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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 517 - The Touch: Part 2

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Chapter 517 - The Touch: Part 2

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The wind chimes hanging in the window swayed gently in the wind.

Lange sat quietly on a chair in the cafe, staring out of the window at the grey and black sky.

“It’s always the same sky.” He sighed and then turned to take a white porcelain cup from the counter with the coffee beans he had selected in advance. Then he turned on the grinder, poured the beans into it, and added some special herbs.

The grinder spun at full speed, smashing everything inside into fine powder.

Lange picked up a transparent coffee cup, gently removed the grinder cup, and then poured the powder into the coffee cup.

“Loneliness is the best spice of life.” He put down the coffee cup and looked through the wall at the two tall men standing outside by the street lamp.

“Who are you?” His voice penetrated the wall and went straight to the two men.

The two men flashed and then appeared inside the cafe directly through the wall with eerie little smiles on their faces.

The two men were covered with wooden lumps of varying sizes, which were like pustules, dense enough to induce trypophobia.

They were wearing gray suits, their eyes were green and their fingernails were sharp. They looked at Lange with a strange smile.

“Lange, right? Would you like to join the Dark Pantheon?” one of the men asked.

“The Dark Pantheon?” Lange raised his eyebrow. “Why are you here? You guys should be in the Ashen World. How does the Blacktide taste?”

“The Blacktide is a problem for us, but it’s not really that hard to solve it,” said a shorter man. “The purpose of our trip is to invite you to the Hades to join the Dark Pantheon and create a new century.”

“A new century?” Lange paused for a moment, then began to laugh. “You guys are amusing…”

“What do you mean?” The strange smile on the tall man’s face faded.

“Literally,” Lange said calmly. “You guys dare to come to my door without knowing the difference between your own strength and mine.”

“So you don’t want to join us?” The tall man’s face grew cold.

“Dongmen, take care of it.” Lange ignored them and continued to fiddle with his coffee cup.

Just as the two men were about to strike, an abyss-like huge hole suddenly opened up on the ground beneath them, unleashing a tremendous force of gravity.

An irresistible mass of black silk thread swarmed out, binding the two men tightly, and pulled them into the hole in a twinkling of an eye.

Soon, the huge hole closed and disappeared from the ground. Everything was back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Lange gently poured out the hot water and stirred the coffee powder.

“I’m just an ordinary person. I just want to live an ordinary life and then experience an unforgettable love. I don’t care about the rest.”

He raised his head and looked through the wall again, and he seemed to see two shadowy figures hiding in the corner.

At the alley outside the cafe…

The two men in the white shirts were sweating, gasping for air.

“It’s too dangerous!! The two masters of the Dark Pantheon were killed so easily… Is it possible that the Night Patriarch has mastered the Ultimate Soul Skill?!”

“Impossible! No ultimate skill can be mastered so easily. In general, an ultimate skill is already the peak of a skill, imagine the Ultimate Soul Skill!” retorted another.

“Then why…?”

“I remember the Night Patriarch kept the Mouth of the Abyss called Dongmen. Perhaps that creature swallowed them up.”

“The Mouth of the Abyss… My god… what else can we do?”

“There must be a way. Now the Night Patriarch is still gathering his forces, but in the absence of pressure, we cannot see how powerful he really is. If only we could test it ourselves…”

“We don’t have to do it. The Dark Pantheon lost two masters, they will never leave it at that. Now, reality and Hades are almost mixed together. Although the Blacktide is surging, the Nurtured Soul has already appeared. The Dark Pantheon may have the upper hand.”

“The Nurtured Soul has the effect of isolating the Blacktide for a long time. It allows a person to move freely in the Blacktide for a long period without being eroded. Dark Pantheon or Night Patriarch, they will definitely fight for it. Then we will see his true power.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Time flew.

More than a month had passed.

Lin Sheng stood in the middle of the hall. A large quantity of invisible soul power flowing from all directions quickly penetrated the surface of his skin.

The Golden Red Humanoid was still standing there, watching silently

A month, for a long-lived species like it, was just a short nap. Nevertheless, a month of continuous burning of the divine power and distilling pure soul power was considered quite long for it.

“It’s time.” The Golden Red Humanoid looked at Lin Sheng as it felt the soul power around them decrease gradually.

Finally, when the soul power around reduced to nearly zero, Lin Sheng opened his eyes.

Now, his eyes were like a black whirlpool, deep and empty. Staring into his eyes for long periods of time would make one feel an indescribable sense of terror.

“Congratulations.” The Golden Red Humanoid came forward to congratulate him.

“Thanks…” Lin Sheng was breathing deeply, feeling the powerful soul power that was about to escape from his body. Those were all high concentration blue soul power.

The final result of accelerating his absorption of soul power with Divine Combustion was that all his soul power was now close to overflowing.

“It is best not to appear before other weaker creatures until you have completely mastered the power of your soul. Otherwise, their souls will naturally be drawn and consumed by you. It will also have a bad effect on the purity of your soul,” the Golden Red Humanoid warned.

“Got it.” Lin Sheng nodded. “Then it is time for me to gather my divinity. Do you have any good methods?”

“Very simple,” the Golden Red Humanoid calmly said. “It all depends on the essence of your soul. It’s not up to you. The way to gather is to go back to the deepest Lake Yu of your soul and find out what the identity of your soul is. If you can find and understand it, then you can tap into your divine nature.”

It paused for a moment before it continued.

“In fact, divinity is the sublimation of the core gift of the soul to a point of qualitative change. Everyone’s body is born with a variety of gifts, and so is the soul. Different souls have different gifts. But most people have only a few gifts for the soul: powerful strength, strong body, strong luck, and hypervelocity.”

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