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«Paradise of Demonic Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 995 - Suppress

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Chapter 995: Suppress

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Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

A sword attack swept across the sky, and countless light rays seemed to follow it, turning into many sharp swords that clashed out toward the turbid flows.

This was the ultimate sword attack in the 24 Doctrines of Divine Retribution—the Great Radiant Sword.

As this sword attack slashed out, all the light rays in the world seemed to be guided to stack together, turning into many light swords which were hard to discern by the naked eye. They slashed out fiercely in Yu Zi’s direction.

All the light rays in the world were being guided by this sword attack, andas long as the glow continued to radiate, the prowess of the sword attack would be limitless. This was a sword attack that was known to be able to last forever.

Faced with the Phenomenal Saint’s Great Radiant Sword, Hei Zi let out a cold laugh and brought along seething turbid flow to put up a block before Yu Zi.

“Youngster, your opponent is me.”

Hei Zi grabbed out with one hand, extending out the turbid flow toward the Great Radiant Sword. In the blink of an eye, the myriad of light swords sank into the turbid flow like they had dashed into a black hole. All the light swords became quiet and motionless once they entered the seething turbid flow, no longer showing any reactions.

The six streams of turbid flows had been stacked with countless layers of space through the refining that Hei Zi and the other five people did. Countless negative emotions influenced each other and joined together, turning the interior into a chaotic maze. Ordinary attacks would have no effects at all.

Fending off the Great Radiant Sword’s attacks with one hand, Hei Zi clenched the other fist together tightly as if he had grabbed a stretch of space in front of him.

“You should take an attack from me as well.”

Laughing out, Hei Zi struck out a punch. It was a great skill from the Black Sun Sect’s Black Sun Technique—the Black Sovereign Night Emperor Fist.

When Hei Zi fought against Fang Xingjian the other time, he had reservations and could only unleash powers that were at tier five Divine level or lower. However, after they succeeded in condensing the six turbid flows and with the other five people backing him up, Hei Zi no longer had any reservations. He immediately attacked with the Black Sun Sect’s ultimate technique.

With this punch, the entire world seemed to contract incessantly right in front of Hei Zi’s fist. The pitch-black fist filled up the entire world in the blink of an eye as if it wanted to crush everything into dust, preventing anyone from escaping.

Then the entire world suddenly turned dark. The Phenomenal Saint realized that he was unable to see or sense the existence of anything at all.

From the viewpoint of the others, the area within several square kilometers of the Phenomenal Saint’s location had suddenly been encompassed by a black screen. At the next moment, it turned into a vortex, contracting and moving to Hei Zi’s palm while turning into the size of a sesame seed.

“The Church of Universal Truth is really declining by the generation.”

Hei Zi’s attack—the Black Sovereign Night Emperor Fist—was an unrivaled sealing technique. It tapped into the idea of how everything in the world would eventually be returned to darkness, sealing everything in the world into the last bit of darkness and forming a Dark Star Seal.

However, just as Hei Zi snorted coldly, he looked at the Dark Star slowly entering the turbid flow and saw streams of piercing light shoot out like light needles from its surface.

Endless ether particles extended out from the Dark Star. If it could be said that the entire world, or even the entire universe, would eventually return to darkness, heading toward the end amidst darkness…

Then the light that pierced through the darkness in Hei Zi’s hand was like the world-creating light back when the world was first growing and the universe was being reset.

This was the ultimate technique belonging to the Church of Universal Truth’s Judgement Bureau—the World Creation Irregularity. Right now, under the White Emperor Zenith Sword’s reinforcement, it erupted with an unbelievable prowess. It was like a big explosion as if the world was being created and the heavens were being split from the earth, blowing up the Black Sovereign Night Emperor Fist’s seal and allowing the Phenomenal Saint to break out.

The moment the Phenomenal Saint broke out, his expression was that of great fury. “Heretics! You dare push me around?!”

Rumble! The two light circles on his back, which were formed by the White Emperor Zenith Sword, went through a series of changes. They came together like two gears and then spun rapidly.

At the center of the light circles, light spots surged up abruptly, one after another. It was as if the stars had exploded and the Sun had been extinguished. One after another, a total of 14 light spots lit up, erupting with an unbelievable aura.

It was only until now that the Phenomenal Saint truly activated the 14 sections of the White Emperor Zenith Sword, sending out its full powers.

As the White Emperor Zenith Sword’s 14 sections erupted suddenly, a world-shaking aura charged out from the Phenomenal Saint’s body. Hei Zi received the impact of the attack head-on, and the turbid flow which had not been affected by anything at all previously started to tremble intensely. Hei Zi’s countenance became extremely grim.

He said each word with great emphasis, “White Emperor Zenith Sword…” Clearly, he bore a great hatred toward this number one Divine Equipment in the land.

The Phenomenal Saint made his move, unleashing endless light and heat from all over his body. Powers that were able to take on the world continued to be unleashed from the light circles on his back and then channeled into his fist.

Countless ether particles gushed into his fist like swarms of bugs, eventually turning into a stream of light that could cause the world to explode. It pierced out fiercely toward the turbid flow.

How strong was the prowess of the same technique—World Creation Irregularity—now that it had been reinforced by the White Emperor Zenith Sword’s 14 sections?

Almost the entire stretch of land the Imperial Capital was situated on started to sink in. Countless Knights, Conferred Knights, and even Divine level experts looked at the battlefield in the sky with their eyes wide-open and mouths agape, feeling very helpless. At this moment, they discovered that they had lost their grasp over ether particles.

When seven sections of the White Emperor Zenith Sword were linked up, one would be able to draw powers from parallel worlds for an endless supply of energy. The stronger the user’s realm was, the more energy they would be able to draw out.

Then after all 14 sections of the White Emperor Zenith Sword had been activated, one would be able to take control of all the powers from ether particles. All external forces in the world would be controlled by the user. The higher the user’s realm, the greater the range they would be able to control.

With the Phenomenal Saint’s realm, his range covered approximately the entire Empire.

Sensing the Phenomenal Saint’s fist that had the prowess to split the world, Hei Zi was unable to make use of any forces in the world. The only thing he could rely on was his own martial will and the turbid flow. However, he continued to remain emotionless, showing no signs of panic.

The World Creation Irregularity clashed onto the turbid flow. The turbid flow, which had not received any damage since the first moment they had appeared, was now being vaporized incessantly by this extremely pure and oppressing energy.

“1,000 years ago…

“The Pope from back then also used this move…

“Do you think that after 1,000 years have passed, I wouldn’t have thought of a way to neutralize this technique?”

Hei Zi’s face had been covered up by large areas of black shadows, leaving only a pair of eyes that were filled with malice.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spewed out mouthfuls of black puke. Countless mouthfuls of black viscous matter soon formed something that was like a large black lake.

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