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«Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1408 - The Terrifying Identity

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Chapter 1408 - The Terrifying Identity

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Qin Nan, the Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries, and the others were stunned.

Even with the strength that the Dragon-killing Dao-destructing Deity-eliminating Spear now possessed, they still needed something four hundred and fifty times stronger to shatter the South-Heaven Gate?

How strong is the South-Heaven Gate actually?

"That's just an estimation. If you want to be sure, you'll need more than seven hundred times stronger!"

The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch added calmly.

"Seven hundred times?" The master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain was the first to react, who frowned as he spoke, "The South-Heaven Gate might be powerful, but there's no way its strength is that ridiculous?"

Little Worm and the Martial Serendipity Pavilion were confused too.

They were quite familiar with the South-Heaven Gate's power.

"The slash that the Magical Hair Sword God has executed has only left a crack on its surface. Clearly, the power that the South-Heaven Gate displayed wasn't its full power yet. According to my speculation, the South-Heaven Gate at least has five kinds of immortal intents, and two hundred thousand kinds of martial intents collected across Canglan Continent."

"Meanwhile, the South-Heaven Sacred Ground has basically merged with the South-Heaven Gate into one. If necessary, the South-Heaven Gate could also utilize the South-Heaven Sacred Ground's power. Besides, the South-Heaven Gate has trained many Martial God Realm experts over the years. If say…"

The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch explained, before he came to a pause at the end, "And the South-Heaven Gate's identity, with all these together, wouldn't this spear need to be at least three hundred times stronger to have a chance of shattering the South-Heaven Gate?"

The Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries and the others looked even more troubled.

However, before the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch could continue, Qin Nan could not help but ask, "Senior, what's the background of the South-Heaven Gate?"

The question had bothered him for a very long time.

If the South-Heaven Gate, Monarch Ranking and God Ranking were only artifacts that were nurtured by nature, why would they possess such remarkable power?

"I guess we can now tell you all the secrets of the Canglan Continent."

The young man of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion took a breath and said, "The Canglan Continent has existed for more than thirty thousand years. Around twenty thousand years ago, the Eight Ancient Tribes appeared, while other factions began to form. The Martial Arts here gradually became stronger, thus the origin force of the Canglan Continent was granted intelligence, giving birth to the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking."

"Origin force?"

Qin Nan was startled.

It was his first time hearing about the force.

"This origin force, is basically the foundation of all Martial Arts. Its the force that has existed since the birth of the Canglan Continent. If anyone managed to control all the origin force, they would become the master of the Canglan Continent, with the ability to control everything."

The young man added, "After the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking were born, they competed against one another for the origin force by teaming up with the ancient tribes and the other factions. Around fifteen thousand years ago, the God Ranking actually had the upper hand."

Saying this, the eyes of the young man flickered murderously.

"However, to everyone's surprise, fifteen thousand years ago, the South-Heaven Gate appeared out of nowhere. It even refined a portion of the origin force. In addition to that, a mysterious immortal from the Nine Heavens somehow discovered the chaos the Canglan Continent was in. He decided to team up with the South-Heaven Gate, to take control of the Canglan Continent."

"An immortal from the Nine Heavens?"

Qin Nan was astounded even though he had mentally prepared himself.

He would never think that the South-Heaven Gate actually had an immortal from the Nine Heavens behind it!

"The Monarch Ranking and God Ranking had no choice but to team up against the South-Heaven Gate. However, they were fairly weak after fighting one another for a long period, hence they did not stand a chance against the South-Heaven Gate. In the end, they had to expend a great portion of their power to modify the rules of cultivation. As a result, cultivators who were aiming to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm and the Martial God Realm would have to undertake the Monarch Horoscope Contest or God Horoscope Contest, just so they could control the experts in the Canglan Continent."

"The South-Heaven Gate and the mysterious immortal were even smarter. They shattered the Canglan Tree and suppressed the rules to ascend to the Nine Heavens from the Canglan Continent. They continued to absorb the origin force, and as a precaution against the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking, they too modified the rules of cultivation, thus everyone who wanted to cultivate would have to rely on a Martial Spirit."

"As such, the reasons why cultivators needed to compete for the horoscopes, or cultivate by having their Martial Spirits absorb the Qi of Heavens and Earth, are just the setups that the South-Heaven Gate, God Ranking and Monarch Ranking have conducted."

Qin Nan's figure shuddered violently.

The words had resulted in quite a huge impact on him.

For example, one day, you suddenly learned that everything you knew was basically fake, as someone was actually controlling it all behind the scenes.

At that moment, apart from feeling overwhelmed, your understanding of the world would topple too, as it was crushed mercilessly.

It would make someone feel overwhelmed by darkness and despair.

"This world has always been so cruel. For over ten thousand years, many peerless talents wanted to oppose the South-Heaven Gate. Putting their personal grudge aside, the majority of them only wanted to ascend to the Nine Heavens."

"In comparison, the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking were not as cruel with their methods."

The young man of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion calmly said.

There was something he did not mention. If the people in the past were strong enough, they would surely challenge the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking too.

However, just a single South-Heaven Gate had everyone under incredible pressure.

"Cultivator Heaven-Shattering, even though the South-Heaven Gate has refined the origin force, it only has control over a small portion of it. Its ability to influence the forces of the Canglan Continent is limited. Why did you say that the spear has to be seven hundred times stronger?"

The master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain glanced at Qin Nan and knew that he would need some time to recover, thus he continued the topic.

Little Worm and the young man of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion wore a stern look.

"It's because of the South-Heaven Gate's identity. According to Feiyue, the South-Heaven Gate's background is also related to the Nine Heavens. It's possible that it's even stronger than the mysterious immortal."

The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch said.

"How is this possible?"

The master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain and the others were astounded.

They had tried so many ways trying to learn the identity of the mysterious immortal behind the South-Heaven Gate but failed miserably. It clearly implied how terrifying the person was.

However, if the South-Heaven Gate's background was actually stronger than the mysterious immortal, how terrifying would its true identity be?

"It's what Feiyue said, so I think it's most likely the truth. That being said, despite its formidable background, it's still not fully awakened. I think it could mostly unleash a slightly stronger power, so according to my calculation, I'm sure that seven hundred times is enough to shatter it."

The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch subconsciously glanced at Qin Nan.

The master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain and the others might be clueless, but he was well aware that something even more terrifying was waiting for Qin Nan deep inside the South-Heaven Gate.

Even if they shattered the South-Heaven Gate and lured out the scarier people from the Nine Heavens behind it, there was nothing to be scared of.

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