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«Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles (Web Novel) - Chapter 130 Secret Diplomacy II

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Chapter 130 Secret Diplomacy II

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A week has passed since the meeting with Marlin.

The peace negotiations have yet to be finalized.

The Kingdom of Roselle does not want to pay a large amount of compensation.

If it did, it would be an admission of its great defeat.

It would mean a loss of national prestige.

The Kingdom of Roselle wants to get away with as little loss as possible……

On the other hand, the Adelnian nations want to make them pay a lot of money.

King Domorgal’s country suffered a lot of damage due to the invasion of the Roselle Kingdom. They want them to make up for it.

King Gilberd’s kingdom and King Faldurm’s kingdom have not suffered any damage, but they have not gained much territory.

The King of Gilberd and the King of Faldurm have not been able to secure the land to pay for their disputes.

In this case, the missing land will have to be compensated with reparations or cut out of the royal family’s direct control.

Both King Domorgal’s country and King Gilberd’s country are countries where powerful families are strong.

I don’t want to cut off the land under the direct control of the royal family.

If that’s the case, reparations are the only way.

And my kingdom is…is in an ambiguous position.

If we try to negotiate for too much, we will be underestimated.

But that doesn’t mean we want to go to war.

So I didn’t say much in the negotiations and left it to King Gilberd and King Domorgal.


The progress of diplomacy on the surface has been good enough.

It’s not going to be resolved anyway.

Let’s talk about secret diplomacy.

”Raymond. What is the diplomat doing?”

”He seems to be satisfied. He’s particularly fond of that food called ‘pudding’.

The pudding, the only pastry I know how to make properly, is also to Gallic’s liking. Have them produce about a dozen more for souvenirs.

The “diplomat” is a subordinate of Marlin…

He was dispatched from the capital of the kingdom of Roselle to convey the king’s intentions.

However, his rank was higher than Marlin’s, but he was treated like Marlin’s subordinates.

Well, he’s actually a subordinate, but he doesn’t seem to think of himself as Marlin’s subordinate.

He was humiliated to work as a servant under a woman who looked younger than him, just because she was older than him.

The pride of receiving a royal command directly from King Roselle, and dissatisfaction with Marlin’s failure to establish a peace treaty…

At any rate, the diplomat had accumulated a lot of negative feelings toward Marlin.

So we approached him.

Using this diplomat as an intermediary, we would jump over Marlin and make a deal with King Roselle.

That was Plan B.

Originally, Plan A was a dubious plan that would not succeed.

Marlin is afraid of our country.

Therefore, there was no way he would pay us a large amount of money for compensation.

But we want a large amount of compensation.

So, I came up with the idea of making a deal with King Roselle through someone who is dissatisfied with Marlin’s policy ……, specifically someone who disrespects our country.

That’s why I was looking for just the right person even before the negotiations with Marlin. ……

I didn’t think that I would be able to find someone who would fit the criteria so well.

I explained earlier that diplomats are very dissatisfied with Marlin.

In addition to that, the diplomat seems to have a strong desire for ranking up.

He wants to be better than Marlin in the future, and in order to do that, he wants to somehow achieve ……

In addition, he likes drinking, women, food, and jewelry.

And one of the thousand generals that we captured was a distant relative of the diplomat.

Well, I can’t say that this is a coincidence.

Since there is no examination system, people can only be recruited through fate or blood. So it’s not strange that the country’s top officials are related to each other ……

When I approached such a diplomat, he followed me at a whim.

He must have thought it was a chance to outsmart Marlin.

I did my best to be polite to him and keep a low profile.

He was overjoyed.

He must have known that Marlin had yelled at me and broke off the negotiations.

Such a dour-looking King Rosais is being polite to me!

Well, it’s not unreasonable.

I thought that wasn’t enough, so I gave him a special Japanese drink, prepared a cute girl to entertain him, and prepared the most delicious food I could prepare on the battlefield.

”The rest is decorations. When will it arrive?”

”I think it will come tomorrow.”

I’ll give him a little jewel from our treasury as a last push.

But is it really necessary to greet him so politely?

”Well, if it’s just this one time, then no need. It’s ……, but we may have a long relationship in the future.

There is a Chinese book of military tactics.

If it is a capable messenger, send him away without giving him anything, but if it is an incompetent messenger, welcome him with courtesy.

In this way, capable people will be kept away from the king, and incompetent people will be valued.

As for me, I’d be happy if King Rozel recognized the diplomat’s achievements and made him the diplomat in charge of our country.

