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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 435: Super Dimensional Engine

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Chapter 435: Super Dimensional Engine

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Meng Chao was dumbfounded. He thought about this for a long time before he asked tentatively, “Professor Lu, are you trying to say that aside from transmigration between Earth and the Other World, we can also transmigrate to other planets?”

“Why not?” Lu Tianxing’s eyes shone intensely. He looked really confident. “First, we already know that there was once a brilliant and prosperous ancient civilization in the Other World. This civilization was closely related to Earthlings, or at the very least, hundreds of billions of years ago, they were able to open up a route leading from the Other World to Earth.

“Second, we know that the ancient civilization had really advanced biochemical modification technology. We’ve captured plenty of monsters, and after we dissected them, we discovered that we can fuse plenty of organs between ecdysozoans and mammals.

“We can even blend the characteristics of plants and animals together. We can also inject various talents into their genes. This is a supernatural power that can be said to be like magic or divine arts, but it’s really just the manifestation of science when it has been developed to the extreme.

“Third, we also know that the gravity, air pressure, oxygen levels, and ecosystem are about the same between Earth and the Other World.

“Look at the vast galaxy. The chances of us finding two planets that are completely the same is zero. In other words, Earth and the Other World must have been modified by the ancient civilization.

“Since the ancient civilization was in control of the ability to change a planet, do you think that they would have only modified Earth and the Other World? Isn’t it possible that there are more planets that have been modified by the ancient civilization, and they also have humans, monsters, and other unbelievable creatures? They might even have a civilization!”

Meng Chao’s heart raced when he heard this.

Lu Tianxing’s words opened up a brand new door for him.

His entire view of the world instantly expanded by a hundred times—no, it was ten thousand times, even a hundred billion times!

Originally, all Meng Chao saw was an Other World that was shrouded by fog.

Now, he saw a countless number of brilliant stars above the Other World.

“By the way, last time, during the movie viewing in Blue Home, I heard from Wu Haibo of Project 101 the hypothesis of turning a city into an airship. He said that it’s highly likely that there is something like a super dimensional engine under Dragon City, which was left by the ancient civilization.

“As long as we could repair and activate this engine, we could turn Dragon City into a large airship that can reach the other side of the galaxy.” Meng Chao stared at Lu Tianxing and asked excitedly, “Is what Mr. Wu said real?”

Lu Tianxing smiled. He did not admit to it, but neither did he deny it. He only said, “Right now, we don’t know whether there is really a super dimensional engine. But a city is the carrier of a civilization and its crystallization. Using a city as a unit to travel through the galaxy is indeed much more logical than creating a galactic spaceship or pushing the entire planet forward.

“If we really do manage to activate the super dimensional engine under Dragon City, then our civilization’s mission and appearance will change completely. After having left Earth, we might end up not only obtaining the Other World, but the entire universe.

“But regardless of where this thorny and burning path will lead us, we must never forget that we came from Earth nor our mission to return back to it.

“Earth is not a heaven that is perfect. I’m not some Earth fundamentalist either and think that Earthlings must live on Earth.

“But at the very least, at our current stage, the civilizations, morals, laws, customs, and societal structure from Earth are the foundations that support Dragon City’s civilization.

“Dragon City’s civilization’s social strata has been torn up, and the tear is getting bigger. The superhumans have supernatural abilities, and they’re gradually advancing down the path of the immortals or deities, which were only spoken in legends.

“The normal people who can’t awaken to supernatural abilities, however, can only curl up in shacks that provide horrible living conditions. They can’t get used to the development of their generation. They can’t even provide for themselves and their families. They also have to face constant threats from viruses, spores, monsters, and all sorts of other living creatures of the Other World. The pressure they face while living is one hundred times greater than when they were on Earth.

“The habits we built from the morals and laws on Earth are still with us, and it’s why superhumans still instinctively treat normal people as their own kin. If it weren’t because of these habits, it’s highly likely that we would have strayed further from each other within just a few short decades. We might have even completely separated.

“At that time, the normal people who couldn’t awaken to supernatural abilities would have been completely eliminated by the cruel fight for survival.

“As for the superhumans who are getting stronger, their spirits and souls would have been completely distorted. At that time, even if the superhumans became in control of God-like powers, inherited all of the legacies left behind by the ancient civilization, and used the super dimensional engine to spread their civilization to every corner of the galaxy, their civilization would no longer have anything to do with the Earth civilizations we pride ourselves in.

“This is the true meaning behind the existence of the Home Party. Even if we can’t return to Earth for the time being, we have to do everything we can to retain the hope of returning to Earth.

“As long as this hope remains, we will forever believe that we are Earthlings and will respect as well as protect the morals, laws, justice, fairness, and everything that is beautiful from Earth.

