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«Outside of Time (Web Novel) - Chapter 1457 He Calls Himself Flame Mystic (2)

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Chapter 1457 He Calls Himself Flame Mystic (2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He removed the dozens of heads and placed them to the side.

“Your Majesty, these are the tokens of allegiance from me. Some of them are descendants of large families in the holy lands and have high statuses.”

“But 1 know that just this isn’t enough to prove my sincerity.”

“So I’ve prepared two secrets!”

“Firstly, a thousand years ago, the Demon Feather Holy Land wasn’t at black level but the weakest earth-level holy land, having two Great Emperors!”

“A thousand years ago, Demon Feather Ancestor, who was at the peak of the Great Emperor Realm, tried to break through but failed to step into the Summer Immortal Realm. His body weakened and his soul dissipated. After leaving behind his inheritance, he entered a life-and-death seclusion.”

“Hence, the Demon Feather Holy Land fell and became black level.”

“However, there are rumors that this Devil Feather Ancestor still has a chance of reviving. Your Majesty, please be vigilant.”

Feng Lintao’s voice echoed in the hall and the expressions of the surrounding people changed. Feng Lintao waited for them digest this information before continuing.

“Secondly, it’s about why all the holy lands are returning…”

His words instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Under the gazes of so many people, Feng Lintao calmed his mind and spoke.

“There are three reasons!”

“One, they are truly leaving, so before they go, they returned to loot all the resources they can take with them!”

“Two, they initiated the wars to carry out blood sacrifices and obtain more resources.”

“Three, they are here on orders!”

“The person who ordered them isn’t Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether.”

“In reality, the ancient sovereign mysteriously disappeared twenty thousand years ago which resulted in chaos in all the holy lands. It was only two thousand years ago that an ancient Summer Immortal who had left Wanggu… returned!”

As his voice echoed, the hearts of everyone in the human race’s main hall instantly rumbled.

This news was too huge.

This was especially so since it involved the ancient Summer Immortals. This caused everyone’s first reaction to be filled with horror and disbelief.

“With my status, 1 don’t have the qualifications to know this Summer Immortal’s name. However, I’ve heard rumors from some secret places… It’s said that the cultivation of this Summer Immortal has already reached the extreme of the Summer Immortal, even surpassing it, reaching an unimaginable realm.”

“Someone said that that realm was the level of the Brilliant Heaven’s God Emperor back then which is equivalent to the Lord God Realm. In the cultivator system, it is called the Immortal Lord!”

“However, his cultivation seems to be unstable, so the holy lands returned this time. He ordered all the holy lands to find an item that could stabilize his realm in Wanggu. The blood sacrifices are to summon this item!”

“The more blood sacrifices there are, the more accurate the summoning will

- As for what that item is, I’m not sure.”

“However, I’m certain of one thing. This half-step Immortal Lord has found a method that can allow one to avoid the blockade of the fragmented-face for a short period and leave Wanggu.”

“This is also one of the reasons why the holy lands dare to descend.”

Feng Lintao’s voice echoed, and the hall was filled with the sound of people gasping. Even though everyone’s resolve was strong enough, the information Feng Lintao revealed was too overwhelming.

Even Ning Yan’s breathing was hurried, and looked at his mother beside him many times.

Everything in the surroundings was reflected in Feng Lintao’s eyes. Seeing this, he felt satisfied in his heart.

He wasn’t lying. Everything he said was true.

He believed that what he said was enough to prove his loyalty. Now, he needed to give an explanation for his actions.

He needed to explain why he was submitting to the human race.

At the thought of this, Feng Lintao cupped his fists again and bowed to the Empress, whose expression hadn’t changed much from the start.

“Your Majesty, the reason for my honesty and revealing everything is because the Demon Feather Holy Land is heartless. Inside, there are two mortal enemies of mine. One of them is named Yue Dong. This woman is cruel and extremely cunning. She is irreconcilable with me.”

“The other person’s name is Lan Yao. She also has a vicious heart. Her family is one of the five great families in the Demon Feather Holy Land. As for her husband, he is the last disciple of the Demon Feather Ancestor who is in closed-door cultivation.”

“In the Demon Feather Holy Land, because my bloodline wasn’t pure, I wasn’t valued. I also offended them, which is equivalent to offending more than half of the holy land, so they have been trying to kill me.”

“That’s why I am submitting to the human race!”

