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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 803: Gu Xingze’s female partner was supposed to be her.

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Chapter 803: Gu Xingze’s female partner was supposed to be her.

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It was no wonder Yan Bingqing hated her. She was blessed with resources but did not know how to make use of them!

“How are they going to hype her name?” Yun Shishi wondered, curious about how Huanyu was going to support her.

“I heard that Huanyu had once tried borrowing Gu Xingze’s fame to hype her name, but he had disagreed then.”

“Why not?”

His fame was soaring; if he lent a hand to Lu Jingtian, she could make a name for herself.

“Do you think everyone is like you? Back then, when Huanyu wanted to use him to create hype for you, he actually willingly cooperated. Xingze is also a weird person. He’s willing to use his fame to support you but not Lu Jingtian; I don’t get him,” said her assistant with a baffled look.

She was surprised.

When she had just debuted, Huanyu had hyped her name using his fame.

The outside world speculated that she and the superstar had an intimate relationship, and there was a scandal that they were lovers. Hence, during the movie opening ceremony, she was a little caught off guard by the reporters’ series of questions regarding this issue.

“He dislikes being hyped up. Shishi, you’re probably the only exception. In order to support Lu Jingtian, Huanyu threatened and bribed him. They even offered 0.1% of the shares in exchange, but he still disagreed. Rumors have it that our company even originally set up a script for hyping her as ‘Gu Xingze’s scandal girlfriend’, but he refused to cooperate regardless of anything.”

Her assistant continued. “During Huanyu’s annual gala, the female partner they had arranged for him was Lu Jingtian. In the end, he had you as his female partner; only he would dare to do that. Huanyu also didn’t dare to do anything about him. After all, he’s also a shareholder of this entertainment company. His status is there. If he doesn’t agree, they will also not dare to mess around.”

She was startled. “Xingze’s female partner at the gala was supposed to be her?”

“Yes! He originally agreed, too, but he later invited you, so Lu Jingtian almost exploded in anger. Suddenly being kicked away by him, she was forced to attend the gala alone. The topic was gone, and so was the popularity. You, as his female partner, got all the limelight, so don’t think that she’s a friend. She may be polite to you on the surface, but she may be hating you deep down!”

“Thanks for reminding me…”

Her words abruptly ended as she recalled something.

She understood why she had found that woman to be so familiar.

Speaking of the gala, that was the woman who had tripped her that night, no?

She failed to recognize her at first notice as her makeup was different at the gala.

When she attended the gala that night, she was dressed to the nines, and her makeup was thick and heavy.

Her makeup today was comparatively plainer; hence, she failed to recognize her straight away.

She mocked inwardly, That level of makeup is no different to plastic surgery.

No wonder I couldn’t recognize her; it’s almost a change of face.

Makeup skills were indeed part of sorcery!

It could let a woman undergo a complete makeover.

Seeing her actual face now, she was not her stunning self at the gala. Her features were neither beautiful or exquisite. It was not even outstanding; who knew what she looked like with all her makeup gone?

She carefully recalled, No wonder that, at the gala, she saw me as an enemy.

It turned out that she had ‘snatched’ her resources.

In this case, they had a feud.

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