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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2365: An inevitable connection between the two cases?

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Chapter 2365: An inevitable connection between the two cases?

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“It’s not important even if we manage to save her life; my utmost concern is how our girl will face the future after suffering such terrible burns! She’s so vain that I can’t imagine what her reaction will be if she ends up forever disfigured…”

Lu Jingtian’s mother was worried sick. Her red and swollen eyes indicated that she had done much crying earlier.

“Cosmetic surgery has become very advanced nowadays. She can do a skin transplant if she’s disfigured!”

“The doctor told us that her burns cover an enormous surface area. Her face will definitely be gone. In fact, I’m afraid no parts of her body have been left intact…”

Yun Shishi listened at the side with furrowed brows. She was pondering on this latest incident when her eyes seemingly caught a flash of light going off outside the window.

She walked to the window and looked down. Below the building, groups of reporters had gathered outside the hospital, ready with their cameras. They were attempting to break through the barricade of security guards so that they could get a snoop.

Apparently, the reporters possessed strong intuitions. Once they heard that a TV actress had gotten into trouble, they huddled over at the quickest possible time.

How frightening…

How could these paparazzi be so cold and heartless to do this while the woman was struggling for her life in the ER?

With the nosy reporters hustling at the hospital entrance, naturally she could not be seen leaving the place in a hurry. If she were to be caught by these unconscientious people, they would definitely try to cook up sensational stories for sure.

Thus, she returned to her father’s ward. Gong Jie was quite startled to see her back. “Shouldn’t you be on your way back to the hotel?”

“There are paparazzi lying in wait outside the hospital, so I can’t leave yet.”

“Paparazzi?” The man frowned. He jumped up from his seat to look outside, only to be taken aback by the chaotic scene below.

“Why are there so many of them?”

“I believe some are even waiting at the back door. The whole hospital must be presently teeming with them.”

Her brother was astounded. “What happened? Why have they turned up here all of a sudden?”

Yun Shishi replied, “One of our artists, who got burned, is being resuscitated in the hospital right now. I heard that she had suffered extensive third-degree burns.”

“Burned?” Gong Jie was not too bothered by the news, though. Cocking a brow, he chuckled suddenly. “It looks like you can’t leave this place tonight.”

“Well, it’s good to keep you company, too.”

“Do you want some supper? I bought takeouts but forgot to ask if you want to eat earlier.”

The woman glanced at the food, comprising beef stew noodles and pan-fried dumplings, her brother brought. Honestly, other than grilled skewers, there were not many choices at this ungodly hour.

However, the charred pan-fried dumplings somehow reminded her of Lu Jingtian’s ghastly situation. The moment she thought of how the young woman was engulfed by raging fire earlier, she just felt like throwing up.

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“You aren’t hungry?” Her brother could not help teasing her. “Don’t tell me you aren’t eating because you want to lose weight?”

The woman tried to find an excuse. “I put on four pounds during the New Year holiday, so it’s time to exercise restraint in my diet.”

“Oh, I thought your body constitution is one that never grows fat! I didn’t know you could get scared of putting on weight.”

“Stop teasing me.”

She walked to the long bench to take a seat. As she held the script in her hand, her mind drew a blank. She just could not get a word in.

Her sixth sense was telling her that this series of events involving her father and the young actress was connected in some way, despite them appearing to be isolated matters on the surface.

However, she knew that this was purely her sixth sense talking. Right now, there was no evidence or clue to support her suspicion.

At 3 AM, the head producer came to the hospital to check on the young actress. The latter was still in the ER. After checking in with the family members on her condition, he went up to where Yun Shishi was.

When the actress saw the head producer, she walked up to him with a worried look and asked for an update on the situation.

“What did you find from the police?”

The man did not look well. It was apparent that he had had a bad scare.

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