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«Paradise of Demonic Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1141 - Appearance

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Chapter 1141: Appearance

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Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

However, as a martial art genius who was one of the greatest Emperor in history and had even obtained Fang Xingjian’s martial art legacies, there was no way that Zhao Hao would be defeated in a single blow.

He tapped out a finger and sent out streams of dragon howls in the air, clashing together with the tsunami. Then both sides wiped each other out.

Zhao Hao smiled. “Why, do you want a fight?”

Both Tang Xian and Huang Shan stood out together. However, Adam kept on persuading them through his martial will, “Don’t be rash. Venerable Master Zhai Xing’s cultivation is remarkable, and it’s best that we don’t take them on head-on.”

“That’s right, that’s right, that’s right,” many other people also kept on transmitting messages to them through their martial will. “Just rebuke them a little. There’s more to lose than to gain if a battle really were to break out.”

“Senior Tang, don’t be rash,” Gong Yuyan persuaded.

However, the trio exchanged a glance and smile after hearing everyone’s advise. With Fang Xingjian as their super titanium alloy backing, they had no idea what fear was.

At this moment, Tang Xian could not help but think, ‘The feeling of having such a great backing is really not bad.’

However, to the others, their actions were like they were blatantly courting death—rash and willful.

This was especially so for Adam and Dante. The two of them had initially held the same stance as the trio. However, now, it did not seem good for them to fight head-on, but it did not seem right for them to shrink back either. They felt as if they were being roasted over fire.

Just then, the Mysterious Firmament Palace’s Palace Lord—who had stepped out together with Tang Xian and the other two—backed off a few steps and restrained his aura.

This clearly showed his attitude. Although he was against brutally merging the sects, he was also unwilling to battle it out with the Flying Celestial Sect.

Adam sighed and said, “Sigh, I didn’t expect that Tang Xian to be so rash. We’ve been done in by him this time around.”

Just as Adam and the others felt that they were caught in a dilemma, a series of changes took place in the sky. The entire atmosphere, clouds, and the space in the sky started rippling. They eventually turned into a great vortex that encompassed a range of 1,000 lis, and endless ether particles gathered together like sunlight that lit up the entire place.

Amidst the piercing light rays, a figure walked out slowly from the center of the vortex. He walked his way slowly to the center of the place and arrived before the four True Lords. By this time, the four True Lords had already dropped to their knees. Every single disciple from the Flying Celestial Sect was kneeling down as well, and their expressions were filled with admiration and respect.

As the figure came down, many experts from the various factions felt like they were being held down by a great invisible mountain. With each step the figure took, the pressure applied on them became increasingly stronger. At the very end, the experts who were below tier six of the Divine level were all pressed down to their knees.

Tier six, seven, and eight Divine level experts could also only barely manage to not collapse.

The person who just arrived was the Flying Celestial Sect’s sect master—Venerable Master Zhai Xing.

Seeing the blurry figure that emerged from the piercing light, the hearts of the people who previously took an opposing stand were now completely filled with terror. They could no longer summon any will to resist.

At the next instant, everyone felt as if there was a pair of sharp gaze glancing over and stopping on them.

“I heard that you guys are very dissatisfied with my arrangements?”

His peaceful words reached everyone’s ears like roaring thunder. Their consciousness had been shaken up, with a series of stifled sounds ringing out. It was as if they had not slept for many days and nights.

No one said a single word.


Venerable Master Zhai Xing then turned his gaze to look toward the Mysterious Firmament Palace’s Palace Lord. The latter felt like a 1,000-meter-tall mountain was pressing down on his body.

“I… I wouldn’t dare.” The Mysterious Firmament Palace’s Palace Lord barely managed to force a smile. “I only have some doubts about the merging of all sects. However, I don’t have any objections toward the overall idea of the merger.”

Venerable Master Zhai Xing did not say anything. He just turned his gaze toward Adam and Dante.

At this instant, the two of them felt as if they were situated in the vacuum in outer space, unable to come into contact with both the sky and the heavens. Everything inside and outside of them seemed to be in a state of vacuum, and they were unable to sense the existence of any matter.

This feeling was as if they had been expelled from this world.

The two of them were taken by surprise. Streams of killing intent flashed in Dante’s heart, but he was stopped by Adam. Adam lifted his head and said, “Venerable Master is mistaken. We also only have some questions with regard to the concrete details and don’t have any issue concerning the general direction.”

Although the replies from the Mysterious Firmament Palace’s Palace Lord and Adam were within everyone’s expectations, they still could not help but reveal a hint of disappointment in their eyes.

‘Faced against tier nine Divine level powers, compromising may be the only option,’ Gong Yuyan sighed.

Venerable Master Zhai Xing continued to remain silent and then turned his gaze toward Tang Xian and the other two next. This time around, his gaze flickered slightly as he said, “The three of you… aren’t bad. You guys can be considered promising since you’re able to reach tier eight of the Divine level at such a young age. Join my sect. The Repose Palace isn’t enough for you.”

Tang Xian and the other two did not show any sign of fear. Under everyone’s shocking gazes, Tang Xian took a step forward, pointed at Venerable Master Zhai Xing, and said, “You? You won’t do. You’re so old and yet you’re still at tier nine of the Divine level? You are unpromising.

“But seeing that you’re so old, I’ll give you a chance. Why don’t you and your Flying Celestial Sect all come under our Repose Palace?”

Tang Xian’s words shocked everyone present.

Regardless of whether it was Adam, Dante, Gong Yuyan, his Junior Martial Brother Ning, Elder Di, or even the four True Lords… all of them were stunned. They looked at Tang Xian like they had not expected that he would dare to say something like this.

‘Is this kid… crazy?’ Adam thought.

Even Venerable Master Zhai Xing was slightly stunned, unable to retort immediately. He had never imagined that someone would talk to him like this.

However, Tang Xian did not seem to care. He only felt as if there was nothing holding him back anymore. He kept on contacting Fang Xingjian through his martial will, “Is it alright now? Can we make a move now?”

At this moment, Venerable Master Zhai Xing finally reacted with a frown. Killing intent flashed past in his eyes. He did not say much and just lightly blew out a gust of wind. An invisible power came plunging down like the heavenly river, gushing toward Tang Xian.

Tang Xian and the other two immediately sent out their martial will to defend. Layers of spatial distortions, Spatial Translocations, and all sorts of time acceleration and time-stopping abilities were dealt, but they were unable to prevent the heavenly river from coming down.

“What kind of attack is this?” Tang Xian was surprised. “Why am I unable to block it at all?”

“It’s not a high-dimensional attack or spatial attack, nor are there any additional time frames added in.” Zhao Hao formed seals with both hands, and an endless amount of golden light flashed and struck out toward the heavenly river. However, when the two collided, the golden light seemed as if it had come into contact with illusions. It had no effect at all, simply passing through the heavenly river.

As the heavenly river surrounded the trio’s bodies, the three of them kept on moving their bodies crazily, dealing repeated Spatial Translocations and flying out over 10,000 lis away. However, that heavenly river remained in front of them, getting closer to their bodies inch by inch.

Tang Xian urged frantically through his martial will, “Quick! Fang Xingjian, if you still don’t make a move, we’re going to die!”

Fang Xingjian finally completed the setting up of an inescapable trap. Five martial art projections appeared at the square concurrently, and five waves of power at 90,000 martial will points sealed up every inch of space instantly.

Almost at the very moment the Venerable Master Zhai Xing saw Fang Xingjian’sappearance, he let out a surprised cry and wanted to retreat.

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