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«Outside of Time (Web Novel) - Chapter 1455 The Holy Land War Begins

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Chapter 1455 The Holy Land War Begins

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Xu Qing and Erniu controlled the magic boat and sped away immediately.

The augmentation from Jade Flowing Dust’s divine power provided a certain level of protection as well as increased the boat’s speed. Right now, the boat was already far away from that sea area.

However, the aftershock and the sound of Jade Flowing Dust’s story still affected them even though they were so far away.

It transformed into an intense life-threatening crisis!

Xu Qing was solemn. At that moment, he circulated all his cultivation and divine source, augmenting the magic boat.

Erniu also knew that the further they got, the safer they would be. Hence, he also did everything to assist.

After all, that was once a True God, on the same level as the Summer Immortal!

So, through their efforts, even though the outer sea was thick and viscous, the speed of the magical boat surpassed its limits, becoming like a fleeting flash, moving farther and farther away.

Behind them, where Jade Flowing Dust was, the heavy seawater seemed to be insignificant at this moment. It exploded amidst the intense waves.

A ghostly figure that looked like a demon or an illusion surged out from beneath the sea.

The instant it appeared, Xu Qing and Erniu, who were in the distance, trembled intensely. Both of them spat out blood and fled even faster in horror.

At the same time, they used their own methods to pay attention to the back.

From afar, one could see that the figure that rose from the surface of the sea was incomparably huge, as though it could touch the sky.

Its appearance was like a half-rotten skeleton, emitting a dense aura of death. Its entire body was grayish-white.

It didn’t have a human form!

It was more like a combination of a lizard and a human.

The moment it appeared, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

As the wind and clouds changed, the terrifying extermination fluctuations emitted by this ghostly entity caused the sky to tremble and huge waves to continue appearing in the sea.

What was even stranger was that the head of this figure didn’t grow on its body but was carried by its right hand!

As for its other hand, it held a huge black candle high and black flames were burning on it.

Its overall appearance was clearly eerie, but for some reason, it gave off a holy feeling.

Xu Qing and Erniu could no longer look; with just a momentary glance, their eyes burst open. Although each had the power to recover, under this influence, the process slowed significantly.

Along with their vision, they also lost their sense of perception, as if their senses had been stripped away.

So, without looking back, they relied on their instincts to judge the direction and fled frantically.

Only Jade Flowing Dust stood in the sky. His blood-red robe extended and spread out on the sea, sweeping through the sky, causing the sky and sea to be completely red.

His eyes revealed a resplendent golden light, completely displaying His divine might at this moment.

It surpassed flawlessness and reached… the Divine Platform!

Divine Platforms controlled sole divine authorities!

At that moment, under His gaze, His divine authority, and the karma of His story, the aura of the returning True God of Brilliant Heaven was clearly weakened.

This weakness came from the essence of the True God. In the process of returning, It had experienced too many dangers. Although It neutralized them time and time again, the origin energy still dissipated in the end.

Right now, Its divine might was extremely weak and Its divine power was extremely low. It originally planned to rest and recuperate, but It was somehow attracted and appeared here.

Most importantly, Its will hadn’t completely awakened.

After all, It had once died!

During the process of recovery, It was targeted by Jade Flowing Dust. All of this caused It to forget about fifty to sixty percent of Its true name.

Hence, under Jade Flowing Dust’s all-out eruption and the golden light in His eyes, the returning god emitted an earth-shattering rumbling sound and actually began to collapse.

However, at the next instant, although this collapse continued, It let out a roar that tore the sky apart, causing the color of the world to change and Its decayed divine authority to shine.

However, It was still in the story!

Jade Flowing Dust, , well-prepared, directed the red hue that colored the sky and sea from all directions like a massive red mouth, instantly enveloping the returning god and beginning to devour it.

This devouring was destined to fail.

This was because the story described it to be so.

Hence, not long later, as heart-rending sounds rang out, the red color shattered. The returning god tore through the red color and sped into the depths of the outer sea.

Its consciousness still didn’t awaken, and It continued to forget Its true name.

As for Its current escape, it was Its instinct… and also the description of the story.

“Everything is in the story.”

“You are the main character I chose after a long time.”

“The story about you will be the most beautiful story of my life up to this point.”

In the sky, Jade Flowing Dust licked His lips and looked at the returning god. With a step, He moved forward!

He had to maintain this chase for 137 days. It couldn’t be less or more by even one day.

On the 137th day, He had to devour this god and absorb Its true name from the remains.

By doing so… He would replace It!

After that, His story would end perfectly.

Because He had told this story and completed it, He could instantly recover His peak cultivation. At the same time, He could also take a step further and obtain the possibility of becoming a true god.

“True God…”

The red light formed by Jade Flowing Dust swept through the sky and instantly left.

“Although I’ve lost my senses, I have a premonition that Old Geezer Jade might become a true god. That old rascal’s holy authority is too bizarre.”

