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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 516 - The Touch: Part 1

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Chapter 516 - The Touch: Part 1

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“God’s Speed Divinity…” Lin Sheng was not sure if what it said was true, but it was a pity that the hard-earned divinity was wasted this way.

“Then I’d better go back and absorb the soul power myself first.” He flatly refused and turned to go back.

“Wait! Wait a minute!” The Golden Red Humanoid was worried again. “But without God’s Speed Divinity, it would take you at least a hundred years, even if you had an inexhaustible supply of soul power to absorb. If you don’t speed up, you’ll have to go with this speed, and I can’t even help you with that!”

“It’s all right. I’ll figure it out myself. Just a hundred years? It’ll be over soon.” Lin Sheng sounded like he did not care at all, turning to leave again.

“Wait!!!!! Wait, wait!! Wait a minute!!” the Golden Red Humanoid shouted again. “All right!!” he bellowed. “I’ll try to help you! I still keep a few threads of my master’s divinity, and I’ll use it to help you! Deal?”

“Okay.” Lin Sheng nodded and turned back to the cylindrical space inside the Divine Pillar.

“So, what should I do?” he asked directly.

Lin Sheng’s attitude changed so quickly that the Golden Red Humanoid doubted whether it was deceived. But there was no better way now.

In order for its master to get out of trouble, it could only choose to trust Lin Sheng. After all, it had been a long time since any living creature could come here. If it missed this one, it did not know how long it would have to wait for the next one. It had waited for tens of thousands of years, and it could not wait any longer.

“Return to your previous position and pass through the nest of Cypross,” the Golden Red Humanoid replied quickly.

“Okay.” This time, instead of using holy power, Lin Sheng used the ward.

“The Ward of Lightness.” He added a lightweight shield to himself, turning himself into a feathery being. Then he gently pushed behind him with a Ward of Distortion.

His body was suddenly levitating and shooting upward. This combined operation was not as powerful as the holy light jet, and its speed was moderate, which could be adjusted at any time. Lin Sheng was very satisfied with this.

It took him about ten minutes to get to the top of the cocoon nest where Cypross was.

There was still a large hole left in the broken nest.

Lin Sheng listened to the Golden Red Humanoid and went straight through the hole. Inside the cocoon, he found a round wooden door that had been hidden.

The Golden Red Humanoid said the passphrase, and the round wooden door opened slowly and quietly.

Inside the door was a dark rock hall.

Lin Sheng got into the wooden door and emerged from the ground of the hall.

The hall was not big, about ten meters in length and width. Large relief sculptures of spiders were carved on the walls.

These spiders were a little different from ordinary spiders. They had a lot of black tentacles on their bodies, and some sort of colorless twisted flame seemed to burn on their backs.

The depiction on the relief was so delicate that Lin Sheng could tell at a glance that it was a colorless flame.

Lin Sheng looked around this enclosed space.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“The Secluded Sacrificial Hall,” answered the Golden Red Humanoid. “It’s an absolutely enclosed safe room that used to be the master’s favorite place, but this place is no longer useful. Now, don’t lose any time. All you have to do now is release me and go to the very front of the hall, right under the Tree Demon relief.”

Following the Tree Demon relief it mentioned, Lin Sheng soon saw the iconic object in the hall.

The Tree Demon relief was located in the deepest part of the hall, and its eyes were inlaid with something like a luminous pearl, which was particularly conspicuous.

Lin Sheng noticed it just at a glance.

He took a few steps and stood before the relief.

The relief was more than five meters high, and at first glance, it looked like an old tree with branches and leaves falling off, but if you looked closely, you would find that there was an old and withered face in the middle of the trunk.

“In this hall, inside all the reliefs were powerful souls sealed here. They are all opponents who were once imprisoned here after being killed by my master,” the Golden Red Humanoid explained.

“So? The soul power I’m going to absorb is coming from them?” Lin Sheng was surprised.

“Yes. As for how to absorb it, if my master is still there, it’s very simple, just activate it directly. But now that my master is gone and we don’t have enough strength to activate the hall, we can only rely on Divine Combustion and the explosive power of it. Now, release me.”

Lin Sheng freed the Golden Red Humanoid and let it fly out of his pocket.

“Just a moment,” the Golden Red Humanoid said to Lin Sheng, and then suddenly exploded into countless golden spots.

A few seconds later, it reappeared in front of Lin sheng. And this time he was holding a light red silk thread in his hand.

Lin Sheng could see clearly that it was a trace of divinity!

He wanted to grab it. But now the priority was the accumulation of soul power, so he restrained himself.

The Golden Red Humanoid carefully placed the divinity into the mouth of the Tree Demon relief and allowed it to enter.

They waited for a little while.


The entire hall shook suddenly.

The reliefs on the walls began to cry out in pain. They all began to radiate their pure, boundless soul power as if the divinity was constantly drawing their soul power.

Lin Sheng immediately got it and quickly released his soul power, devouring the pure soul power gushing out all around.

His soul power had his own imprint, and under the conscious control, he constantly devoured the soul power, and soon all of the pure soul power in the hall was in his body.

“Go on,” said the Golden Red Humanoid.

Then there was another surge of soul powers, and Lin Sheng kept devouring them around him.

The purity of these soul powers was so high that they could be swallowed directly almost as soon as he had slightly filtered them.

So the soul powers were poured out repeatedly, and Lin Sheng also kept absorbing them.

Every time he absorbed the soul power, he felt his total soul power growing again.

That rate of increase was far beyond the reach of the absorption of dark spirit beads. A round of absorption of the soul power was at least equal to the absorption of tens of thousands of dark spirit beads.

“Each of the soul sealed inside these reliefs was once famous and powerful. Their soul is pure and extremely concentrated!” The Golden Red Humanoid looked at Lin Sheng absorbing the soul power with envy.

If it was not the spirit of the Divine Pillar, then it could also absorb these pure soul powers. Unfortunately, its soul was completely different from the living soul, so it could not do it.

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