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«Omnipotent Sage (Web Novel) - Chapter 845: Assassination and the Welcoming Ceremony of the Immortal Realm

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Chapter 845: Assassination and the Welcoming Ceremony of the Immortal Realm

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The Immortal Realm was a very mysterious place for practitioners who had never had a chance to visit it. It was a hopeful and legendary world. But for Zhou Bao, it was not that mysterious. After flying through the Immortal Realm for a while, he suddenly came to a halt. His expression turned curious.

It was not hard to pass through the gate and penetrate the cloud of pneuma behind it. He had done it in just a second. The first thing he had seen was a mountain, a huge, towering mountain. There were actually several of them, each about 300 kilometers high. Zhou Bao looked like a tiny bug fluttering among the endless mountains.

The Immortal Realm was extremely vast and boundless, way beyond his imagination.

In the Heaven Realm World, Zhou Bao could reach anywhere he wanted in a split second. However, subject to a more powerful Law of Space here, the Great Way of Heavens and Realms did not work anymore, perhaps it was prohibited in this world. And when he performed the Three Realms Division Technique, the effect he could produce was similar to when he had just learned the special technique, or sometimes even worse, because in this world he often headed in the wrong direction by mistake.

It reminded him of the Law of Heaven and Earth in the Eastern Thunder World, the Easternmost Land.

Compared to the stringent law in the Eastern Thunder World, the law in the Immortal Realm was more precise, or maybe more well-conceived. Among all the well-conceived rules, there were many things that appealed to Zhou Bao, such as the Dharmas.

His whole life, Zhou Bao had only once caught a few glimpses of some exposed Dharmas in the Central Star Area. But in the Immortal Realm, such Dharmas were everywhere. Here, these wonders were as abundant and cheap as cabbages. They were randomly piled up in this world.

The clouds in the sky, the water on the ground, and most ordinary things were full of Dharmas. All the secrets about how the clouds, waters, and mountains were formed, why the Law of Space could not function here, and anything you could think of was simply lying before you. You did not need to exert effort to research or comprehend anything. You could grasp all the secrets in the world simply by sitting on the ground and watching.

“Impressive, this is very impressive! Taoist Jin is capable of anything! He has conjured such an amazing world! If I were to practice here, I wouldn’t need anything else, even cultivation methods are of no use. All I need to do is sit here, inhale the essence of the world, and watch the Dharmas. In less than 10 years, I could reach the Realm of Human Immortal. If I manage to further understand the meanings of the Dharmas, I’ll become a Divine Immortal, or an Earthly Immortal. I wonder what kind of tribulation I’ll come across here!”

Tribulation was quite possibly the only effective restriction limiting the growth of practitioners in the Immortal Realm.

In this world, achieving the Earthly Immortal Rank was not difficult. But refining the Earthly Immortal’s own macro world was the limit. If you wanted to go further and become a Celestial Immortal, well, that depended on pure luck.

“This world has put the Earthly Immortal into mass production!” After observing his surroundings for a while, Zhou Bao came to a conclusion about the Immortal Realm.

Yes, it put the Earthly Immortal into mass production. In Zhou Bao’s eyes, this was the greatest function of the Immortal Realm. Perhaps it was Taoist Jin’s ultimate goal. But what did he need so many Earthly Immortals for?

A small question sounded in his ears.

But soon this small voice faded. After all, Zhou Bao had just arrived in the Immortal Realm. It was merely wishful thinking for him to guess the Immortal Realm creator’s true purpose.

“Ghost Child, this is the Immortal Realm. Judging from the environment, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to practice here and become an Earthly Immortal, right?”

“Of course not. If you have enough time and the right opportunity, it’s even possible for you to achieve—murderous intent!”

“What?” Zhou Bao was startled. His heart pounded faster for no reason. “What’s going on? I’ve just arrived in the Immortal Realm, but no sooner had I warmed my seat than a murderous intent emerged. Where did it come from?”

A puff of freezing air crept up and rounded on his neck. He subconsciously shifted aside, but it was a bit too late. He felt a chill in his neck, and golden red blood splashed out. A shot of surreptitious Sword Qi had cut open the skin on his neck and slid in, instantly cracking the tendons and meridians inside.


Zhou Bao’s eyes lit up, and the Mysterious Icy Divine Light started functioning at once. It crashed head-on into the invading Sword Qi.

“Clank, Clank, Clank!”

After one move from the Sword Qi, the Mysterious Icy Divine Light collapsed unexpectedly.

“This is impossible!” Sensing what had happened inside his body, Zhou Bao was appalled. The radiance around him flashed consecutively as he launched the Three Realms Division. He kept shifting from the left to the right in order to avoid the Sword Qi chasing after him. Inside his body, his Dantian was working frantically, issuing tons of Dharma power to fend off the sharp Sword Qi.

“Clank, Clank, Clank!”

But the Sword Qi pressed forward with indomitable will. The Mysterious Icy Divine Light disintegrated layer by layer under its attack. It merely delayed the advancing Sword Qi for a few seconds.

