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«Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1020 - Water and Fire of Heaven and Earth, Attacking at the Same Time!

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Chapter 1020: Water and Fire of Heaven and Earth, Attacking at the Same Time!

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Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s eyes widened in shock. He had never expected that since there was already a huge fire burning, water would randomly shooting out.

Caught off guard, he flung his arms out to strike at the air, using the reverberation to change direction midair, avoiding it!

Without delivering his blow, he was suddenly forced to retreat by the fire and suddenly attacked by water. Right now, he had already changed directions in the air thrice, and he had yet to land!

That water dragon that came out of the flames suddenly exploded. Raining all over the intense flames. With sizzling sounds, puffs of thick white mist began to rise. The entire wilderness was suddenly engulfed by the mist!

This originally powerful stream of water had all turned into mist in an instant! This originally dark night turned even darker!

With the pervading mist, there was a sudden shrill and ghastly wail! The next moment, countless of ghostly figures began to surround him from all directions!

Zhan Xiao Xiao was alarmed! The enemy had all sorts of unpredictable methods!

Right now, Zhan Xiao Xiao could already confirm that this person was the same mysterious expert that had intruded into the underground world of the Zhan Family!

Because he had heard Zhan Tu and Zhan Yi Xiao mentioned that that person had this sort of mysterious ability to control fire! And the old ancestor’s Thousand Ghosts Devourer Insects which he painstakingly bred were all ruined under the unusual fire of this person!

The old ancestor’s Thousand Ghosts Devourer Insect was a treasured bug that had been verified to be unafraid of anything! But it still couldn’t defend against the mysterious flames used by this person! This was also the main reason why Zhan Xiao Xiao didn’t dare to force his way through the sea of flames with merely his Xuan Qi protecting him!

The other party could move as he wished in the underground world of the Zhan Manor! Zhan Yi Xiao and Zhan Tu couldn’t even do anything about him! They didn’t even brush against his shadow! And under the extreme, high level of security, he killed Zhan Tian Ji and destroyed the entire place! And left carefreely!

What sort of prowess was this?! Zhan Xiao Xiao felt even more timid with just this thought!

Putting himself in the other party’s shoes, had it been him, it would be impossible to do something like this! The moment this thought popped up, Zhan Xiao Xiao’s mind begin to waver. His cowardice towards this battle began to increase greatly, and he even developed thoughts of fleeing for his life.

Zhan Xiao Xiao, whose mind was full of alarm, realized that being in midair, danger was everywhere. He scoffed angrily and forcefully activated Thousand Catty Drop to force himself onto the ground. Under these sort of circumstances, forcefully using Xuan Qi to use the Thousand Catty Drop is the same as voluntarily making your Xuan Qi go in anti-clockwise. Even a Saint Venerable expert would sustain significant injuries. Especially when Zhan Xiao Xiao was on the verge of exhaustion. His foundations had suffered damage.

But Zhan Xiao Xiao right now had no other choice but to proceed in this manner. As someone with vast battle experience, he knew that if the enemy made use of this current situation to increase his attacks, his circumstances would rapidly turn dire!

So he must immediately set foot back on the ground, even if there was a risk of internal injuries. By gaining a stable foothold, he would ensure his own safety first. Everything else could be decided later!

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s body begin to drop from midair like a boulder! In the process, he did not even meet with any attacks! This sort of situation was beyond Zhan Xiao Xiao’s expectations! He had already made preparations to first come in contact with the ground no matter what, even if it meant he mad to sustain injuries!

Following which, something even more unexpected happened…

With a pu , Zhan Xiao Xiao’s entire body sank into the ground!

Originally, he descended, and the moment his feet touched the ground, he would use reverberations from the ground to immediate change the energy flow, then gain stable footing. Then, he would watch out for an opportunity before planning what to do next!

But Zhan Xiao Xiao never imagined that this descent had become as though he had fallen off a cliff. There was no feeling of landing on ground—he had never come into contact with the ground, so how could he borrow strength…

I didn’t jump that high just now right… For the sake of attacking, I had only leapt about eight zhangs up! I should’ve landed by now! But right now… from the feeling of this, I have already descended for over hundred zhang! Why haven’t my feet touched the ground yet?

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s mind was completely in a mess now!

Even if he was a Saint Venerable, he was ultimately only human. Being caught off guard, even with the protective Xuan Qi over his body, falling down from over hundred zhang would cause him to sustain significant injuries!

Zhan Xiao Xiao growled and forcefully used his Xuan Qi to gain some control over the direction, using all his force to overcome the strength of his own descend and float upwards. Changing direction and shooting back up!

