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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2084: New Year Shopping

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Chapter 2084: New Year Shopping

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Anyway, the battle horn had sounded, and he was unafraid of what was awaiting him in the time to come—even if it was an extremely brutal war.

His wife wrapped her arms around him and flashed him a comforting smile. “I’ll accompany you through it all regardless.”

As he hummed an acknowledgment in response, he pulled the woman into his embrace with a grab of her arm and placed a gentle peck on her forehead.

The end of the year was drawing near, and Yun Shishi was all prepared to go on a shopping spree in preparation for the Lunar New Year. She had heard news of a shopping mall offering storewide discounts in conjunction with the festive season. The prices of the retail goods offered had been marked down so low that they were practically a steal. She, thus, specifically called her husband and requested him to return home earlier that evening.

It so happened that the man managed to settle all his pending company affairs by six o’clock. He, therefore, knocked off from work early and headed home straight as per her request.

Yun Yecheng and Yun Yehou were already there by the time he reached home. After their joyous and harmonious dinner affair, the family of six drove to the aforementioned mall to do their shopping.

The woman, however, was astounded to find the entire mall devoid of people, save for the retail staff stationed there, as soon as she stepped inside. Her shock was quite valid, considering that she had never seen a mall as empty as this one during its operating hours.

All that was in sight was the piles of goods on the racks and counters, each with their respective discounted price tags. Not only that; apart from the festive music playing in the background, the massive mall was utterly quiet.

It got her feeling worried for a moment, for she thought that the mall was closed, but there was not a sign at the entrance stating that it would be closed for the day.

She even specifically inquired about this at the service desk, and the answer she got from the receptionist left her dazed and incredulous.

“You’re Madam Yun Shishi, aren’t you?”

“How do you know my name?” questioned the woman with a start.

The receptionist went on to explain with a smile. “We’ve cleared the mall for you as per Chairman Mu’s instructions so that you won’t be disrupted during your time here.”

“You’ve cleared the mall?!”

Her eyes bulged wide in surprise.

The twins, who had been curiously leaning against the counter beside her, exchanged knowing looks. They immediately understood what was going on.

Their father was probably not too fond of being in crowded places and, hence, ordered the manager of this mall to clear the site in advance.

“Well, you’re a public figure now!” kindly Youyou reminded his mother. “Daddy’s probably afraid that unnecessary trouble may arise if the mall gets too crowded, so he ordered them to clear the place.”

“Ah, I see… That’s boring, though. One can only feel the festive mood while doing their new year shopping among the crowd.”

To think that she had actually been so serious about this shopping trip and had even left the house all geared up and armed to the teeth.

In the end, there was no other customer in the mall except for them.

Her gloomy reply got her older son snickering behind his hand. “Looks like daddy’s well-intended efforts have gone to waste.”

His twin, however, thought otherwise. “It might be better this way. After all, trouble will abound if it gets too crowded here.”

“Yeah. With the mall emptied, we can freely do our new year shopping,” echoed the older boy.

“Oh, well.” The woman nodded in acquiesce, despite not knowing if it was worthwhile for her husband to do so. Her intention for coming to a big outlet mall was to save money, but if he paid a hefty sum just to empty the mall… would that not mean that they had burned a huge hole in their pockets, instead?

Even her father stepped forward to give his two cents’ worth. “Just accept your husband’s good intentions! My daughter, you’re earning more now; there’s no longer a need for you to scrimp and save every penny earned. It’s rare for us to gather and shop as a family, so let’s just enjoy ourselves. That’s the joy of new year shopping, after all.”

“That’s true.” She found what he had said to make sense.

New Year is all about spending time as a family.

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