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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 515 - Obtained: Part 3

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Chapter 515 - Obtained: Part 3

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“Cypross is not dead. It js just temporarily suppressed by that strange powers of yours.” The golden-red figure popped out once again and spoke.

“I know.” Lin Sheng was calm.

He stepped forward as a spiral spear appeared in his right hand.

He then held the spear and pointed it at Cypross’ scarlet compound eyes.

“Wheel of Existence, Wheel of Fate, Wheel of Motion! Wheel of Woe!”

Using the Wheel of Existence to strengthen the spear and himself.

Using the Wheel of Fate to search for Cypross’ weakness.

Using the Wheel of Motion for that instantenous burst of speed.

And using the Wheel of Woe on the tip of the spear and enhancing its destructive power.

In an instant, Lin Sheng focused all of the powers of his Dark Wheel together, and brandished his spiral spear in an arcane arc before stabbing the spear with deadly precision into a small space between Cypross’ eyes.


The tip of the spear sank deep into the gap.

The massive purification force field, like a swarm of sharks smelling blood, rushed into the gaping wound and started to erode the flesh and soul within.

Cypross’ carapace was extremely tough and highly resistant, and the purification force field’s strength had been weakened much by the carapace.

And only a small part of the force field actually worked.

But now that Lin Sheng had pried the carapace open, Cypross’ defense broke like a burst dam.

“In the end, it’s just a mindless beast.” Lin Sheng pulled his spear back and looked at Cypross which was slowly disintegrating and turning into black goo.

If not for the environmental effects, or if Cypross had higher intelligence and broke out of this place, it would not have fallen into such a desperate situation.

If it had decided to break out of the cavern there and then, once Lin Sheng’s Unlimited Conversion had ended, the latter would had been powerless to stop it.

But hindsight was 20/20.

Cypross’ remains had quickly reduced into a pile of black mucus.

This time, there were no rising black lines of souls, but instead a translucent grey ring floated up into the air.

“No… this is not a ring, it’s a line!” Lin Sheng immediately saw through the essence of the ring.

This was a simply just a translucent gray line segment that was speeding at high speed at the moment, so it looked like a ring.

“This is the Divinity of Divine Speed, and was the fundamental basis of Cypross’ strength.” The golden-red figure said.

“Are you going to absorb it? Let me give you a reminder, you can only choose one form of Divinity in the beginning, and before you had totally consumed the first Divinity, you are not allowed to absorb a second one. And once you choose to absorb it, it will curb any formation of any form of Divinity your body may cultivate itself. You should confine yourself before you fully grasp the nature of this Divinity, or else, even if you were to leave it aside, problems will occur over time. Both of this situation will cause a soul-tearing feedback due to the conflict of your material soul. Simply put, if you have not mastered the power of said Divinity, conflict will occur on its own.”

The golden-red figure continued.” I could see in you the hope of freeing my master, and I do not wish for you to perish to the soultear.

“The soultear…” Lin Sheng gazed into the strand of Divinity and fell into contemplation.

Absorbing it would allow him to instantly gain the speed of Cypross, and this powerful force that can even suppress the power of the Dark Wheel was very tempting for him.

But if he did not absorb it, he now faced a question of how to store it.

“As long as you have a potent enough concentration of soul power, you are eligible to nurture your own form of Divinity, and there is no need to absorb Cypross’. I suggest that you save it.” The golden-red figure suggested.

“How do I do that?” Lin Sheng asked.

“Divinity must be stored within a living vessel, but to prevent any loss of control, you can seal this living vessel, and cut off all forms of thoughts and instincts, and simply use it as a vessel.” The golden-red figure explained.

“Understood.” Lin Sheng had an idea as he plucked a strand of hair from his head. “Does this count as a living vessel?”

“…” The golden-red figured demurred for a little. “Yes.”

Lin Sheng smiled as he threw that strand of hair towards the strand of Divinity in the air.

The hair floated close to the Divinity and as they made contact, the hair simply just absorbed the Divinity strand many times its size into it.

And the strand of black hair quickly turned light gray.

Lin Sheng held his hand out and grabbed the strand of hair before putting it in his pocket.

He then used the protective wards of the Dark Wheel to protect it from loss or damage.

“Good, next you have to face Aisha the Torturer.” The golden-red figure said. “Her destructive abilities are not as powerful as Cypross, but she is all-round powerful without any weakness. She was born in the darkest of prisons, and had been trained in an early age by countless of heinous criminals in all sorts of abilities. She is proficient in all-kinds of weapon combat, bare-handed combat, poison, spellcasting, curses and hexes, assassination and so on. No matter what you are good at, she could target it and restrain your ability to fight.” The golden-red figure described in considerable detail.

“If you want to defeat her, you must surpass her in any ability, and use this ability to surpass, and kill her quickly. You need to be fast! Or else you are sure to lose.”

“Why are you so sure?” Lin Sheng caught the underlying meaning. “What is her form of Divinity?”

“That’s because her Divinity is learning and evolving.” The golden-red figure said calmly. “If you cannot kill her in a a single blow, over time, she will learn your ability.”

“Learning and evolving…” Lin Sheng felt a chill.

If he cannot kill her in a single blow, he will definitely lose. This type of opponent was perhaps the most terrifying one of all the ones he had faced so far.

“What a terrifying foe!” Lin Sheng exclaimed.

“So if you want to defeat her, you must have a comprehensive strategy in advance.” The figure rumbled.

“Makes sense.” Lin Sheng nodded. “But since I already have a strand of Divinity in hand, so why don’t I go back and cultivate my own divinity, and then absorb this Divine Speed thing. By then, I should be well equipped to face Aisha the Torturer. So my decision is to retreat and confine myself first! I’ll challenge Aisha the Torturer once I have my breakthrough!”

“EEEHHH?!” The golden-red figure was dumbfounded. “You… you…”

It wanted to say something, but had no idea how to persuade Lin Sheng.

In the end, it was only the consciousness of the Divine Pillar, while it had a certain level of intelligence and cognitive ability, it was not that great.

Lin Sheng immediately did what he said as he immediately climbed down the pillar and returned to the bottom of it.

He then retraced the original way back, and actually planned to leave!

“Wait! Wait!” This time around the figure could no longer sit still as it quickly called out to stop Lin Sheng. “Hmm? What else do you have to say?” Lin Sheng stopped and asked.

“Obviously, the opportunity to free my master is right before me, and I will not have my master miss such a rare opportunity.” The golden-red figure said. “Release me, and I shall help you suppress Aisha!”

“Not enough, I need a large amount of pure soul power.” Lin Sheng was direct. The amount of souls he need was enormous, and was a little worried that the Holyspirit Palace did not had enough.

One need to remember that his previous amount of soul power was gained through slaughtering and absorbing a large amount of Darkspirit souls.

And the need for souls now was ten times more than the previous one. With the need of that much soul, even if he were to wipe out every single Darkspirit back there, it was unlikely to be sufficient.

So he set his plan on the Divine Pillar instead.

“Pure souls… Don’t you have the means to draw in a large amount of chaotic souls?” The figure was surprised.

“Chaotic souls are just simply too difficult to purify.” Lin Sheng replied.

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