”Let’s negotiate tomorrow. Before the negotiations, I will release the diplomat’s distant relatives and give them the jewels. After the negotiations, you will receive a souvenir pudding. Make your preparations.”

”Yes, sir. I understand.

”Well, thank you for everything.”

No, no, don’t worry about it. It’s only natural to treat a prince like you with courtesy.

I treat the diplomat politely and praised him.

”I think it’s strange that a person like you is serving under Lord Marlin.”

”Haha, you’re exaggerating.…”

The diplomat seemed to be in a good mood and began to badmouth about Marlin.

I’ll just give him a good talking-to.

You know, people who talk behind your back get talked about behind your back.

Well, I don’t have any obligation to advise him.

After the small talk was over, I got right down to business.

”Actually, ……, I have regrets.”

”Regrets ……?

”That I went to war with the Roselle Kingdom.

That’s a lie.

”This war gave me a good idea of the power of the Roselle Kingdom. We happened to win ・・・・ this time, but we won’t be able to win …… next time. As for me, I want to make peace now.”

This is not a lie.

It would be a lie if I said I meant it.

In fact, if the war goes on for a long time, our country will surely lose.

”Well, I am actually pretty overrated. It’s just a coincidence. I became a king by accident. I am no match for King Rozel, who is a born king.

I’ll be sure to mention King Roselle.

Tell him firmly.

”So will you please accept these terms?”

”But the ransom is too …… much.”

When I reiterated the terms I had offered Marlin, the diplomat balked.

”It’s just that our people won’t accept it. It’s not in my power. If you do not accept these conditions, we will not be able to make peace. …… As for the Kingdom of Roselle, don’t you want to pull out as soon as possible?…… Ah, we are the only ones who have reliable information that a rebellion has occurred. Don’t worry.”

The other Adelnian countries do not have the same thick pipeline to the Cilician people as our country.

And I told them that there might be a disturbance in the northeast, but I didn’t tell them that it was happening.

”…… Well, in other words, you can always tell them.”

It’s a roundabout way of threatening.

We want to build friendly relations with the Kingdom of Roselle. Please think about it. Our country has never had a conflict with the Kingdom of Roselle before. This war is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Neither side has taken any territory from the other. As long as we make peace, we can return to being friends.

I emphasized.

”Peace, friendship, anti-war.”

It’s a good phrase.

”Gauls and Adelonians are the same people. We’re brothers.”

”It’s ridiculous to fight each other.”

”I love peace, I love friendship, and I’m against war!”

Let’s make it happen!

”But what do you mean by the alliance against Gaul? I don’t think we can have friendly relations as long as we have that. ……”

It’s the alliance against Gaul, not the alliance against Roselle. It’s a defense pact based on the principle of self-defense.


”If we create a friendship between our country and the Kingdom of Roselle, …… we will try our best to avoid war. We will do everything in our power to suppress any country that thinks of breaking the ceasefire and striking the Kingdom of Roselle, which is showing signs of weakness.”

Well, if any country actually comes up with any stupid idea, I’ll stop them without holding back.

If we fought properly, we would be no match for the Roselle Kingdom.

Of course, the Adelnian countries will think that the country of King Rosyth is a barrier against the Kingdom of Roselle.

This is diplomacy on all sides!

…… I see, I understand King Alms’ intentions. I’ll let King Roselle know somehow.

”Thank you very much. I hope to remain on good terms with you.

I shook the diplomat’s hand firmly.

I shook hands with the diplomat firmly, and he left with a smile on his face, having gotten a pudding as a souvenir.

Two days later, the diplomat’s letter arrived at King Rozel’s door by falcon mail.

King Rozel is an insignificant trifle.

He is in awe of King Rozel.

He wants to establish a friendly relationship with the Kingdom of Roselle. If successful, he will be a poison to the alliance against Gaul.

King Rozel, who was beginning to distrust Marlin, took the diplomat’s letter in stride.

Two days later, Marlin received a royal decree ordering her to sign a secret treaty.

From a political point of view, it’s not necessarily a mistake to have enemy forces among your friends, as well as countries and personnel who are close to you, because they can serve as a contact point in case of emergency.

If they are too hostile to each other, they will not be able to back down.

People and countries that can mediate between us are valuable. We should have a certain number of them.

Being close to the enemy ≠ seller or a traitor. Those who are close to the enemy think about their friends in their own way.

You have to think about what happens when you lose the war, not just about winning.

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