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«Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 797 - Tragedy of the Human World!

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Chapter 797: Tragedy of the Human World!

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Everyone gasped with amazement. The crown prince’s move was simply too brilliant. Once the sword in his hand slashed down, the traitor before him would be directly vanquished!

That was a huge contribution!

If such a brave crown prince took his place as Emperor, he would certainly be a very wise king. What kind of bravery did one need to do such a heroic act?!

The Heavens are favoring our Tian Xiang; that is why they’re blessing us with a brave ruler!

The crown prince would definitely lead Tian Xiang to greater heights! Even uniting the continent and vanquishing the other kingdoms would not be impossible matters! In an instant, everyone on the Emperor’s side grew excited.

Some had even readied themselves, taking in a deep breath so that the moment the sword slashed down, they could roar their victory!

The second prince was clearly a piece of meat on the chopping board with no place to hide!

Even the Emperor who was in the midst of battle turned his head over with a look of joy as well as an indetectable trace of sorrow in his eyes!

Just at this time, another anomaly appeared. The courageous and awe-inspiring crown prince suddenly stopped his actions and looked around in a panicked manner as if he had just been awoken from a dream. He started bawling with tears and snot ran down his face: “Mother… Father… How did I get here?! wuwuwu… Don’t kill me, second brother, my dear second brother… Please, I beg you, I’m willing to be a slave or a dog for you, just don’t kill me…”

With a pu sound, a yellowish white substance burst out of the crown prince’s pants, flowing down his legs. The battlefield was suddenly filled with a horrible stink! He had actually been so scared that he literally sh*t and pissed himself!

Indeed, “Flying waters descending three thousand feet, Till I think the (Yellow River) has tumbled from the ninth height of Heaven! 1 ”

The second prince saw his third brother charging towards him, with no one blocking him at all. He was about to dodge to the side, but he found himself suddenly unable to move. His heart filled with despair, and he prepared himself to die. His third brother had rode all the way into his forces like a powerful spear through a forest of bamboo, arriving right before him!

The second prince only had enough time to form the words “I’m dead!” in his heart. He knew that he would not be able to escape death this time! Helpless;y, he closed his eyes tightly! But despite waiting for a long time, the blade did not fall. Instead, he heard the pleading cries of the crown prince!

And… the one he was pleading to seemed to be… himself?!

How was this possible? Shouldn’t he be the one begging his younger brother for mercy?

Following that, he heard a strange sound, like a person having a terrible stomachache after eating bad croton seeds… and a foul smell quickly rose into his nose…

The second prince opened his eyes as if he had awoken from a dream. The first thing he saw was the crown prince, quivering like a pitiful worm and begging him with a faceful of despair.

Just what was going on?

The second prince blinked his eyes somewhat disbelievingly as he looked at the crown prince. The latter had already tumbled down from his horse and was crawling upon the ground. Foul yellow liquid was flowing from his pant legs, forming a trail behind him. He raised his head and looked at him. “Second brother… wuwu, my dearest second brother… You mustn’t kill me, as long as you let me go, I will definitely not fight with you for the throne. I’m even willing to be your oxen or your horse… Second brother… Your Highness… Your Highness, spare me…”

“F*ck you!” The second prince finally recovered from his shock. Thinking back to how he had been scared stiff by this little bastard a moment ago, his face grew hot and anger surged through his heart. Roaring angrily, he pulled out his sword, leapt off his horse, and drove his sword towards the crown prince’s neck without any hesitation. “Aren’t you the newly appointed crown prince? Aren’t you very impressive? Weren’t you behaving very suavely just now? Come then, what’s wrong, why aren’t you being fierce now?”

As he shouted, he plunged the sword swiftly into his own brother’s heart, pulling it out, stabbing it in again… he repeated this action several dozen times until finally the crown prince’s body resembled a beehive. His limbs had also been chopped apart and turned into indistinguishable pieces of meat…

The second prince roared savagely, kicking the incomplete body into the air as he laughed proudly. “You little bastard! You think you can fight me for the throne?! Motherf*cking idiot! See if this daddy wouldn’t toy you to death…”

The second prince, who had always been physically weak, was panting heavily. However, his hands and feet still did not stop!

Whether it was the enemy or the his own forces, both sides stopped fighting in that instant as they looked dumbly at this scene. Every single person was wearing the same expression. Disbelief! It was utterly illogical!

Everyone’s eyes were opened wide with shock!

This… something like this actually happened in this world?

Dear gods… save me! I think there’s something wrong with my eyes…

Something like this that not even the gods could think of—how could it happen in front of my eyes? Just what was going on…?

We aren’t dreaming, right? How did this world become so crazy?!

The Tian Xiang Emperor, who’d also just recovered from his shock, began to gasp and choke for breath. His eyes were opened wide, and his mouth hung all the way to the ground with disbelief. All the sounds around him seemed to have disappeared, as if he were watching a soundless show!

His youngest son—the only remaining son of imperial bloodline worthy enough to inherit his throne—had been killed so horribly in the hands of his traitor second son! On top of that, he had died without a full corpse, almost as if it were death by a thousand cuts!

