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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 213: Big Sis Ya Offering Meng Chao to Join Her

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Chapter 213: Big Sis Ya Offering Meng Chao to Join Her

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Meng Chao knew that it was one of Lu Siya’s tricks to get him to join her, but he could not help taking Bloody Flame.

He made his decision.

To save millions of Dragon Citizens, even if she made outrageous requests, he would… just endure it.

“Thank you, Ms. Lu,” he said.

Lu Siya’s eyebrows curled up. “I don’t like my friends calling me Ms. Lu,” she said with the ghost of a smile.

Meng Chao hesitated for a moment, then said, “Thanks, Big Sis Ya.”

Lu Siya could see his hesitation, and with a chuckle, she went straight to the point. “What is it? Do you think that it’s impossible for us to become friends? Do you think that I’m unreasonable and will do everything I can to get that Red Radiance Jade mine ahead of others, even trample on human lives like they’re grass? Do you think I’m risking so many human lives for the mine?”

Meng Chao was slightly stunned.

He did not expect that she would be so straightforward.

And for some time, he did not know how he should reply.

“There’s a saying that goes like this, ‘Those who are merciful cannot command an army.’ The success and failure of this trip does not just concern us. It also concerns the thousands of comrades who are currently fighting with their lives on the surface as well as the lives of the millions of people in Dragon City,” Lu Siya said faintly.

“Of course, I can put on a merciful facade and feign petty kindness while we advance forward carefully to ensure that everyone doesn’t lose a single hair and are grateful to me, but if we discover the Red Radiance Jade mine a second later, the resonance of the spirit energy ley line will last for another second longer.

“The fog, storms, lightning, spirit energy magnetic field interference and all the other extreme weather conditions on the surface will wreak havoc for another second. Then, the number of soldiers and comrades who will die tragically by the claws of monsters will number ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times more.

“If the northern offense continues to drag on until the harshest winter weather arrives, all our sacrifices will be in vain. That’s why we have no other choice. We can only do everything we can to save ourselves and save the citizens!”

Meng Chao said nothing.

Lu Siya’s words were decorated nicely, but they were not sincere. They could only trick stupid greenhorns.

He was someone who had seen what Dragon City was like after the northern offense failed.

And he had also carried out countless missions in which he would do anything to achieve his goals after he went through the training camp with the black skill and after Dragon City slaughtered its way out of Monster Mountain Range only to be engaged in an even more brutal war.

That was why Meng Chao said, “Big Sis Ya, I’m just like you. I want to find the Red Radiance Jade mine as soon as possible and win this damn war.”

Lu Siya stared at Meng Chao and searched for any signs of contradicting emotions on his face, but she found nothing. So, she nodded in satisfaction.

“That’s good, then. You’re much smarter than I thought you were. Perhaps… you’re even smarter than Lin Chuan.”

A thought rose in Meng Chao’s mind, and he could not help but ask, “Pardon me for the question, but Big Sis Ya, just what is going on with you and Big Brother Lin? I mean…”

He did not know how he could phrase this question in a suitable manner.

Lu Siya smiled in a faint manner and said generously, “We were once the best of friends. His father saved my father’s life. We studied together at high school, and he even stayed in my house for a period of time. At that time, both of us thought that our friendship would last an eternity and would never change.

“Unfortunately, people grow up. Over the past few years, everyone has been busy with work and training, and we grew distant. My original intention was to use this mission to gather as old friends and improve our friendship, but I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t agree with my actions.”

Meng Chao wanted to defend Lin Chuan, but Lu Siya waved her hand and interrupted him by saying, “Lin Chuan has never been happy with what I do. He thinks I’m too eager for rewards and will do anything to get them. This was especially the case when we were in university.

“After we parted ways, I entered Sky Pillar Corporation to work and faced all sorts of attacks and lethal traps. For the sake of survival, I had no other choice but to arm myself from head to toe and step on other people’s shoulders and even heads to continue climbing upward!”

Meng Chao frowned and said, “But you’re a lady of the Lu family.”

“So what?” Lu Siya asked with a cold smile. “Sky Pillar Corporation might have been created by my grandfather, but over the years, the consolidation of resources and buying of other industries resulted in him bringing in other factions. The internal conflict in the corporation is incredibly intense, and the Lu family doesn’t have the say in the corporation.

“Even in the Lu family, there are more than ten people with my status, and there are also uncles and aunts who long for power. They treat the outstanding ones in the third generation as thorns in their side.

“To the outsiders, children from powerful families like me are dressed in pretty clothes and live luxurious lives, but who knows about the dangers and pain I face when I walk on thin ice?

“Lin Chuan doesn’t understand me. That guy’s personality is just like his nickname. Weeping Reaper… hah! He might seem like a ruthless person when he cuts monsters as easily as cutting vegetables, but I know him. He has a soft heart, and he’s a very nostalgic person. His sympathy often starts acting up; otherwise, why would he cry while fighting?

“By the way, what did that kind Weeping Reaper say about me? He must have said that I’m a witch and tried his best to stop you from joining this mission, right?”

Meng Chao was caught off guard and was rendered speechless for a time. He thought for a few seconds before he said, “No, Big Brother Lin said that you’re a good person.”

Lu Siya’s beautiful eyes instantly widened. She was stunned for a long time before she laughed in spite of herself. “A good person? I’ve been his friend for so many years, and the only remark I have from him is that I’m a good person? Since I’m a good person, why did he refuse my offer to join Sky Pillar Corporation and help me so many times in the past?

“He would rather live in the wild and stay among monsters than join Sky Pillar Corporation, where he could enjoy power and resources that other people would never be able to get their entire lives.”

