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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 801: Lu Jingtian Parachuting into the Production Team

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Chapter 801: Lu Jingtian Parachuting into the Production Team

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Puzzled, Yun Shishi asked, “What did Qin Zhou berate you about?”

“He blames me for not taking good care of you and for letting you suffer such grievances in the production team!” Mu Xi answered, feeling remorseful about it.

“It’s all over. Besides, why blame you when this matter has nothing to do with you?”

The assistant was moved to tears. “Shishi, you’re always nice and considerate of me!”

She patted her head. “Well, I’m all healed up now, right?”

“Yes, yes!” The other nodded excitedly, wiping her tears off. “Yan Bingqing deserves the ban. She’s reaping what she sowed for bullying you!”


She was confused.

“Yes, that woman’s been banned. The production team already removed her from its roster of cast.” With that, the assistant looked at her strangely. “Eh? Don’t you know about this matter?”

She shook her head blankly. “I didn’t know… She got banned?”

“Yes. Huanyu’s top management gave the direct order, produced many articles, and shamed her on the Internet. Besides being kicked out from the production team, all her commercial endorsements and movie contracts were terminated. Her name is foul even abroad. Anyway, she has no chance at making a comeback! Shishi, don’t you think that this is a blessing in disguise? After she was removed from the production team, Director Lin was especially happy and did not give any attitude for these past few days.”

Yun Shishi frowned slightly.

“I was outside the country these past few days; that’s why I didn’t know about all this.”

Her assistant asked, “Oh, yes. Where have you been for the past few days? You were unreachable; Qin Zhou has been nagging me about you.”

“Oh, I went on a vacation to recuperate.”

“What a shame! You’ve missed the biggest drama of the year! You didn’t see how Yan Bingqing was torn apart these past few nights. She’s such a poor thing; even I feel pity for her! Still, a pitiful person surely has something hateful about them. She deserves it!” Mu Xi resented. “I actually feel that it’s not enough! Should have her apologize in public to you. Only then can you relieve your anger!”

From her words, Yun Shishi realized that she had been fooled by Mu Yazhe.

There was no doubt that it was him who had placed the ban on Yan Bingqing.

Only he could probably singlehandedly turn the entertainment industry upside down.

When had he placed the ban on Yan Bingqing?

Then… that day, he…

The thought of her purposely being kept in the dark and begging him to remove Yan Bingqing… He even shamelessly offered such a condition.

She had actually fallen for his trick!

D*mn. How could Mu Yazhe be so evil?

Her face flushed for a moment. “Then, since she’s removed from the production team, who will be acting her role?”

Mu Xi opened her mouth and was about to answer when a voice came from behind her.

“Yun Shishi!”

She turned her head to the voice and saw a well-dressed woman with exquisite makeup slowly walking up to her.

She was a little surprised. In the moment that she blanked out, the woman had already reached her. She smiled slightly and proffered her hand. “Hello, I’m Lu Jingtian. You can just call me Jingtian.”

Lu Jingtian?

This face… seems a little familiar.

She could not recall where she had seen her, though.

Yun Shishi held her outstretched hand. “Hello, Jingtian.”

“I just entered the production team, and I’m playing the role of Lin Hena; please give me a lot of guidance in the future!”

Lu Jingtian put on a sweet smile and a friendly gaze.

The assistant, however, stood aside and did not dare to speak anymore.

Yun Shishi answered, “Yes! Everyone is in the same production team, so please give me a lot of guidance in the future, too.”

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