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«Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1519 - About to Become the Master

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Chapter 1519 - About to Become the Master

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At her level, any uneasy feeling would usually turn out to be an accurate speculation of her instinct.

It simply meant the outcome for what she was about to do would be extremely unfavorable for her.

"Interesting, the warning came when I'm about to deal with Qin Nan."

The future life of the copper mirror wore a faint smile. Her eyes flickered.

She was completely intrigued by the feeling.

After all, no matter what she was going to do next, she was only summoned by the Tribulation of Three Lifetimes. The injuries she suffered would not bring any harm to her actual self.

Meanwhile, under the crowd's gaze…

Qin Nan was completely unstoppable. He continued to shatter the figures attacking him.

The godly glow emitted by his body grew stronger too, as if an ancient godly flower was about to blossom.

"Only more than five hundred figures are left!"

The cultivators subconsciously held their breaths.

"Qin Nan, you're going to die today!"

Heaven God Lu clenched his fists. Even though he was aware of the whole plan, he could not help but feel nervous too.

Once Qin Nan achieved the Martial God Realm, he could no longer hide his conspiracy.

If he was unluckier, the preparations he had made over ten thousand years would all be in vain.

"Miao Miao, watch out for the South-Heaven Gate."

Empress Feiyue transmitted her thoughts. The snow drifting to the wind around her increased.

She clearly knew that when a law-defying cultivator was about to ascend, it was easier for things to get out of hand.

"Only more than eighty figures remain!"

At that instant, it felt like time had slowed down.

Every moment, every breath felt incredibly long, as if they could feel the time passing away.

Princess Miao Miao wore a stern look. She secretly unleashed the power of the sacred flesh.

If anything were to happen, she would try her best to earn Qin Nan more time even if it meant suffering a serious injury.

"South-Heaven Gate, do it!"

The future life of the copper mirror finally made her move. Her hands performed a forbidden seal at shocking pace.

Countless glowing immortal runes spread rapidly from her body.


The South-Heaven Gate unleashed its divine power too.

"Not today!"

Empress Feiyue and Princess Miao Miao reacted almost instantly, unleashing their attacks in return.

In addition to them, the immortal army outside of the Canglan Continent activated a forbidden method too.

"My past life, it's too late now. The formation was already constructed before."

The future life of the copper mirror wore a calm smile.

More than a hundred thousand runes rose into the sky behind the South-Heaven Gate like ancient dragons, constructing a terrifying formation.

"Heaven God Lu and the God Ranking were working together to set up the formation? Why wasn't I aware of it?"

Empress Feiyue shuddered.

"Taboo of the beginning era, the boundless ancient Dao, the rules of the Yin and Yang of the world, demanding creations to listen…"

The future life of the copper mirror wore a stern look. Her voice echoed in the minds of every person like the Great Dao Tone.

"The demons, bound by blood, and the origin as the sacrifice…"

The South-Heaven Gate spat out a drop of its essence blood to execute the forbidden art that the future life of the copper mirror had taught it. It began to burn its origin force.

Its aura skyrocketed once again, as countless blue rays accumulated in front of it.

"Qin Nan, I will now destroy your Tribulation!"

The South-Heaven Gate uttered a roar as it finished channeling the overwhelming attack directed at the remaining figures of the Tribulation.

The auras of the figures rose rapidly as they reacted by attacking the South-Heaven Gate.

However, they seemed rather minuscule against the South-Heaven Gate's attack.

"Sacred Spirit Immortal Flesh!"

An ancient illusionary figure appeared once again behind Princess Miao Miao. It grabbed forward and directed wisps of energy from the spirits nearby into the princess' body.

Princess Miao Miao's aura grew stronger.

Even though it was unable to nullify the attack, it managed to prevent it from destroying all the figures of the Tribulation.


The cultivators saw Princess Miao Miao being knocked back constantly. Blood was running down from her lips. Her aura declined significantly too.

The figures of Tribulation were being destroyed continuously too.

However, there were still ten figures left.

"Stop the South-Heaven Gate!"

Everyone shuddered. The Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the others were excited too.


Qin Nan was startled.

"Don't worry about me, overcome the Tribulation and achieve the Martial God Realm!"

Princess Miao Miao stood firmly and yelled.

"Destruction Battle Saber!"

Qin Nan was stunned for a moment, before he clenched his teeth and unleashed all his might to execute a slash aiming at the remaining figures of Tribulation.

"Phew, that seriously hurts. If you don't get me some great wines after you become a Martial God, I will never forgive you."

Princess Miao Miao uttered a relieved sigh and glanced at Qin Nan's back.

She was unable to help when Qin Nan achieved the Martial Monarch Realm. This time, she could finally protect Qin Nan as he was about to achieve the Martial God Realm.

"Miao Miao, their conspiracy…"

Empress Feiyue seemed to have noticed something. Her icy expression had changed for the first time.

"Art of defying the Dao, the Heaven-Defying Conspiracy!"

The future life of the copper mirror completed her final forbidden seal.

At that instant, an astonishing sight took place.

A strange formation appeared under the feet of every cultivator on the battlefield and the cultivators on the second continent. An invisible force tightly covered their figures.


The cultivators who were away from the battlefield were stunned. They had no idea what was going on.

"Power of all creations, give me your strength!"

The South-Heaven Gate let out a furious roar too.


Countless formations were activated.

The power of every cultivator was drained away by an invisible force, before turning into a beam flying into the formation under the South-Heaven Gate's feet.

On top of that, before the cultivators could react, the formation teleported them out of the second continent and sent them back to the Canglan Continent.

Only a few people were left on the second continent.

After their power was drained away, they were as weak as mere mortals. They could not stay any longer in the second continent.

As for the South-Heaven Gate, its aura was like a giant Peng with its wings fully extended, breaking free from the chains holding it and soaring into the sky. It unleashed a magnificent aura within the blink of an eye.


Empress Feiyue's eyes widened.

She finally came to a realization.

Her future life had purposely produced the Monarch Seeds and God Fruits to attract the cultivators, just so she could cast a forbidden art to absorb their power when needed.

She did not suppress everyone's cultivation to avoid casualties, but to ensure that she could successfully absorb their power.

After all, the cultivators could easily resist her if they still had their cultivation.

However, how did she manage to go so far?

"Feiyue, you might not know this, but I'm about to become the master of this continent."

The future life of the copper mirror wore a grin. Her words were like an ancient thunder.

"Martial…Martial Monarch?"

Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao were startled.

Even Tang Qingshan and the others who were cultivating in seclusion were astounded.

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