeakable bitterness. In the end, he could only smile bitterly, baring his teeth stained with blood.

“Take it easy. As long as I’m here, these small wolves won’t hurt you,” Ghost said with a smile, patting her chest.

Then she turned around to confront those wolf-like beasts.

Xiao Luo discovered acutely that those wolf-like beasts were getting anxious. They even seemed to be retreating, as if they were extremely afraid of this girl called Ghost in front of them.

“Blue Wolf King, we are neighbors. As long as you leave with your subordinates now, I won’t get back at you for the suffering of my friend. Otherwise, I won’t show any mercy to you,” Ghost warned, pointing her small red umbrella at the strongest wolf-like beast in the herd.

Apparently, this wolf-like beast was the leader.

The other blue wolves all looked at the Blue Wolf King, waiting for its order.

The Blue Wolf King was intelligent. It had been as intelligent as a five- or six-year-old kid since a long time ago. Staring at Ghost with its dark green eyes, it seemed to be pondering and struggling. In the end, it snarled in a low voice. That was its order for the other blue wolves.

The dozens of blue wolves turned around to leave on hearing that low snarl. They kept looking back while leaving, as if they were very reluctant to let this prey slip through their fingers. However, they did not disobey the Blue Wolf King’s order. Soon, the strong Blue Wolf King was the only wolf left there. Drooling, it stared at Xiao Luo for a long time, but it eventually left.

Did she just talk those wolf-like beasts out of eating him? What was going on here?

Xiao Luo could not figure it out. He was very curious about who Ghost was. His attainments had retrogressed greatly, so he could not see through her real strength.

“Little Luoluo, you are heavily injured!”

Ghost turned around to check on Xiao Luo. “And bleeding a lot, too. So much blood has flown to the ground. What a waste!”

Xiao Luo was not sure whether it was just his illusion, but he felt he saw greed in Ghost’s almond-shaped eyes when she had seen the blood on his body, and she swallowed saliva spontaneously.

“Who are you?” Xiao Luo. asked

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m called Ghost,” Ghost answered innocently after lifting her head.

Xiao Luo was speechless. He certainly was not asking for her name, but her background. Apparently, Ghost did not want to tell him. Or maybe it was not she did not want to tell him, but she did not get his question.

“Watch out for those beasts. They are very sly. I’m not sure whether they were only pretending to retreat.”

“But don’t worry. I’m here. They won’t have the nerve to come back,” Ghost said confidently, waving her hand.

Not until then did Xiao Luo notice she did have two small canine teeth. They were in the upper row of teeth, one on the left and the other on the right, pretty sharp, but looked cute.

“You are heavily injured. I’ll go to find some herbs for you. Wait here. I’ll be back very soon.” Ghost disappeared after a leap.

It was in the middle of the night. Xiao Luo was worried. She might run into danger. Also, how could she find herbs on such a late night?

However, compared to that, he was more worried about himself. Those wolf-like beasts might come back here to kill him and Duck Emperor.

As expected, he found the most reliable thing was his own strength.

Xiao Luo came to understand profoundly that it was where his secure feeling came from. He was too weak at the moment. In this forest full of dangers, he did not feel secure at all. If he could get another chance in the future, he would definitely come back to the Danhui Sect to find the culprit who had resulted in the malfunctioning of the transmitting channel to avenge himself.

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