But suddenly—

Rumble… Rumble…

A series of rumbling noises of the earth cracking began to ring out! Countless mud, with stones, roots, and muddy water came pouring down from above!

Zhan Xiao Xiao was startled! The chilling feeling coming from above his head caused him to clearly understand that these were actual objects! And definitely not illusions!

The enemy has already laid his trap here?!

Just looking from the depth and intricacies of the arrangements of this trap, it was not something that could be done within a fortnight!

But there were too many unexplainable questions. How did the opponent predict my actions? I had only confirmed to carry out the mission in the afternoon today. And the location was also by chance. How could I just so coincidentally fall into the trap? This is too incomprehensible…

Zhan Xiao Xiao was filled endless confusion and bewilderment. Countless rocks and mud fell into the valley… when it hit Zhan Xiao Xiao, he realized to his horror that the water that was caught between the soil and stones had already turned from cool to icy cold… this meant…

With the continuous rain of debris, the water had turned colder and colder. Finally, it turned into a layer of thick ice, completely sealing Zhan Xiao Xiao within it… And it was still falling down continuously…

The ice heap began to become heavier, so it naturally got bigger and bigger…

Zhan Xiao Xiao was completely sealed by the ice. He was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Even if he really wished to vomit blood, he couldn’t. Because his entire body was frozen in ice, and his mouth was no exception.

He had never landed on the ground, so he did not manage to borrow any strength. Now that he was completely frozen in the ice, he had no way of changing his Qi. Now, due to this series of impact, that last bit of air he had was running out!

As a Saint Venerable, even if the Earth Penetrating Hand Zhan Xiao Xiao really had divine and godly methods, in a situation like this, he could only wait for this heap of ice to land on the ground. After his feet has landed on the ground and the ice seal was shattered, then could he be able to change his Qi… and the real frustrating this was… Everywhere else is already frozen in ice, but why was there still nothing by my foot… This meant that he was still free falling…

It’ll be good even if I have some ice beneath my feet ah…

Instead, his upper body had already turned into a giant ice heap and was pressing down on him faster and faster…

Zhan Xiao Xiao really wished to yell in horror. What the f*ck is going on with everything about everything here?

But right now, he couldn’t even open his mouth… it was completely frozen…

Right now, Jun Mo Xie was in the mist above. Both his palms were moving about, and bamboo poles were shooting out from his hands. In front and on the left, he had already laid out a thick layer of them!

Every single bamboo was positioned in a unique fashion. Some were upright, some were slanted—it was full of eccentricity!

At the same time, the yellow glow on his left foot was shining, and there was a dark blue glow on his right… The canyon and mountain range on both sides were flowing like a river, forming an exceptionally powerful landslide that gushed continuously at full speed into that giant pit that hand appeared…

The landslide may be powerful, but it did not have the slightest effect on the bamboo poles stuck into the ground…

Yet another bizarre situation! It had already gone beyond the laws of physics!

Finally, Jun Mo Xie heaved a sigh of relief, sticking the last bamboo pole into that giant pit! Instantly, the heavens and earth began to shake. As if all the wind and clouds were gathering here at this moment. Vast, boundless dark clouds begin to gather overhead!

Jun Mo Xie clapped his palms. The entire valley and everything vanished with the sound of this clap. Only a boundless sea of dense, heavy mist remained…

Even the sound of the earth cracking had also vanished!

In the silence of the night, not a single sound was heard!

Only a few birds flew off from a big tree far away. Looking over in confusion, they flapped their wings and flew away…

To be able to even isolate noises!

The formations had been laid!

The Mysterious Sky Disorientating Formation!

And the Nine Firmament Lightning Attraction Formation!

Jun Mo Xie had complete confidence that even Zhan Xiao Xiao, a Saint Venerable, would lose at least two layers of skin under this combinations of formations he had laid!

The clouds in the midair clearly started brewing. Strokes of lightning cut across them! The stifling air of an impending storm filled the world!

Jun Mo Xie could finally heave a sigh of relief, and finishing all the actions, he panted heavily to catch his breath.

All the setups here were the reason why he had chosen this place as the battlefield! Two tall mountains would be a great aid for using the Power of Earth. And the ravines of this place were extremely low, but the water level was relatively high. With a little bit of conduction, he would be able to use the Power of Water. And this area is rather barren and lacking in trees and was considerably arid, so there was no challenge in using the Power of Fire. And the last advantage was that it is relatively flat! So it was the best choice for setting up formations!

The world is always flawed, and it is difficult to find something perfect. The only thing lacking about this place is that because of the Power of Water and Fire, this place I picked is slightly lacking in trees, so I can’t fully utilize the Power of Wood… but I’m sure these will be enough for that fellow to enjoy…

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