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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 518 - The Touch: Part 3

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Chapter 518 - The Touch: Part 3

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The Golden Red Humanoid explained, “Divinity refers to the quality, or, as it is sometimes understood, passive ability, of the soul being elevated to a very high level. The awakening of the divine allows a divine being to acquire a gift that is more powerful than any creature can imagine. Some are more gifted with two abilities, and some are more versatile than others, with three passive abilities.”

It went on to elaborate, “These innate passive abilities are related to the four categories: powerful strength, strong body, strong luck, and hypervelocity. Besides, only a very small number of divine beings are able to acquire truly strong and rare divinity.”

“Well, I get the idea.” Lin Sheng put it all together and understood that this was an opportunity to gain an extra-strong passive ability. It was called divinity because the passive ability was too powerful.

“Can I stay here, then?” He looked around at the spider reliefs on the walls around him.

“Don’t worry, it’s very safe here. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can leave the Divine Pillar and go to other places outside,” answered the Golden Red Humanoid.

“It’s okay. I’ll stay here. I trust you,” Lin Sheng said earnestly.

The purpose of the Golden Red Humanoid was simple. It wanted Lin Sheng to help the Demigod Dreamweaver. So, until then, he believed that it would not play any tricks.

Lin Sheng sat cross-legged. “So, I’m going to start now.”

“Okay.” The Golden Red Humanoid was somewhat relieved. At least its previous efforts were not wasted. Lin Sheng seemed to have little trust in it.

It turned to leave but suddenly found itself unable to move.

“Huh??” It looked back and saw that Lin Sheng had unleashed an invisible twisting force that had completely enveloped it.

“Didn’t you say you trust…”

All sounds suddenly died away.

Lin Sheng released thirteen kinds of protections, covering the Golden Red Humanoid in a neat way. The Golden Red Humanoid shrank into a golden red bead and then flew back to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng’s face was now expressionless, and his eyes were closed. He looked like he didn’t know what had just happened.

The hall was calm and quiet again.

Hades, the Dark Pantheon.

A huge white palace built of countless white bones was standing quietly on the top of the dark rock mountains.

In the gray sky, the black lightning was striking like a web.

Inside the palace, thirteen spacious and crude bone thrones were arranged in two rows, quietly placed on both sides of the main hall.

Between the two rows of seats, on a seat larger than any other bone thrones sat a tall skeleton figure.

The skeleton was three meters tall, dressed in a white robe, with two white flames burning in its empty eyes.

He looked like a regular skeleton man, a little taller than the average skeleton soldier.

Besides him, twelve of the thirteen seats were already full.

The twelve seated on the bone thrones included the Lord of Corpse who was as wizened and dark as a zombie, the Vengeful Demon who was all black and had two wings on its back, the powerful evil spirit with a translucent body, the Lord of Skeleton who looked like the skeleton man on the main seat, and the Cursed Armor who was cold and chill. The inside of the armor was empty, with only two red lights under the helmet.

“The Lord of the Underworld cannot be sought, so the Dark Pantheon is the highest arbiter of Hades,” said the skeleton in the main seat. His voice was calm and strong, and he sounded like a gentle, polite old aristocrat.

“However, the thirteenth seat has been absent for a long time. After careful consideration and comparison, we finally decided to invite the new dark forces awakener, Lange, to join us. Unfortunately, he refused our offer.”

“When Lange awakened to the power of darkness, there was also a small earthquake in Hades, so we can imagine how great his talent is. If he doesn’t join us, I suggest we get rid of him at once, or he may become a problem for us later,” the Lord of Corpse suggested aloud, his hand on a delicate staff.

“The Lord of Corpse has a point, but how we should do it is still up for debate,” added the Vengeful Demon.

“By the way, three of the Magister who had been hanging around outside of us had suddenly disappeared. There are reports that they have entered the human world and are missing for unknown reasons,” the enchanting evil spirit warned.

“The human world is full of Blacktides and dangers. Magister and us Dark Pantheon are incompatible and have nothing to do with us. They are the ones who get themselves into trouble, don’t worry about it,” the skeleton man in the main seat calmly said.

“What we need to worry about is how the three Magister went missing. If it’s human…” the evil spirit continued.

“Don’t worry about it. Even if it’s done by humans, it doesn’t represent anything. Don’t think too much. Let’s get rid of Lange as soon as possible.”

The skeleton man sitting in the main seat leaned back on the bone throne and seemed to be pondering over something.

Lin Sheng slowly woke up from his stupor.

He was still sitting in the quiet hall, and the exaggerated clear relief around him highlighting the silence of this space.

Lin Sheng stood up and looked around.

“Am I not in the practice of going to the depths of my soul? How…?”

He looked at the ground in front of him with some surprise and found that the bead that imprisoned the Golden Red Humanoid was gone.

“No! This is not the Divine Pillar, but a dream in a dream!” Lin Sheng suddenly realized it.

He opened his Soul Vision through a dream and then entered the Nightmare Plain. He was now having a dream in his dream.

Just as he was about to wake up…


The only entrance to the hall opened all of a sudden.

The round wooden door on the ground slowly came ajar, and a slender ponytailed woman in white armor rose from it.

“Is this the Secluded Sacrificial Hall? A place where we can connect with the past?” the woman said to herself. The pattern of armor she was wearing was familiar to Lin Sheng.

Suddenly, he recognized the origin of the armor.

“It is the Armor of Dawn!? This woman…”

Lin Sheng looked at the woman walked straight past him, as if she could not see him.

He suddenly felt that she, too, looked familiar. “She’s… Ancellia, the Light of Hope!”

“I have a question.” At that moment, Ancellia stood in front of the Tree Demon relief and spoke loudly. “How to get back to the Infinity City?”

The Tree Demon relief slowly opened its lips as if it were telling the answer in silence.

Then Ancellia asked again, “In your life, have you ever seen anything that can resist the Blacktide?”

The Tree Demon relief answered again, but Lin Sheng could not hear its voice. He could only see its lips open and close.

“One last question,” Ancellia quickly spoke once more.

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