Meng Chao could sense Lu Siya’s grudge.

He had a feeling that they could not continue on this topic, or it would really not be worth it if she destroyed his friendship with his idol.

Before he could say anything, though, Lu Siya changed the topic. “Forget it. We shouldn’t talk bad about him behind his back. Let’s talk about you. Meng Chao, have you ever thought about joining Sky Pillar Corporation?”

Meng Chao was stunned and said instinctively, “I’m just a freshman. I haven’t thought about such questions just yet.”

“Then think about it. You’re in the Other World, and you’ve awakened to supernatural abilities. Our brain cells are highly developed, and our memories as well as comprehension are ten times stronger than those of university students on Earth. We only need around a year to understand the knowledge they need four-six years to learn.

“So, the students in Dragon City, especially those who learn from the ace courses of the famous universities only stay in the university to learn during their freshman years. When they’re sophomores, they come in contact with the society extensively, and they carry out internships in major corporations, superhuman squads, the military, the police force, and other forces of power.

“Many of the incredibly talented people even sign contracts with various powerful forces right after they step into their respective universities and are cultivated with a predetermined direction, which allows them to enjoy much better cultivation resources than their coursemates can get.

“Besides, Dragon City is now moving to tactical offense, so the intensity of the war is going to increase. It’s the optimal time for ambitious youths to get achievements. Why should you stay in that ivory tower for four years? It’ll be a huge waste of your talent!

“I’ll get straight to the point, Meng Chao, did you think that I invited you to join this mission on a whim? No. I’ve admired your talents from the start, and I believe that you’re a talented person that can be molded. You could lend me a hand in Sky Pillar Corporation, so I wanted to test you during this mission.

“To my surprise, you performed even more exceptionally that I thought you would, so you’re truly worthy of me offering you a contract. I promise you, it’ll be a long term contract that you won’t be able to refuse.”

Lu Siya extended a hand to Meng Chao.

He put on an overwhelmed expression, but his thoughts were already racing in his mind.

Based on the memories from his past life, after the Monster War, Sky Pillar Corporation was around for a long time and had coattails that were worthy to be ridden on.

But Lu Siya seemed to be a person who wanted to be in control of everything.

And she did not have a position where her word carried weight in Sky Pillar Corporation. She also faced all sorts of obstacles from all directions.

At the very least, Meng Chao did not remember a woman called Lu Siya being among the higher ups in Sky Pillar Corporation after the Monster War.

Of course, with him as the butterfly flapping its wings, he might be able to change Lin Chuan’s fate, and if both of them helped Lu Siya rise up the ranks, she might be able to hold great power in Sky Pillar Corporation, which would affect the political direction in Dragon City.

But he had to give this matter further thought and gain Lin Chuan’s support.

Meng Chao did not want to face the ambitious, dominant, and dangerous woman on his own.

After deciding that, he said, “Thank you for thinking so highly of me, Big Sis Ya. I’ll think about this carefully.”

“Usually, when people say that they will think ‘about this carefully’, it means that they’re refusing. Why?” Lu Siya stared deeply into Meng Chao’s eyes. “You don’t seem like those cultivation maniacs who do not care about what is going on in the world. I know that you’re working on business projects with Soul Breaking Saber Luo Wu and his son, as well as Yan Organization.

“Luo Wu has been pretty famous over the past few years, but he’s just at the peak of Heaven Realm, while we have Deity Realm elites in Sky Pillar Corporation!

“Yan Organization’s Ripple Force might be really popular, but the organization still lacks power. It is far from reaching the heights of Sky Pillar Corporation.

“I believe that someone as talented as you will only shine with your full brilliance if you join Sky Pillar Corporation. Then, you’ll realize your dreams and won’t waste your talents!”

“Big Sis Ya, I understand it. Sky Pillar Corporation is a mega force of power that is at the top of Dragon City. Many superhumans have been wreaking their brains for ways to join Sky Pillar Corporation, and I’m the same as them.”

Meng Chao smiled and chose to push Lin Chuan forward as a shield. He believed that Lu Siya would understand his meaning if he did it like that. “But this is the first time I’m carrying out a mission, so I don’t have a lot of experience. My tutor told me that I am to listen to Big Brother Lin’s suggestion no matter what happens, so I want to ask for his opinion. Then, I’ll also ask the opinion of my personal tutor.”

Lu Siya’s gaze turned colder with every word.

“Of course. I don’t like to force people to do things,” she said cooly. “Future stars who will shock the world like you have a lot of paths to choose from. Regardless of whether you accept my offer, we will still be friends. If anything happens, you can come to me. Don’t feel burdened by it.”

Meng Chao sighed in relief. “Thanks, Big Sis Ya. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go and rest. We have to hurry forward later, after all!”

Lu Siya nodded.

Meng Chao quickly unzipped the tent to get out.

“Wait.” Lu Siya suddenly called out to him. “Help me take this to Lin Chuan.”

She placed a red crystal emitting the temperature of a human body into Meng Chao’s palm.

“This is a Blood Jade Essence. It’s a very unique supreme-grade crystal. It can stimulate the activity in cells and promote the recovery of wounds. It can also automatically guide torn blood vessels to connect with each other, which will ensure that the healing will not affect the functions of nerves and tendons.

“Lin Chuan’s right arm was cut to bloody ribbons by the spider threads, right? Even though he’s currently a Heaven Realm elite and has great recovery abilities, we can’t be careless. If he reconnects the wrong blood vessels, it will affect the precise control he has over his fingers.

“Tell him to place this on his palm and circulate his spirit energy to heal. It’ll be better.”

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