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«Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 846 - Fear!

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Chapter 846: Fear!

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Chen Chen was astounded. “What matter is it? Feel free to speak your mind, young lady!”

“I had heard that you and a maid of the family… your personal maid were mutually in love. You could give up everything for her sake and… for her, you had even sworn to not look at any other women! This matter… is it true?” Zhan Meng Die said in a low voice. “Please don’t worry, I really have no other intentions. I just want to verify the truth.”

“Haha… even if it is true… so what?” Chen Chen began to laugh desolately. “Right now, she is locked up. And the family will absolutely not allow this to happen… the entire family clan wants only the marriage between the both of us! That is all! Because our marriage will allow the Chen Family to become stronger! And she, can’t! Entrusting the hopes and fate of the entire family on the painful union of a man and a woman, two people crying, while everyone else is laughing… isn’t it hilarious?”

“Indeed, it is hilarious! But… since they want us to cry, then why are we still allowing them to laugh? Don’t tell me that you are willing to yield just like this!” Zhan Meng Die looked at him and said. “I can see that you sincerely do not wish to accept this sort of arrangement… and I, am the same!”

Chen Chen’s eyes brightened. “What do you mean?”

“Just like that person earlier had said… why don’t you retire from the pugilistic world?” Zhan Meng Die revealed a hint of sorrow in her eyes. “You have your beloved woman, and I, Zhan Meng Die, also have the man that I love. Since both of us do not have feelings for each other, why should we force ourselves?”

“Retire from the pugilistic world…” Chen Chen mumbled repeatedly to himself. After a while, the look in his eyes turned resolute, as if he had decided to let go of something. He seemed to be more relaxed. “After this matter, the Chen Family will have no other choice but to retire, even if they do not wish to! Miss Zhan’s words had enlightened me! Thank you for your reminder!”

He laughed loudly, regaining the confidence and freedom he had in the past. “As expected, Miss Zhan is clever and pure hearted. This has made me even more curious. A man who is capable of making a fairy-like lady like yourself keep him on his mind—how would he look like? I wonder if I can have the honor of knowing of the name of the lucky guy?”

Zhan Meng Die let out a long, deep sigh. Her expression changing to that of sadness and sorrow. “His position is no better than your maid, he… is just someone from a small family, and is a illegitimate child with no position… we met in an accident… My family will also not allow this! So, this matter is also one of the reasons why we have this marriage arrangement…”

Chen Chen revealed a helpless expression, shaking his head as he laughed bitterly. “Turns out, Miss and I share the same fate… but what is the name of your beloved? Which family does he belong to?”

Chen Chen seemed gentle in his tone and expression, but his heart wasn’t feeling as sincere. But nominally, Zhan Meng Die was still his fiancée. He would be lying to himself if he said he completely didn’t mind that his fiancee has someone else on her heart. Even if it was the same case for himself, this is just human nature at work. The prideful Chen Chen was really interested to know who exactly was this person who could overpower him?

“He has already been missing for a long time… I don’t even know of he is dead or alive…” A dreary look appeared in Zhan Meng Die’s beautiful eyes, as she looked into the distance, longing on her face as she spoke as if she were in a dream. “The Baili Family… Baili Luo Yun…”


That night, Chen Chen did his best to convince his father to give up on the operation this time. But Chen Qing Tian obstinately persisted in going on with it, reprimanding Chen Chen and keeping him grounded at home. That night, the Zhan Family and Chen Family sent a pigeon to call for help…

The contents were about the same: ‘The Dongfang Family has a mysterious expert aiding them, and the person’s strength is impossible to predict. Elder Feng and the rest were all defeated in one strike… We are too weak to fight the enemy and hope that aid will come quickly…’

With a powerful and strong backing like the three Holy Lands who stood at the peak of Xuan Xuan for ten thousands of years, which power in the world was truly capable of putting up a fight? How could the Dongfang Family be an exception?!

In the same night, after Jun Mo Xie returned to the inn, he instantaneously released his extremely powerful spirit sense, attacking the surrounding area. All the spies who were watching them were all ruthlessly dealt with by Jun Mo Xie. On the next day, the Chen Family found out that the twenty people from the Dongfang Family who had come on this trip had all suddenly vanished!

As if they had never existed in the first place. As if they had already transformed into mist and dissipated into the surroundings. But everyone from the Chen Family knew that the people from the Dongfang Family were definitely still around! Just that they had gone from being out in the open to hiding in the dark!

The current them was like a group of ghosts, completely blending into Chrysanthemum City, hiding in the dark, possibly dealing a fatal blow at any moment! The atmosphere of Chrysanthemum City also became strangely suffocating along with the disappearance of the Dongfang Family members! As if if you’d be caught by the neck by that invisible assassin if you took a deep breath…

A situation like this was really extremely unusual!

Arriving with great fanfare when the Chen Family didn’t even bother to view them as a threat, then after making the Chen Family wary of them by revealing their strength, they suddenly vanished! This sort of method was really rare to see. Even if Dongfang Wen Qing and the rest had left, the Chen Family would never be able to sleep in peace after this!

