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«Outside of Time (Web Novel) - Chapter 1456 He Calls Himself Flame Mystic (1)

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Chapter 1456 He Calls Himself Flame Mystic (1)

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The holy lands held various meanings to the various races in Wanggu.

Hope and hatred eventually mixed into complicated emotions.

If time continued to pass in this manner, perhaps after a much longer period, the various races’ perceptions of the holy lands would gradually fade until they were eventually forgotten.

But no one expected that the holy lands would unexpectedly return one after another within just over a year, bringing war along with them.

The flames of war ignited and spread all over Wanggu.

Confusion, anger, unwillingness, killing intent, and resentment that had accumulated for tens of thousands of years… All kinds of emotions rose in the hearts of the Wanggu races.

Back then, when you left, you took away all the elites and hope.

Now, you have returned, high and mighty, bringing war with you.

Hence, the counterattack from the Wanggu Races began to erupt under the call of the powerful races of the east, west, south, and north.

Their responses were different.

In some areas, there was an all-out war, divine abilities and spells filling the regions.

Some areas focused on defense, controlling the scale of the war.

As for the east, the focus was on grasping the initiative and rhythm. Almost at the instant the four black-level holy lands landed with the heavenly fire, ninety-nine pillars of light shot into the air from all over the east.

It formed a peerless array formation that gathered the power of a large number of races. Coupled with the anomalous substances, it enveloped the eastern part of Wanggu, including the Nanhuang Continent and the inner sea between them.

It isolated the path of return for the yellow-level holy lands that had been expelled. It also drew a boundary between sky and earth.

This caused these four black-level holy lands to only be able to hover outside the protective barrier.

At the same time, the anomalous substances also served as an important method in the Eastern Wanggu, permeating the sky and invading the holy lands.

Immediately after, the three Flame Moon Gods and the Empress appeared. Coupled with the Flame Moon’s eternal artifact and the Suns of Dawn that the human race had prepared for war, they started a peak-level battle with the Great Emperors of the four holy lands.

This battle lasted for seven days.

During these seven days, the sky was in chaos and painted an abstract scene.

It was difficult for the world to understand. The outcome of the battle was unknown. They only knew that seven days later, the three gods returned and went into seclusion. As for the Empress, She showed no change.

As for the Great Emperors of the four holy lands, it was impossible to judge. However, in the subsequent war, these four Great Emperors along with the three gods never appeared again.

Just like that, a month passed.

Under the initiative of Flame Moon and the human race, small-scale wars continued.

Occasionally, there would be some holy land cultivators who used special methods to barge into the East’s array formation and attempt to destroy the array core. However, under the special teams formed by the various races in the East, they were tracked down and killed one after another.

Among them, Feng Lintao had made many contributions.

He had arrived at the territory of the human race half a four weeks ago. He exposed his identity and made a request to see the Empress.

However, the Empress didn’t summon him immediately. Instead, She arranged for him to join the special squads and participate in the battle to track down the intruders.

It had to be said that in order to obtain protection, Feng Lintao did his best. Just the trespassers he found numbered in the dozens.

When he fought these intruders, he didn’t show any mercy and killed his fellow clansmen.

Moreover, every time he killed, he cut off the opponent’s head and tied it around his waist. By the end, the heads hung densely like a long skirt, and each appearance struck fear into those who saw it.

Finally, with his hard work, he received a summons from the Empress half a month later.

At this moment, standing solemnly outside the hall of the palace, his eyes showed fervor and excitement, but deep down, he felt cold and desolate.

‘During this period, I’ve heard a lot about this Human Empress…’

‘Switching to the god’s cultivation, seizing the momentum of the past Human Emperors as a woman, becoming a Divine Platform…’

‘This Empress isn’t simple… However, the more extraordinary a person is, the more confident they are. From a certain perspective, such a person… is more suitable for the escape route I prepared for myself.’

Feng Lintao murmured to himself, then looked down at the skirt of human heads around his waist.

These were his initial tokens of allegiance.

Surrendering to the human kind was a choice he had created after careful consideration, and it was the only escape method he saw after analyzing deeply.

‘However, I still have to prove my value and prove that I am on their side.”

Feng Lintao narrowed his eyes. He realized that the things he was thinking about were easy for gods to investigate. And this… was actually something he did on purpose.

As he pondered, a calm voice rang out from the hall in front of him.

“Feng Lintao, enter the hall.”

After hearing this, Feng Lintao’s expression turned solemn. He bowed deeply toward the hall before walking over.

The instant he stepped into the hall, he saw over a hundred human cultivators. These people were divided into four rows and were all staring at him.

At the forefront were several layers of massive steps leading up to numerous seats where the Heavenly Marquises were seated, and above that were the seats of the Heavenly Kings.

At the top, on a grand imperial throne, the Empress sat expressionless.

A person in the crown prince’s robe was standing beside Her. He was Ning Yan.

After he was appointed as the crown prince, he would stand beside the Empress every court meeting. His goal wasn’t to learn how to deal with government affairs but to observe. This was a request his mother had for him.

At that moment, he was observing this first holy land cultivator who had sought refuge with the human race.

“Feng Lintao greets Human Emperor Parting Summer!”

Feng Lintao retracted his gaze and bowed toward the Empress. When he raised his head again, he tugged at his body.

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