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«Paradise of Demonic Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1052 - Create

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Chapter 1052: Create

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Translator: Yukidaruma Translations

Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

‘Being able to control the world’s powers… Ordinary weapons would probably be transformed or controlled from the moment of their appearance.

‘They need to be even more powerful, more perfect. It’d be best if it has 1% of my powers or more…’

Countless powerful and mysterious superb technological weapons were eliminated by Fang Xingjian one after another. There were many of them which even the Divine Emperor had not been able to create in the past.

Finally, a superb technological product appeared before Fang Xingjian. It was an ultimate weapon which even the Divine Emperor back on Earth’s parallel world—that Fang Xingjian had been to in the past—had put great efforts into wanting to create it, but he had failed to do so. It was a superb item that had unparalleled specifications.

Looking at the image in the records, Fang Xingjian finally broke into a satisfied expression, ‘Androids…? No bad…

‘They are strong enough to go up against Great Dao Realm experts, and there isn’t a need for Tiangang Realm experts to put on any equipment either.’

Looking at the many android functions, Fang Xingjian’s expression appeared increasingly satisfied. If the Divine Emperor had created this thing back when Fang Xingjian was fighting against him, it would probably have been very hard for Fang Xingjian to defeat him.

However, for Fang Xingjian to return and create this android given his current realm, it would be something that can be done from a towering perspective without much difficulty. He even felt that he could upload many other technological weapons onto these androids.

In the time that followed, many huge metal factories rose up outside the Divine Capital, attracting countless curious gazes.

Within the three regions, many mountains and rivers were being extracted and moved, and a tremendous amount of ores were shifted by Fang Xingjian directly into the factories to be forged into weapons.

There was no need for production lines or factory workers. As the high-dimensional Swordless Path struck out streams of powers toward the material world, all sorts of material interference happened and all sorts of high temperature, low temperature, sterile, and sealed environments were produced.

All sorts of ores and minerals went through varying changes and received interference from waves of invisible powers, turning into all sorts of parts and then being put together to become many different weapons.

A large quantity of electromagnetic rifles and exoskeleton armors were produced incessantly. As for the Universe Knight Systems and androids, they had taken Fang Xingjian even more effort and energy to create.

Fang Xingjian cleared out an area at 50 kilometers below the factories to create a massive structure, used specifically for producing the Universe Knight Systems and androids. Just the resources for the various parts and loading of weapons were enough to produce over 100 aircraft carriers on Earth.

Concurrently, the construction work of the basic infrastructure in Jing Region and Serene Region was still ongoing. It was a lot simpler to Fang Xingjian in comparison to forging weapons. All sorts of motor vehicles, cement roads, electrical network, and underwater paths were created. The new image of the cities—especially the rapid and flourishing changes to the Divine Capital—was hard for many ordinary people to accept.

Moreover, while Fang Xingjian was working on the infrastructure and military preparations, the Crown Princess was also about to complete the final subjugation of the Beiyuan Region.

Outside of the Beiyuan City—the Beiyuan Region’s provincial capital—the Crown Princess stood in the air while dressed in white satin clothes.

The northern chilly wind blew against her body, lifting up the white satin she was wearing. Together with her cold features, she seemed like a fairy who had descended from the moon.

Although she looked harmless and could even be said to be graceful and charming, the many soldiers at the top of the Beiyuan City’s city walls appeared as if they were facing a great enemy. They looked at the Crown Princess like they were looking at some monster who could annihilate the world.

The Crown Princess’ notorious reputation built from her wanton massacre of the Beiyuan Region during this period of time was too strong.

During this period of time, there would be army deserters from the remnants of Prince Xin’s defeated troops. Usually, when Prince Xin went on an expedition, he would only leave several ten thousand men to guard the Beiyuan Region.

Right now, the Beiyuan City was only left with only the old, weak, ill, or disabled people. There were only several hundred of them, and if a war were to break out, they would probably surrender immediately.

