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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 711: Is this dependency?

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Chapter 711: Is this dependency?

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He paused and then added, “The only cause for worry here is that, according to the examination, her eardrum has perforated. This is rather serious…”

“Serious? How serious?!” He widened his eyes. “What do you mean by this ‘perforated eardrum’?”

The doctor explained at once, “Miss Yun’s eardrum received trauma due from the repeated application of external force. Her tympanic membrane has a tear and is slightly hemorrhaging, but since this part of the human anatomy has strong regenerative ability, with proper care, it should heal in slightly over half a month.”

“It needs over half a month to heal?” The man frowned.

Hearing his sullen tone and seeing his scary expression, the doctor broke into a cold sweat.

He clenched his fists.

She is this badly hurt…

That Yan Bingqing had struck her so hard her eardrum ruptured. D*mn!

He looked up and said in a cold voice, “Will it have any impact on her hearing in the future?”

The doctor answered, “With proper care, it shouldn’t have.”

“I don’t want such vague answers.”

He frowned and drummed his fingertips heavily on the table, coldly declaring, “Listen carefully; I don’t care for that bleeding membrane, perforated eardrum, and whatnots; I just want her to be undamaged. If she has a sequela from this…”

His voice sank and his eyes turned frosty as he trailed off, yet the meaning of his remaining words was self-evident.

The doctor shuddered in fright at his frosty look. Immediately smiling apologetically, he promised to do his best.

If Miss Yun had any mishaps, he would probably lose his job as well.

The man walked to the bed and reached out to caress his woman’s serene face. His anger remained unstopped upon seeing her swollen cheek.

Heartbroken. He was extremely heartbroken.

At the same time, he was secretly furious at how stupid this woman could get.

Why did she let herself be humiliated by others?

One slap after another - was she not in pain?

If someone hit her, did she not know how to retaliate?

In front of him, she always had a sharp tongue. She would bare her teeth and draw her claws, like a cat, when she was provoked.

Why, then, would she only suffer in silence in front of others?!

He believed that no one would dare do anything to her if she retaliated!

If it were not for her injury now, he would really lose it and bite her lips fiercely to let her feel pain and wake up!

Alas, seeing her wan face, he only felt a throbbing in his heart.

A nurse pushed a sickbed inside to transfer her over. However, a few attendants were not careful enough and used too much strength, and this resulted in her getting hurt.

The still unconscious woman frowned at this.

Disgruntled, he shouted, “You’ve hurt her!”

This group of people was stunned and frightened in place for a moment.

“Clumsy things! Scram!”

His mood was extremely volatile. Pushing the sickbed away, he personally carried the sleeping woman in his embrace.

He was ever so gentle and careful, as if she were the world’s most precious treasure, as he held her in his embrace. His hands firmly supported her weight.

As if his embrace brought her a great sense of relief, she intuitively snuggled closer to his chest. Her refined little face burrowed deeper into his embrace and her brows gradually eased from frowning.

Because of the reliance perceived from her action, he calmed down.

Somewhere in his heart softened in that instant.

Was her unconscious movement considered as dependency?

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