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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 709: Eardrum Perforation (5)

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Chapter 709: Eardrum Perforation (5)

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How pitiful. How pathetic.

If Mu Yazhe had not taken any action, he would have done it himself!

As she saw the apathy on Gu Xingze’s face, the despair in her heart grew exponentially.

Her vision was growing hazy.

Was she going to die?

Was this man really going to choke her to death?!

Just as Yan Bingqing was starting to think that she would die from suffocation—

“The ambulance is here!”

An unidentified person in the crowd yelled that. The distinctive sound of the ambulance was blaring from the outside. Shortly after, medical personnel rushed in with a stretcher.

Huanyu Tower was situated in a bustling district at the heart of the city. Separated by just a street was a hospital. As it was during off-peak hours, the ambulance arrived quickly.

“Where is the victim?!” the medical personnel shouted urgently.

Mu Yazhe flung her to the floor heartlessly and coldly said, “Yan Bingqing, you deserve to die!”

Thereafter, he carried away Yun Shishi on a stretcher.

The medical team inquired about what had happened and performed a few simple inspections. They flipped open her eyelid to have a look.

Lin Fengtian instantly inquired, “How is it?”

“We suspect some bleeding under her conjunctiva, but she’ll need further check-ups at the hospital to confirm her overall condition.”

The medical personnel concisely reported the result of their inspections.

The director moved to follow the ambulance to the hospital to see what the situation was but was stopped in his steps by Mu Yazhe’s cold gaze. Pursing his lips, he tactfully backed down.

Mu Xi also tried doing the same thing as him to watch over Yun Shishi’s condition, but she was equally dissuaded from stepping forward by the dark aura emanating from the man.

“Lin Fengtian, tidy up the recording tapes from today.” The man gave this command before coldly turning to Min Yu. “Tell the board of directors that today’s meeting will be postponed at a later time.”

“Yes, boss.”

“Also, watch this woman here for me! Await my order on what to do with her.”


He got into his car and followed the ambulance.

His subordinate made a call pronto, and not long after, a few men in black suits rushed in and took the dazed Yan Bingqing away.

Yang Mi stood at where she was. On the outside, she was calm and collected, yet on the inside, her heart was beating erratically.

Indubitably, she had never gone against the actress’s authority before.

In the production team, Yan Bingqing received preferential treatment.

This was not her first time collaborating with the actress. In their works together, she was always forced to give in to her tyranny.

Suddenly, someone next to her asked softly, “Yang Mi, I thought that you dislike Yun Shishi? Why did you help her today?”

“I didn’t help her,” she answered flatly. “It’s me I was helping.”

The person failed to comprehend what she meant but did not probe further.

Unexpectedly, she volunteered an explanation. “Although I did say that I dislike her, I never said that I hate her. We all saw how overbearing Yan Bingqing had been earlier. Don’t tell me that, at a time like this, we should just remain silent?”

Indeed, she did not like the newbie.

Their first encounter at Huanyu’s annual gala was unpleasant as her limelight had been snatched by this newcomer.

As she was sharp, she surmised right away that the woman had a notable background.

She was unlike Yan Bingqing. The latter only reached her present position through the push from the back of her powerful helper.

She admittedly had a sugar daddy as well, but different from Yan Bingqing, she relied on her diligence and hard work most of the time.

Indeed, the entertainment industry was just a giant mixing pot. Before becoming part of this industry, she was a straightforward girl, but due to her personality, she had unknowingly offended many people when she had first entered the show business.

She was forced to learn how to scheme - to fight openly and maneuver covertly. Slowly, her personality was polished into one that was tactful and sly when dealing with social relations.

As for Yun Shishi, what she had was her unchanging genuineness from the very start.

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