His shoulders trembled heavily, and he finally awakened to the reality as he clutched his chest. At this moment, he felt as if his heart would tear apart from the pain as he cried out in a heart wrenching voice. “Zhe’er… My dear son…”

He felt his vision blur, and as the sun shone into his eyes, his head swayed and a large mouthful of blood burst out of his mouth… His face instantly paled to a faint yellowish color, and he directly fell off his horse!

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” The guards around him rushed over with shock, catching ahold of him. At this time, the pitiful Emperor had finally fainted…

Out of his three sons, the eldest had been killed right in front of him only a few days ago, pierced through the heart by his second son. And now, the youngest son had also been killed in the hands of his own elder brother, torn into shreds in a horrifying manner!

The tragedy of family tearing familyr apart! In the short span of three days, it had happened twice in succession!

Although Yang Huai Yu had always been a steady and quick-witted person with extremely shrewdness, at the end of the day… he was still just a human. This kind of kinship, where blood was thicker than water, was still very important even in the emotionless palace!

He… was ultimately still a father!

Right now, he was a father at the end of his road, a ruler on his last legs! A king deserted by friends, family, and allies!

A blow like this was difficult to bear no matter who it was!

The camo fell into complete chaos. The powerful demeanor of the army disappeared in an instant.

On the other side, the second prince’s eyes lit up with joy as he laughed maniacally. “That undying old codgy is finally unable to hold on! Everyone, charge! Whoever manages to deliver that old fart’s head to this Emperor will be granted a noble title of first rank duke, as well as a large piece of land! The title and land can be inherited by your descendants in the future, and a Death Exemption Medallion will be awarded to the family as well!”

At this point, the second prince had already begun to refer to himself as ‘This Emperor’…

But the moment this command was given, it was as if a bucket of of oil had been poured onto a raging fire!

Who among those that joined the army did not wish to obtain official positions, wealth, and glory? Who didn’t wish to marry wives and have children, building a family that would last for generations? Furthermore, the second prince was promising a first rank duke along with land! This alone was enough to rouse the hot blood of all the soldiers, not to mention the heaven shocking words that followed. Hereditary title and land! Death Exemption Medallion for the family!

Everyone went completely crazy!

Even the soldiers on the Emperor’s side revealed looks of greed as they contemplated whether they should take the opportunity to cut down this extremely valuable head and deliver it to the second prince.

After all, a chance like this would only appear once in a lifetime! If they didn’t take the head, someone else would do it! As opposed to letting others benefit, they might as well take the benefit themselves…

The moment this idea sprang up, it spread like wildfire through the battlefield, completely uncurbed! Quite a number of people turned around with bestial looks in their eyes. Then, like a bunch of mad dogs, they charged towards their own king…

“This Emperor is not dead yet! Who dares to behave rashly? As long as this Emperor is around, who in Tian Xiang dares to revolt!?” A loud roar suddenly rang out. The Emperor had actually woken up again at an unknown time. His eyes blazed like electricity and blood still stained the corners of his mouth. He climbed back onto his horse and sat with his back straight. He looked extremely fierce and strong, not inferior to how he was in his prime!

Under his sharp gaze, the surrounding soldiers actually did not dare meet his eyes. All of them took a few steps backwards, as the weapons in their hands lowered slightly.

Even the second prince’s face paled as the sword in his hand fell to the ground with a loud clang. His arms trembled lightly, and he actually avoided his father’s eyes as they swept across his face. His legs turned soft, and he took three full steps backwards.

“Yang Dan! You want to kill this Emperor?” Yang Huai Yu stepped off his horse and spread out his arms as he stared fiercely at his son. “You killed your eldest brother! And you’ve killed your third brother today! The two of them are your blood kin! The three of you… were all born from the same mother! If they are bastards, what are you? And now, you even wish to kill me? You want to kill your own father? If I’m an old bastard, an old fart, then what are you? Answer this Emperor!”

With each question he asked, he took one step forward. In his panic, the second prince backed up by a step as well. By the time he was finished, the Emperor had moved five steps closer to him! The second prince’s mouth opened and closed mutely, and his entire body trembled lightly. His eyes swivelled aimlessly, and his face was filled with anxiousness. The savagery that he’d displayed only a moment ago had completely disappeared!

This… person… was his own Royal Father ah… although he could murder his own brothers in a ruthless manner, against his own father… he ultimately could not do it. He did not dare to…

“Why? Yang Huai Yu, haha, Your Majesty the Emperor, what’s wrong? Yang Dan cannot kill you? Why can’t he kill you? Do you have one more head than him, or do you have an additional life?” A clear voice sounded out in the air. The voice was gentle, not too light and not too heavy. It caused those who listened to it to feel a refreshing sensation, even somewhat dissipating the dense bloodlust of the battlefield…

Jun Mo Xie! He’d finally appeared at this crucial moment!

He had personally directed this show, and now that it had approached the finale, if he still didn’t come out now, when would he show himself?

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