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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 520 - The Moment: Part 2

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Chapter 520 - The Moment: Part 2

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“Well… Next, you must gather your soul force again, but this time, you have to consciously highlight the direction of your soul nature. You know there is a difference between soul forces. You need to find the strongest trait of the soul force and then cultivate it. Nourish it with all the other soul forces. And when it grows stronger and stronger, your divinity will naturally form.”

The Golden Red Humanoid paused for a moment and then continued, “It’s actually the whole process of imitating the natural conception of divinity, and you just need to speed it up.”

“I get the idea, but it will take a long time, right?” Lin Sheng asked.

“Yes, but it is impossible to gain strength without paying a price. Once you gather your divinity, you will gain power far beyond your current level. You’ve seen how powerful divine creatures, especially battle-types, can be. You could not have defeated Cypross if he had not been eroded and lost his main soul. You know, he was the master of hundreds of powerful, deadly warriors. In his day, he could have slaughtered a hundred of you.”

Lin Sheng did not argue. The Golden Red Humanoid was merely using an exaggerated figure of speech. He sensed that it was a little upset, but that did not matter. As long as he could successfully unite his divinity, nothing else mattered.

“Once you begin to meditate on the divinity this time, try not to stop. Once you stop, without your subjective action, your progress will be reversed. A long pause can even cause you to lose all your previous work. Remember that,” the Golden Red Humanoid warned.

“Got it. Well, I’ll take care of some other personal matters first,” Lin Sheng replied.

Now the Blacktide could strike at any moment, and if he were to be locked away for a long time, it would be very likely that the Holy Sanctum would be unable to counter the Blacktide and would be destroyed. So he’s definitely not going to start a full retreat until the situation stabilized.

“Also, gathering the soul force is a long-term process of high concentration, which requires the concentration of all your soul forces, so don’t try to do several things at once. Impossible.” The Golden Red Humanoid’s words put an end to the question Lin Sheng was about to ask.

His greatest skill was multitasking. He did not expect to not be able to use it in this situation.

“In that case, I’ll take care of my chores first.” Lin Sheng stood up and walked toward the exit of the hall.

The Golden Red Humanoid stood there, hesitated for a moment, and then flew toward him.

“I’ll go with you.” All its hopes now rested on Lin Sheng, and of course, it was worried that he would run away.

“I have two other divinity in my hand, and if you succeed in helping me, they will be yours.” The Golden Red Humanoid was afraid that Lin Sheng would run away, so it immediately threw out the bait.

“Hehe.” Lin Sheng did not reply directly.

After leaving the Divine Pillar, he quickly returned to the home in his dream, and then sealed the Golden Red Humanoid into a bead and left it at home, then enveloped the house with the holy light.

After securing the Golden Red Humanoid with multiple protection, he left the dream and returned to reality.

The information he got on this trip was too big, and he needed some time to digest it.

A few days later…

Shermanton, Safe Zone.

Han Yu, carrying his schoolbag, walked slowly on his way home from school.

As the sun setting in the west, the sky, which was supposed to be bright red, now became dim and dull grayish red under the filtering of the grey sky of the Blacktide.

“The school has started to arrange Blacktide self-rescue courses… Many courses have also been adjusted, all of which have become emergency contents to increase our own survival.” Han Yu sighed.

“The good news is that compared with the future, it is still relatively easy and peaceful now. At least little kids don’t have to worry about slave traders on the road. Some of the official departments were disintegrated, but there was still a Holy Sanctum to maintain basic order. But why is the Holy Sanctum not recorded in history?”

This was something Han Yu was puzzled about.

Even though it was a safe area, under the increasingly severe situation of Blacktide, people had formed the good habit of not hanging out in the street.

This way, once encountered a sudden monster attack, the men of the Holy Sanctum could easily deal with, and rescuing was also much easier.

Han Yu’s parents were clerical workers at the city government. Their income was not too high, but they had enough to live a comfortable life, and many benefits were available for them.

In times like these, their life was pretty good. The only difficulty was that they had so little time to spend with him.

The same went for Nessie. Because of the many similarities in their families, so the two of them gradually became good friends.

Just as Han Yu turned a corner, he saw a tall man with an exaggerated figure coming toward him.

It was the man! Lin Sheng, the Night Matriarch’s brother!

Han Yu slowed down and looked up at Lin Sheng, who was a lot taller than him.

Lin Sheng was also on the way home.

He vaguely remembered this kid, should be his neighbor, and this kid behaved very nicely.

He liked well-behaved children. In other words, everybody liked obedient, well-behaved children. So he gave Han Yu a very gentle smile. “Oh, it’s little Han Yu. Going home from school?”

“Can you please not call me little Han Yu? I’m not a little kid anyone…”

“All right, Han Yu. Why are you alone? Where are your parents?” Lin Sheng asked casually.

“My parents are very busy,” Han Yu replied. He and Lin Sheng walked slowly together, side by side, toward home.

Lin Sheng casually asked some questions about the school’s current situation.

Han Yu answered all the questions, and at the same time, he was pondering another question in his mind.

Since there’s no mention of the man called Lin Sheng in history, it’s highly probable that he too died on the night when Night Matriarch’s forces exploded.

When he arrived at the door, Lin Sheng reached out and rubbed his hair.

“Well, don’t be absent-minded. If you’re worried about your parents, I can help you ask around. Just focus on your studies. Don’t think about it too much.”

Watching the young boy trying to act like an adult, Lin Sheng found it really funny.

“Go inside. Come and play at my house when you’re free,” Lin Sheng said, and then walked toward his house.

Han Yu answered and watched Lin Sheng leave until he opened the gate and walked into the yard.

“It feels like he is a nice guy,” he murmured.

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