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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 710: Eardrum Perforation (6)

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Chapter 710: Eardrum Perforation (6)

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Even though she disliked her, it was not to the extent of hate. Interacting with her for so long, she saw that the latter was humble and bore no malice for others.

Once, she had almost passed out from the sweltering heat. Yun Shishi, fortunately, noticed her strange demeanor and sent her to the emergency medical room in time.

On the way over, due to heatstroke, she vomited and dirtied her clothes, yet not a shred of disgust was seen on the latter’s face.

That day was probably what had changed her perspective of the newbie. Alas, due to Yan Bingqing, she was unable to express how close she felt toward her.

In comparison to the newcomer, she disliked the pompous actress more. She was disgusted by her overwhelming dependence on her strong backing, as well as her bullying of her co-stars and the rest of the production team.

She flattered the powerful and bullied the weak. The way she hyped herself, by hook or by crook, was extremely revolting.

However, she was afraid to go against the actress.

At least, in terms of background, she was no match for her.

Thus, when she saw the murderous glare Mu Yazhe had cast Yang Bingqing’s way earlier, she suddenly understood it. In that immensely powerful man’s heart, Yun Shishi occupied a sizable proportion.

Was she his woman?

From her years in this industry, she had encountered him a few times, but this was truly the first time she had seen him show more than just a cold and apathetic look on his face.

She even thought prior to this that nothing in this world held sway over him.

Yun Shishi was able to affect him, unexpectedly.

She, thus, took advantage of the rookie’s importance in the man’s heart to eradicate Yan Bingqing, the thorn in her flesh, once and for all.

She was sure that he would never let the actress off, especially since she had hurt his woman this much.

In the Mu Group’s private hospital.

The atmosphere in the doctor’s office was grave and as tense as a taut bow.

The unconscious Yun Shishi was on the treatment bed. She appeared not to even be breathing.

The nurses standing next to her bed cautiously gazed at the emotionless man sitting in a chair.

The doctor flipped through the examination report calmly, yet the trembling of his hands betrayed his real emotion.

Mu Yazhe glared at him apathetically, his cold lips pressed into a thin line. Although he was just sitting silently, the aura around him was still intimidating.

When a nurse made a slight sound as she walked into the room with the prescription, he gave a stern command while looking fierce. “Be quiet!”

The chilling stare was as sharp as an unsheathed blade, daunting enough to make everyone present cower in fear.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, young master. It’s not on purpose!” the nurse frantically apologized.

“Didn’t I say to be quiet? Shut up!” he merely replied with an icy look.

“Yes.” The nurse bit her lower lip instantly, afraid of making another sound.

As he returned his cold gaze onto the doctor, the latter could not help but shiver. The frightening aura this man was giving off really made it hard for one to stay calm.

“How is it? Are her injuries severe?” The man’s voice was laced with worry.

The doctor lifted his head and cleared his throat. “It can be said to be severe but not that severe.”

“I don’t want such an ambiguous answer.” His eyes reflected a tinge of unhappiness.

The doctor responded instantly, “The swelling in Miss Yun’s face will go down after some time. As for her left eye, it just has a subconjunctival hemorrhage and is not something worrisome. We’ve already treated it with a cold compress, so it should be gone in a couple of days.”

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