“Then, even if we can never return to Earth, that’s fine. As long as Earth is still in our hearts, we can modify the Other World and countless other planets in the universe into a new Earth so that the spirit of Earth’s civilization will shine forever in the universe!”

Long after he had left the ward and sat in a small cafe in the convenience store below the inpatient building with Zhao Feixuan, Meng Chao’s heart still raced, and he could not calm down even after a long time.

He felt that Professor Lu was even better at humoring people than Lu Siya’s father.

“He’s good, right?” Zhao Feixuan asked. “After listening to Professor Lu, did your heart not race? Don’t you want to immediately go to war for Earth’s civilization and fight to the death for it?”

“Of course.” Meng Chao nodded. “A super dimensional engine! A journey through the galaxy so that we can make the spirit of Earth’s civilization shine forever in the endless universe! He’s really good at making people excited.

“So, I’ve misunderstood the Home Party all this while. The Home Party doesn’t consist of people who are cowards. You have great ideals, and they are even grander than the ideal of defeating all of the Other World that the Colonization Party advocates!”

“Since you can sense just how grand Project 101 really is, have you ever thought about providing some research funds for the project?” Zhao Feixuan decided to strike while the iron was hot. “Right now, the project has reached its most crucial stage. Perhaps with just a tiny bit of research funds from you our civilization will be able to stand tall in the universe.”

“Huh?” Meng Chao blinked at him. “Of course I want to see the spirit of Earth’s civilization shine in the galaxy, but you know my current situation. I’ve just reached Heaven Realm, and I’m in an urgent need of loads of cultivation resources to stabilize my realm. Superstar is also hiring people to expand its scale of operations.

“We’re already borrowing money from eight banks, and we’re still short on cash. I don’t have a single cent on me, so even if I want to help, I can’t do anything about it!”

“That’s fine. Even if you don’t have money, the members of the Broken Star Club have money, no?” Zhao Feixuan threw an arm over Meng Chao’s shoulder and said in a cordial manner, “What I’m saying is, you’re the leader of the Broken Star Club and the thirteenth committee member of Blue Home. Our organizations are going to have a lot more chances of communicating and working with each other.

“We’ve always had a lot of members in both clubs, anyway. Plenty of Broken Star Club members have started participating in Blue Home activities a few years ago, before they joined the Broken Star Club last year.

“Besides, our ideals are more partial to normal citizens and the middle-grade as well as low-grade superhumans.

“We worked really happily together during the last few public welfare activities we organized, so we can continue hosting those. We can also invite the experts from Project 101, Mr. Wu, and the others to introduce the hypothesis of turning a city into an airship to the members of the Broken Star Club. We can also tell them the important message of Project 101.”

“Well…” Meng Chao naturally knew that Blue Home had not just invited him to be the thirteenth committee member because of his personal charisma.

% of it was because of his charisma.

The remaining 10% might be because they wanted to spread the ideals of the Home Party to the one hundred thousand members in the Broken Star Club.

Even Professor Lu’s act of teaching him the Celestial Soul Visualization and his sincerity toward him during their first meeting might also be because he wanted to get some investments.

He had no choice. Nowadays, the most important thing in scientific research was money.

Professor Lu Tianxing was the person-in-charge of the project. His greatest task might not actually be to carry out research, but to get money.

No matter how little funds there were, it was still money. The Broken Star Club had more than one hundred thousand members. If everyone could just give some love to the development of controllable transmigration, they would be able to build a beautiful future!

Meng Chao was not averse to this.

Lu Tianxing’s words were enchanting to him, and he felt like there was now another path they could take.

Originally, the only method he could think about to crush the apocalypse was to use whatever methods he had in his disposal to make Dragon City one hundred times stronger than it was in his previous life so that they could win against all the extraordinary beings in the Other World and become the master of the planet.

But he had to say, even if he was a returnee from the future who was talented and brilliant, it was still a bit of a stretch for him to fulfill the goal behind this strategy.

Besides, they would definitely have to fight countless difficult wars on their path to conquer the Other World. Many of his kindred would die, and an innumerable number of his kin would turn into something completely different while soaked in blood that would never dry in the hall that was war.

Meng Chao did not wish for him and his fellow Dragon Citizens to have to live by the creed of the black skull instructor: “Live! Even if you have to do it like a cockroach! As long as you survive, it’s fine!”

Project 101 offered a second choice aside from fighting to the death against the extraordinary beings of the Other World.

If what Professor Lu Tianxing said were true and the transmigration experts were really capable of repairing the legendary super dimensional engine so that all of Dragon City would possess the ability to transmigrate once more, then regardless of whether they were going to transmigrate back to Earth or to a third planet that was different from Earth and the Other World, Dragon City would possess great tactical mobility when faced with the extraordinary beings of the Other World that brought the apocalypse.

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