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«Paradise of Demonic Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1023 - Profoundness

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Chapter 1023: Profoundness

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Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

A long whistle rang out, and Heavenly Yaksha’s hunchbacked body released a series of explosions. Then he slowly straightened his back.

“My hunchback was a result of me being too anxious when cultivating martial arts, resulting in a deviation of my essential Qi. It’s hard to be cured through medical means. I didn’t expect for there to finally be a day when it would be treated.” A hint of exhilaration flashed on his face, and he bowed toward Blood Sea. “Thank you, Young Master, for making this possible.”

Just then, streams of whistling sounds rang out. At the side, White Asura—who was wearing white clothes and had blood-colored hair—also stopped his circulation. His blood-colored hair drew back slowly and changed colors. The stench of blood gradually dissipated, and he appeared as if he had turned into an ordinary white-clothed scholar.

“After 30 years of tough training, I’ve finally reached the peak of perfection in this Crimson Fiend Technique,” the young man said, with a hint of contentment regarding his accomplishments flashing in his eyes. Then he bowed and thanked Blood Sea, “Thank you, Young Master, for making this possible.”

Blood Sea nodded, and his eyes that had blood-colored vortexes looked toward the other two. After being thrown a glance by the blood-colored gaze, the two of them instantly felt that all the vital energy and blood in their bodies were starting to seethe intensely as if wanting to shoot out uncontrollably.

The scene of White Bone Immortal’s body disintegrating appeared unconsciously in their minds.

The duo’s expressions froze. The feeling of excitement from gaining great progress in their martial arts also cooled down. They now looked at Blood Sea with an increasingly respectful gaze.

They understood that compared to their improvement, Bai Di’s martial arts had become even more unfathomable after having deciphered the White Bone Path’s portion of the Demon Sovereign’s legacy.

Blood Sea looked at the two of them and nodded, saying, “Very good. With your current martial prowess, it’s sufficient to defeat the respect Sect Masters of the Demon Sect’s seven paths. I’ll be going into seclusion to comprehend the Demon Sovereign’s legacy. The two of you can lead our Blood River Path’s disciples to conquer the remaining five paths.

“Remember, although the two of you have made great advancements in your martial arts, you still mustn’t underestimate your enemies as you advance. You mustn’t let the news of this leak out either.

“Each of these five paths has one Tiangang Realm expert. The two of you must join forces and take them down one by one.”

On Serene Mountain, in the Illusory Emotions Path’s headquarters…

Fang Xingjian’s fingertip brushed across the air lightly. Although it appeared to be a very light touch, it gave off an extremely heavy feeling. There were evenkacha kacha sounds ringing out, and a series of colorful glowing lights lit up on his fingertip.

Right now, on Fang Xingjian’s fingertip, there were waves of majestic powers. If this were in Miracle World, cracks would probably have formed in the surrounding space, with black cracks extending out from his fingertip.

Fang Xingjian knew that this was because the space in Miracle World was in patches to begin with. Those spatial cracks were usually too fine to be seen. It was only under sufficient pressure that they would be revealed.

However, in this world, even if Fang Xingjian circulated all of his powers, he was still unable to squeeze out a single crack.

‘After researching so many martial arts secret manuals, things really are as I guessed,’ Fang Xingjian thought. ‘The spaces in this world are connected together in one stretch. The entire world is within a complete and whole space. For space to be complete and whole… the only possibility why is that this is a patch of space of the smallest scale.’

At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian could not help but feel surprised.

It was more difficult to be able to do something like this than to compress a space that was the size of the sun to the size of one’s thumb. This was especially so when it was not just compressing space but also ensuring that most of the natural laws remained unchanged.

Fang Xingjian’s fingertip flicked slightly, and a wave of Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis gathered on his fingertip.

‘And based on the situation of these Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis, this world might actually be a result of human effort.’

Looking at the stream of Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis on his fingertip, Fang Xingjian slowly sensed the intent within them, ‘Within the Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis, there is a unique intent like a person’s soul.’

At this moment, his martial will seemed to have entered deep into the ground, right down to the level of the Disha Qis. It was as if he could see an immense intent in slumber there.

The reason that Fang Xingjian did not consecutively clear up the 72 acupuncture points at the Disha Realm was that he did not wish to let the intents in the Disha Qis contaminate him.

Beyond the heavens, violent Gang Qis kept on gathering energy, and to Fang Xingjian, this was power.

There were powers concealed in the sky and intents concealed underground. After the two combined together, they seemed to form a real lifeform, and a new consciousness started to awaken.

‘Is this a coincidence, or…’

Fang Xingjian’s gaze penetrated through void space and looked toward an ant on a tree outside the room.

Right after, a sharp and invisible blade seemed to slice through the ant, and it died as its body shattered.

At the same time the ant shattered, Fang Xingjian could sense as if there were two Qis rising from its body—one clear and one murky. The clear Qi rose up to beyond the heavens, and the murky Qi sank down to the depths of the earth.

‘Could it be caused by man?’

If it really were someone remarkable who could perform the means of containing something extremely large within something extremely small—to contain a stretch of world into the smallest degree of space, causing space in the entire world to be a single entity—and then even setting up a system where the Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis are in a cycle, it would be really scary.

It was a pity that Fang Xingjian could not find out the truth about this in the three great realms—the Xiantian Realm, Disha Realm, and the Tiangang Realm.

The legendary Great Dao Realm used the will to move the world, using the heaven’s heart in place of one’s own heart. Fang Xingjian could only place his hopes onto the Great Dao Realm. He hoped that he would be able to gain an intrinsic understanding of this world.

This was especially so when he recalled the scene of Zhao Yinglan’s final attack. He could still remember the lingering effect of void space shattering very clearly.

It was a pity that Zhao Yinglan could do this and yet Fang Xingjian was still unable to shatter this space. This was despite the fact that he was 100 or even 1,000 times stronger than her.

‘In the end, it still boils down to the connection between the Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis. The Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis are related to the profoundness to how this world works.

‘Therefore, cultivators who refine the Tiangang Qis and Disha Qis will also produce an immense influence on how the world works.

‘If I can comprehend the profoundness within them, then it’ll benefit my sword arts tremendously as well.’

A few hours later, Zhao Yinglan brought along Fu Daoxian with her as she returned to the house.

She slowly took out a page that was neither gold nor silver. There were densely packed words recorded on the pages. Each line was deep and unfathomable with abnormal profoundness, making it hard to understand how to decipher it.

Zhao Yinglan said, “Back then, the Demon Sovereign picked mystical rocks from beyond the heavens and refined them into a booklet with seven pages. He then inscribed his martial arts comprehension at the Great Dao Realm.

“It’s a pity that the later generations were a disgrace. After the Demon Sovereign’s death, the Demon Sect split up into seven groups, with each of them snatching a page of the booklet. Although countless people have sprung up over the past 300 years, wanting to decipher the profoundness of the Demon Sovereign’s legacy, not a single person has succeeded.”

Fang Xingjian nodded. Simultaneously, he picked up the booklet. With a slight glance, he had already scanned its contents into his mind.

However, even he was unable to understand the contents written on it. It was because the densely-packed words appeared just like garbled text 1 . They did not make any sense at all and seemed to be just like a series of unrelated words that had been put together.

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