Currently, the Beiyuan City was already in a state of chaos due to the Crown Princess’ arrival.

There were people who were creating trouble, those who wanted to escape from the city, and others who wanted to open the city gates and surrender. However, most of the commoners hid in their homes, trembling in fear.

Having lost the army’s suppression, the entire city had entered a state of chaos.

In Prince Xin’s manor, his third son—Fang Tao—was anxiously walking along a long passageway in the manor like an ant on a hot pan. As Prince Xin’s third son, he had been carefully nurtured and brought up since young, and his cultivation had reached the Disha Realm. He had refined and cleared a total of 30 acupuncture points.

Fang Tao had always been known to have a virtuous name in the cities and amongst the officials in Beiyuan Region. He had been in charge of Beiyuan Region’s financial management.

Ever since Prince Xin led the army out on an expedition, Fang Tao had been left to guard over the Beiyuan Region.

Fang Tao was still walking when he suddenly saw a guard holding onto a big bag, running in the direction of the Prince Manor’s back door. A hint of killing intent immediately flashed on Fang Tao’s face.

“How dare you?!” A stream of sword Qi shot out from his fingertip, piercing through the guard’s lower thigh. The guard fell to the floor, letting out an agonizing cry. He looked at Fang Tao and immediately begged for mercy, “Young Master, please have mercy! I’ve been blinded by greed! Please have mercy! I won’t dare to attempt this anymore.”

Fang Tao paid him no heed and opened up that bag. A large amount of gold and silver dining ware, as well as jade stones and antiques, came into sight.

“You lackey! How dare you betray me as well?!”

Seeing the enraged Fang Tao, the guard seemed to know that it was useless to attempt justifying himself anymore. He cursed, “Prince Xin Manor rebelled, and the imperial army has fought their way here. All that’s coming next is just the clan’s annihilation.

“I’m just a guard who doesn’t know anything, yet I will be pinned with this death penalty. Am I not allowed to escape?”

“B*stard.” Fang Tao felt a bout of fury rage in his heart. When the thing he was most worried about was plainly said aloud, a hint of horror flashed in his eyes. He tapped out a finger, and whizzing sword Qis tore apart the air, slashing the guard into countless pieces of minced flesh.

“I can’t hesitate anymore.” Fang Tao looked at the minced flesh on the ground, took a big stride, and headed for the rear court rapidly. On the way, he saw more and more servants who wanted to steal things and then flee. There were even some stewards amongst them.

After killing ten or more people in succession, Fang Tao’s fury gradually turned into horror. The feeling of horror toward the unknown future was like the cold wind in winter brushing past his skin, causing him to feel a chill that ran down from his head all the way to his feet.

‘The will of the people has fallen apart…’

A feeling as if the general situation had changed and they were no longer in power filled up his entire body, making his intent to escape even firmer.

He arrived in a building in the rear court. Ten or more married ladies and children had gathered together. The ladies’ eyes were red as they sobbed, causing Fang Tao to feel even more frustrated and jittery.

These people were the important family members of Prince Xin Manor. Ordinary concubines and their children had not been notified. It was because Fang Tao knew that if they were planning on escaping, the fewer people they had, the better it would be.

Upon seeing Fang Tao appear, the ladies immediately crowded around him anxiously, chattering and asking him questions.

“Tao`er, how are things?”

“Did that Marie really fight her way here?”

“Will the soldiers in the city be able to fend them off?”

“Boohoohoo… Won’t the imperial court kill us? We’re also members of the Fang Clan!”

“All of you shut up.” Just as all the ladies were chattering noisily, a dignified-looking lady—who had her long black hair tied up, was holding a cane, and wearing silk long robes—stepped out and said furiously, “It’s so unsightly for all of you to be sobbing and wailing. With the situation now, all of you should just shut up.”

This very dignified-looking lady was Prince Xin’s

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