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«Number One Dungeon Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 1484 Prospective Review: "The House"

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Chapter 1484 Prospective Review: "The House"

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As they walked towards the town's War Maiden Manufacturing Store, Jin was preoccupied with his conversation with the System. For a moment, he had forgotten that he has a store with him but it turns out that he was worried for nothing when Qiu Yue decided to hold the front for him.

But with that said, there were indeed difficulties trying to keep Jin's disappearance to be a widely known fact thus Qiu Yue decided to say that Jin had taken some time off to enhance his cultivation after having certain enlightenment happened to him. While this was quite a bad excuse for his disappearance, it is no doubt a valid excuse since people had recognised that he is a cultivator of a high grade, thus having enlightenment at that particular grade was something that he could not miss.

Many regular customers also accepted that it was vital for his job since dungeon supplying was not an easy task to partake especially when higher grade cultivators decides to train here as well. Increasing his cultivation grade would no doubt enhance his customer population since it could include the high grades that were missing out sorely in the dungeon supplying business. After all, most dungeon suppliers do not have such high grades and many talented ones had nowhere to go but pay lots of money to certain suppliers. That was why if Jin could provide for high grade cultivators, it would soar its rank and status even further.

However, what the customers were afraid of was that there would a slew of 'dead' breaks while waiting for his cultivation enlightenment to be over since it could be range from a few days to a few years. They were worried that Qiu Yue might not be able to produce such quality dungeon instance as Jin did until the Pandamonium App widely announced that it would continue to release dungeons which Jin had prepared before hand for such cases.

In truth, Jin did have some dungeon instances readied before he was suck into the Synthesis world but they needed fine tuning and personal touches before they could be released. Qiu Yue while able to design basic dungeons were not able to grasp the complicated settings Jin had set for those dungeons.

Even the System that wished to intervene was not able to because of the contract it had with Jin. If Jin was truly missing, surely the System could do something about it, but the problem was, Jin was still in contact with the System and by contract, it was not able to touch it even if Jin gave permission as it was his work and he had to be the one who publishes it.

The Astral Panda Cultivator got a bit fed up as well that the System could not intervene for him since the System was the one who created those rules in the contract and yet the System stated that if it breaks even one small rule, or create an exception, it would be downhill from then on as the implications in the future for such actions would be immense.

But in light of all this, because of the limitation the System have in the Synthesis World, it created a temporary contract which allowed Jin and it to publish whatever the Dungeon Supplier had created within the Synthesis World to be published into their world.

The System could change it as it fits since Jin was unable to do anything from his end so this temporary contract finally broke the slew of emptiness the store was running on (It actually wasn't that bad since Qiu Yue had decided to replay a few old raids at various intervals within the month, allowing newer customers to experience what the older customers did with the exception of limited items being available)

So, fast forward to Jin's world where the System threw the demonstration Jin had made for the Archduke for the store, Qiu Yue had introduced it as the new dungeon instance called 'The House'. A Dungeons and Pandas' latest project cites that it was also part of Jin's collection of backups and that was sufficient to get people to flood the stores again.

It was nothing big but it had been introduced as both PvE and PvP option. Customers could use not just guns but their own weapons as part of their arsenal, allowing them to fight against the rumoured Grey Bear Squad.

To Qiu Yue's surprise, it was a phenomenal hit despite it having little to no content to the dungeon instance. It was merely just a house where the interior would periodically change based on a three static designs to keep the freshness of the content.

And there was no doubt, that the policemen like Se Lang and Deng Long loved the scenario of rescuing hostages. In fact, they loved it a lot that they recommended the police chief have the teams perform a session or two while showing the public what the police could do. (Obviously, the good scenes only with a mix of failed fun ones, as Qiu Yue too know how sensitive the public could be.)

But what created the most hype was the PvP option. It was as if the cultivators who wanted to battle against each other finally found a decent platform to fight not just some empty arena. The allure of achieving the objective of saving the hostage or preventing the hostage from being saved had allowed oddly coordinated team fights to emerge, giving extra data for the System to file.

Money started to pour in again and Qiu Yue even named this dungeon instance part of the ongoing series called the 'Modern Warfields" since the System had given some heads up to Qiu Yue that what Jin created would most slightly move towards such a genre.

Still, that only alleviated one Sub System User's worries as the one who was most concerned about finding Jin had been intensively trained. Since the System repeatedly denied her entry to the Synthesis World despite Kraft's assurance, Lynn had been very bitter towards the System and with much reason but considering that there was a chance Jin might not come back so soon, it would be hard for the System to lose another 'employee' to the Synthesis World especially when she was vital in the Dungeons and Pandas sales.

Thus when she heard that the System finally gave the proper go ahead, she was more than elated. Lynn was ecstatic.

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