As long as Jun Mo Xie, Dongfang Wen Qing, and the rest did not die for even one day, the Chen Family would continue to panic and see everyone as an enemy!

An assassin who could defeat two great Venerables in one strike, hiding himself in the dark waiting for the opportunity to strike… This terrifying fact sent shivers down Chen Qing Tian’s spine whenever he thought of it!

The entire Chen Family had given up on trying to fall asleep with the arrival of this nightmare. The uproar created by that Dongfang Da Shu was truly too terrifying, after all. And his strength too. That was an existence that no super family was capable of fighting against!

The entire Chen Family—as long as they had some sort of position of power in the family —did not dare to sleep. Especially the target of this mission, the Master of Chen Family, Chen Qing Tian… The two great Venerables he had been so reliant on were defeated in one strike. He could fall into that devil’s clutch that was impossible to fight against. Could he not be afraid?

But for the next seven days, there was still nothing. This caused even greater panic… The entire Chen Family was on the verge of breaking down. Since the Dongfang Family had someone that powerful, why can’t they just kill the target and wrap things up? Is there a need to keep us hanging like this?

Chrysanthemum City may have seemed to be peaceful, but shocking news was still coming in continuously from other places!

Chen Family had originally gotten news from the three Holy Lands that it seemed like the Dongfang Family had already dispatched their strongest assassins.This was definitely good news to the three Holy Lands and the Chen-Zhan families, fitting perfectly into their plans…

But in seven days, unexpected news had been coming in continuously. All the targets had been successfully assassinated by the assassins dispatched by the Dongfang Family, regardless of whether they had experts protecting them!

Any random one of these targets was a famous big shot! With the dispatching of all the assassins of the Dongfang Family, they had all became stepping stones for the reputation of the Dongfang Family!

If the targets without protection were assassinated, it would be no surprise. But even those who were thoroughly protected by experts from the three Holy Lands did not manage to escape death! Most of the experts from the three Holy Lands had either died or suffered injuries. And the scariest thing was that the assassins from Dongfang Family all managed to retreat with no casualties!

Killing their own bait, crippling their own strength, but still having to make payment for it… The grievance of this matter was too much…

Within over ten days, the reputation of the Dongfang Family of assassins shocked the world!

They lived in seclusion for ten years, but the moment they came back, it was as if they were at the peak that no one in the world could oppose!

Only bloodshed remained in the places the Dongfang Family had been to!

According to rumors, the Dongfang Family assassins were extremely clean in their deeds this time. Most targets had already lost their heads before they had even seen the enemy! They were really to the point of ‘killing in one strike and retreating far away’! Appearing unpredictably, invisible and untraceable, the moment their swords left their hands, it would not return empty handed!

At the same time, a shocking slogan officially rang out in the pugilistic world: Unfailing as the Sun that rises from the East, I am undefeatable!

Those eleven words that everyone used to turn their noses at had now become a resounding slogan that wanderers of the pugilistic world discussed about enthusiastically!

Unfailing as the Sun that rises from the East, I am undefeatable!

This sort of tyrannical grandeur… truly had completely been unheard of…

But the strength of the Dongfang Family today was truly worthy of these eleven words!

Because since the Dongfang Family came back into the pugilistic world, they had really never suffered defeat or missed their targets!

This shocking news had caused everyone in the Chen Family back in Chrysanthemum City to be in even greater panic… The Zhan Family, which was a city away, was also in similar situation.

The two families had plotted against the Dongfang Family, but today, they ended up getting caught with no room to advance or retreat. And death could befall them any moment. The Chen Family was in danger of crumbling any moment, but how could the Zhan Family, who was also part of the conspiracy, be spared? This battle fire that had already been lit would burn onto the Zhan Family sooner or later! There was absolutely no doubt about this!

The news of victories in different places had further confirmed that Dongfang Wen Qing had personally arrived in Chrysanthemum City full of confidence!

It was known that although Dongfang Wen Qing was the current head of the Dongfang Family, he was still second below Old Madam Dongfang in the Dongfang Family. Since he had personally come to Chrysanthemum City this time, it must be because he had absolute confidence, which was why he was doing things with such great fanfare!

And shocking news coming in from other places had further confirmed the strength of the Dongfang Family! Otherwise, why would the Dongfang Family allow such an important person like Dongfang Wen Qing to put himself in danger and do a mission that he did not have complete confidence in?

This series of news had completely overturned the original plans of the Chen family, Zhan Family, and the three Holy Lands. Dongfang Wen Qing personally carrying out the operation was not because they were out of options and were staking it all in one shot, but rather, to take control of the whole situation! The more Dongfang Wen Qing did not take any action, the more it proved that he was extremely confident! That also means that he had absolute faith in killing Chen Qing Tian and leaving!

That battle at Tanguan Hall that day further confirmed this assumption. Two Venerables had been defeated in one strike, what more Chen Qing Tian, who only had the strength of a fourth level Spirit Xuan?

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