“Your Majesty, what 1 said isn’t baseless. Two human cultivators have witnessed the conflict between me, Yue Dong, and Lan Yao. From what I feel, these two aren’t simple people and should have quite a reputation in the human race!”

After Feng Lintao finished speaking, he looked at the Empress.

At that moment, most of the people in the hall had solemn expressions as they looked at the Empress.

The Empress was still calm as she calmly spoke.

“What are the names of the human cultivators you mentioned who know about this?”

When Feng Lintao heard this, he immediately spoke.

“One of them calls himself Flame Mystic, and the other is his senior brother. However, I think it should be a fake name. As for his true body… I was lucky to have some understanding during this period.”

With that, he waved his hand, forming two illusory images.

One of them wore a blue robe and had a tall and straight figure. His eyes were like the stars and he had a peerless appearance.

The other was also wearing a blue robe but his appearance was ordinary and his expression was a little wretched.

Clearly, Feng Lintao harbored a deeper resentment towards the person who had pretended to be dead all the way, snatching away the Holy Heavenly Vine at a critical moment.

The instant the people in the hall saw these two images, they had strange expressions. Ning Yan’s eyes were wide open.

“So, Your Majesty, you only need to ask these two people to know that what I said is true.”

Feng Lintao drew in a deep breath and calmly spoke.

On the Primordial Sea, Erniu sneezed.

“There must be some troublemakers gossiping about me!”

Erniu’s eyes had grown back, and he was lying on the magic boat, speaking with a hint of suspicion.

Xu Qing ignored him, sitting with closed eyes beside him, cultivating while examining his own changes.

The divine source in his body was a little denser than when he went out to sea previously. It was the same for the divine authorities. They were shining more brightly.

All of this was the extensive effect of the meat skewers he ate.

Suix’s meat was naturally extraordinary.

The aspect that improved the most was his soul.

The density of his soul had increased by several times, and it was still being nourished.

His divine consciousness also skyrocketed because of this, and his divinity became denser.

With the improvement of the soul, its compatibility with the body would naturally increase.

“My combat strength has also increased with this.”

A long time later, Xu Qing, who had ended his day of cultivation, opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the inner sea.

“Almost there.”

Xu Qing mumbled.

In this month, the two of them had augmented the magic boat with all their strength, trying to return as soon as possible. Although they encountered some dangers on the way, it was unknown if it was because their luck had turned for the better, or if it was because of Jade Flowing Dust’s enhancement before they left, or if it was some other reason.

In short, their return trip was quite smooth.

Right now, they were less than half a day’s journey away from the inner sea.

After sensing that they were close to the inner sea, Erniu began to tidy himself up. He clearly had to maintain his image. Although the hair on his body couldn’t be cut, Erniu’s brain circuits were different from ordinary people. Moreover, he was quite talented.

He had actually woven those black hairs one by one, forming a coat that resembled a fur armor…

Xu Qing’s gaze was filled with admiration as he looked at Erniu’s actions.

Just like that, several hours later, at the border between the inner and outer seas, as the black fog churned, the boat they were on shuttled out.

The moment they stepped into the inner sea, the power of an array formation suddenly spread out. After it swept across their bodies, it dissipated, allowing Xu Qing and Erniu to enter the inner sea.

The sunlight was bright and beautiful.

The sea breeze was also relatively gentle.

In the sky, as the clouds churned, a vast figure that was like an eagle or a phoenix rushed over from afar. It instantly got close and transformed to Huang Yan, standing on the surface of the sea, looking at Xu Qing with hidden bitterness.

“You are finally back. I promised Senior Sister that I would bring you back but you keep disappearing. Xu Qing, you are making me lose face in front of Senior Sister.”

A smile appeared on Xu Qing’s face.

Huang Yan landed on the magic boat. He then looked at Erniu with a surprised expression.

“What’s with the extra sweater after a trip to the sea? If a bull grows hair, what do you call it? A yak?”

Erniu sneered.

“You old bird, what do you know? Have you been to the outer sea? Let me tell you, this is the most popular clothing of the various races in the outer sea!” Huang Yan glared and waved his hand. At the next instant, a storm rumbled in front of Erniu, sweeping his body and sending him tens of thousands of kilometers away.

“It’s finally quiet.”

Huang Yan grinned.

“Let’s go, Xu Qing. Let’s go home!”

“Also, Senior Sister asked me to tell you… there are many people waiting for you.”

At this point, Huang Yan coughed.


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