On the sea, flesh was growing in the holes in Erniu’s pitch-

black eyes.

“However, this old geezer is too petty. He used us to fish but didn’t give us anything as a memento.”

Xu Qing didn’t speak. Although he was also blind, his recovery speed was a little faster than Erniu’s. At that moment, he could already vaguely see his surroundings and his perception was also recovering. Hence, he enhanced the magic boat at full speed.

“Little Qing, am I right or not?”

Erniu was clearly very dissatisfied and asked Xu Qing.

When Xu Qing heard this, he replied, “Yes, too petty.”

Erniu habitually ignored Xu Qing’s response. After some thought, he made a decision.

“However, speaking of which, this experience has taught me how to fish. If there’s a chance in the future, we’ll find someone to use as bait to fish!”

“Who are you going to use as bait? What fish are you going to catch?” Xu Qing casually asked as he controlled the magic boat.

A complacent look appeared on Erniu’s face.

“There are too many baits. What do you think of Ning Yan? Little Jianjian is also suitable. As for what fish to catch… I have to think about this carefully. Little Qing, do you have any suggestions?”

Xu Qing shook his head and was about to speak when his expression changed at the next instant. He abruptly raised his head and looked at the sky in the direction of the inner sea, his pupils constricting.

Erniu’s eyes and feelings hadn’t recovered yet, so he couldn’t see. When he discovered that Xu Qing didn’t respond, he asked in surprise.

“What’s going on? Are you bullying me because I can’t see and have lost my senses?”

“Eldest Senior Brother… the sky above the inner sea is burning.”

Xu Qing slowly spoke.

A sea of fire was reflected in his pupils as he looked at the distant sky.

It was the end of the first year of the Parting Summer Calendar.

Burning flames descended from the sky and spread to the east, west, south, and north of Wanggu.

This fire came from the starry sky and swept up the stardust into a storm. It transformed into a storm of fire and descended on Wanggu along with sixteen vast and astonishing black-level holy lands.

The holy lands were built by the Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether and all the emperors of the myriad races after they left Wanggu.

Every race had a holy land.

In the past tens of thousands of years, some had declined and were annexed by others. The number was much lower than before.

Moreover, as the emperors who founded the holy lands died and disappeared due to various circumstances, in the end, the holy lands were gradually divided into levels.

Heaven, earth, black, and yellow.

There was a world of difference between the various levels. Yellow-level holy lands had no Great Emperor.

However, black-level… represented the existence of a Great Emperor!

If it was earth-level, it meant that there was more than one Great Emperor!

After all, in the bygone era, although Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether unified Wanggu, Wanggu didn’t have just the human race.

There were thousands of races.

Even though not all races had Great Emperors, there were naturally races that followed Mystic Nether to outer space and established holy lands.

Now, from the various races that had left back then, sixteen black-level holy lands finally descended to Wanggu after all the yellow-level holy lands descended.

There were four in each direction of Wanggu: east, west, south, and north!

Among them, in the east of Wanggu, there were three above the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven.

As for the fourth holy land… it directly descended in the Human’s Imperial Region, right outside the imperial city!

Different from the yellow-level holy lands that had descended earlier, the first thing the sixteen black-level holy lands that had descended in all directions did when they arrived at Wanggu… was war!

As for all the yellow-level holy lands, they no longer restrained themselves and erupted in unison.

The war began at the end of the first year of the Parting Summer Calendar.

This event didn’t exceed the expectations of the Wanggu races and they were all prepared, especially the east. Previously, they had used searching for Xu Qing as a cover and had already arranged everything.

In addition, all the yellow-level holy lands in the east had been expelled. Hence, the sudden outbreak of war did not catch the eastern Flame Moon and the human race off guard. Everything proceeded in an orderly manner.

They also gathered the power of the eastern regions, separating the sky and earth, isolating the flames of war outside.

At the same time, on the Primordial Sea, the boat Xu Qing and Erniu were on was getting closer and closer to the inner sea.

At the same time, outside the human capital, in the territory of Liaoxuan County, a figure was speeding desperately toward the human race.

This person’s entire body was in a sorry state and his aura was unstable. There were a large number of injuries in his body and there were seven to eight heads tied to his waist.

“Lan Yao and Yue Dong, those two b*tches are really persistent!”

This figure’s expression was filled with fatigue and anxiety. However, amidst this anxiety, there was venom in his eyes.

“The holy land that descended on the human race is actually the Demon Feather Holy Land!”

“Lan Yao’s family has a high status in the Demon Feather Holy Land, and her husband is the disciple of the Great Emperor. The arrival of this holy land will definitely result in my death.”

“So, at this moment, my value will be even greater. After all, I know many secrets of the Demon Feather Holy Land. Since you guys want me to die so badly, I’ll head to the human race and sell the holy land in exchange for protection!”

Feng Lintao’s eyes gleamed with coldness as he sped up.

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