In those few seconds, Zhou Bao finally caught a glimpse of the shadow of the man who was attacking him and a piece of his light yellow sleeve. Obviously, his opponent knew a special technique similar to the Three Realms Division. He had been hiding in layers of space while he tracked Zhou Bao and tried to kill him.

“Fu*k, today, I’m just like the fisherman who got bit by the fish!” Zhou Bao was quite upset. The attack occurred too fast, and he suddenly found himself at a loss for what to do. Before he figured it out, the bud that had sprouted from the Seven Wonderful Tree in his Dantian seemed to have detected the abnormality and began to release colorful light. This colorful light did not wander about inside his body. Instead, it blended into the Mysterious Icy Divine Light. With this extra support, the Mysterious Icy Divine Light finally forced the Sword Qi to pull back, allowing Zhou Bao a momentary sense of relief.

Yes, he finally felt relief.

From the appearance of the murderous intent until now, only a few seconds had passed. Zhou Bao had been busy evading the Sword Qi and fighting against it without a break. But now, with the help of the colorful light, he finally had a short break and recovered from his shock.

He took a deep breath and his eyes started glistening with coldness. He lifted his hand. A huge pitch-black hand made up of pneuma appeared out of nowhere. It swooped down upon the yellow figure.


It was apparent that the opponent was taken aback by Zhou Bao’s quick counterattack. In fact, he hadn’t expected Zhou Bao would even have a chance to strike back.

The spatial technique the opponent employed aimed to hunt Zhou Bao down rather than shun him. Nor did it ever occur to him that he would need to shun in the first place. But when Zhou Bao was running away from his attack with the Three Realms Division, Zhou Bao also learned the exact track of the space movement. Accordingly, when Zhou Bao struck back, he instantly pinned down his opponent’s whereabouts and threw out his poisonous hand, catching him off guard.

Zhou Bao had nourished his poisonous hand for years. In addition to the Elixir Poison of the Nine-headed Fierce Beast, he also used several other poisons to facilitate the improvement of his hand. Although the poisons might not have been as powerful as the Elixir Poison of the Nine-headed Fierce Beast, when they were mixed together, the effect was amazing. The yellow figure did not notice the hand in time and was gripped right away. He let out a grunt and suddenly revealed himself. At almost the same time, Zhou Bao managed to force out the Sword Qi that had invaded his body.

“Fu*k, dare to give me a surprise attack! You’re courting death!” Zhou Bao cursed. He had no intention of letting the attacker off the hook with merely one counterstrike. He leaped up and charged at the yellow figure like a wild tiger. His mind was racing. The Flipping Sky Seal appeared above his head. It glowed with blinding golden light and shot towards his opponent.


How unlucky this man was! First, he was caught by the poisonous hand. Even if he had incredible power, he would not have remained intact, because the Nine-headed Fierce Beast was one of the Six Royals among the Primordial Fierce Beasts, carrying unparallel poison. This kind of poison could kill any of the remaining Six Royals, let alone this yellow figure.

Despite the opponent’s high cultivation and great talent, when he bumped into such an unbridled man as Zhou Bao and such an unbridled toxin as the Elixir Poison, he had to admit defeat.

However, what surprised Zhou Bao was that the opponent was not killed by the poisonous hand or the Flipping Sky Seal. On the contrary, as this guy took a blow from the Flipping Sky Seal, a jet of sharp Sword Qi burst out from his body. It dispersed the poisonous hand, broke through the space, and vanished. It was so fast that even Zhou Bao was rendered dumbstruck by it.

“Immortal-eliminating Sword Qi! It’s the Immortal-eliminating Sword Qi! Damn it, he has the heritage of the Sword Qi!”

Ghost Child had remained quiet until this moment. He shouted out the origin of the Sword Qi. Ghost Child was utterly thrilled at the sight of it, as if seeing a beautiful naked woman.

“Catch him, hurry up! Snatch up his Sword Qi! If you can, I’ll be able to collect three kinds of Sword Qi. My power will be boosted considerably!”

“Catch him? Catch him yourself!”

Zhou Bao snapped. Although he had just forced the Sword Qi out and launched a counterattack, some of the damage the Sword Qi had done to his body was still there. It had hurt him too deep. Usually, when the Immortal Body Technique, the Mysterious Divine Light, and the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill worked simultaneously, Zhou Bao, who had the bloodline of the Fierce Beast Zhuyan and had reached a high level in martial arts, would heal immediately. But this time, after being attacked by the Immortal-eliminating Sword Qi, his injuries did not recover his vigor as fast as they normally did. Zhou Bao did not fully recover until the Mysterious Divine Light had wound around his body nine times. It took half an hour to rid himself of the impact of the Immortal-eliminating Sword Qi. During this time, Zhou Bao was extremely cautious. It turned out that it was smart to keep his guard up. In fact, as he was healing, he felt at least two jets of murderous intent. But at the sight of his vigilant face, these men did not make a strike but instantly concealed their spirits.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Alas, what a successor of Immortal-eliminating Sword Qi! The Dharma Ending Tribulation. The five main worlds. Little friend, you are not the only Tribulation Taker!”

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