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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 514 - Obtained: Part 2

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Chapter 514 - Obtained: Part 2

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Cypross’ momentary pause, in the eyes for an ordinary person was probably nothing, but for elite like Lin Sheng, this was an opportunity most excellent.

Without any hesitation, after detonating the magic circle and not even looking at the results, Lin Sheng immediately activated his protective wards.

“Wheel of Fate!” One of the countless tiny eyes on his back closed for good and returning to being normal patch of skin.

At the same time, a moment of future belonging to him densely appeared in his mind.

The various possible direction and paths to dodge and their results were rapidly calculated by his mind with the help of the Wheel of Fate.

In an instant, Lin Sheng found the only feasible future amongst all possibilities.

He held his hand out, and pointed towards a direction.

“Wheel of Woe!”

The massive power from the Darl Wheel suddenly blasted out towards the direction Lin Sheng had pointed.

And weirdly enough, Cypross who had been charging in a straight line earlier suddenly disappeared and when he reappeared, he had reappeared exactly at the location Lin Sheng had pointed.


The massive annihilation force of the Wheel of Woe, with its destructive power further amplified by the wards, smashed against Cypross with deadly precision.

Its high-speed movement had came to a screeching halt because of it.

Even if the power of the Dark Whell was not enough to wound it, being struck in the head and abdomen still had in uncomfortable, just like sinking into mud.

At this moment, Lin Sheng kept up the offensive.

After leveling up, he could activate his Unlimited Conversion ability simultaneously.

He opened the Tidalgate in his mind as he drew in a large amount of chaotic souls from the Soultide, and at the same time using his Unlimited Conversion to convert them into holy power.

This was an originally normal move to unleash his ultimate attack.

But after his soul had further ascended into the realm of the Legendaries, Lin Sheng felt a stark difference when he used this evolved ability.

On the surface of his body, the armor he had seen in the depths of his soul appeared in a blink of an eye.

The pure white armor was majestic yet mysterious as it bathed within surging holy power and radiated pure white particles all around it.

An infinite amount of pure white holy power were being continuously converted into holy light, and from holy light into holy crystals.

The particle-form holy crystals were like a sandstorm, as the high-speed storm brought with it terrifying impact and purification powers.

Countless of crystalline holy crystal slammed hard against Cypross and cutting a large swathe of tiny cuts on its body.

At the same time, the purification force field formed from through the accumulation of holy crystals began to take effect rapidly.

With Lin Sheng as the nexus, the entire cavern had been turned into a holy sanctuary-like environment in a very short period of time.

The concentrated purification field were strengthening violently as the crystals gathered more and more.

Cypross’ body was slammed so hard by the shockwave of the explosion that it was sent flying in a completely different direction, crashing hard against the cavern’s inner wall, the impact sending out a series of shockwave.

But what was fatal was not that, rather it was the holy crystals that Lin Sheng was still unleashing.

More and more holy crystal had became layers of pure white fine sand, and painted the entire cavern white.

Cypross’ body was soon covered by a thick layer of holy crystal sands.

In less than a second Lin Sheng had transformed the cavern into a terrifying holy sanctuary covered in holy crystal sands.

Compared to the Holy Crystal Font in the Holy Sanctum, the purification force field that was many times stronger was further exponentially magnified in this crammed space.

Kraaa… Krakkkk…

Cypross pulled itself out from the cavern wall, and looked at Lin Sheng once again.

But its perception had been hindered by the large amount of holy crystal sands, and could not locate where the white-armored Lin Sheng was hiding.

The only thing it could see was more and more holy crystal sands.

And the purification force field was still getting stronger and stronger.

Three seconds had passed now, and its potency was ten times the Holy Crystal Font back in Henriqcal City, and it was still rising.

Lin Sheng’s figure had been completely hidden within the pure white holy crystal sands.

After the evolution of the Unlimited Conversion ability, not only did the conversion efficiency vastly improved, the duration of the ability had been extended much longer as well. He could previously only maintain the ability for a minute in the past, and now it had been extended to five.


Cypross struggled frantically within pure white holy crystal sand, but the increasing potent purification force field had became a burden upon its soul, and made any movement laborous.

Its mind began to slowly lose control of its body, and felt like he was about totally lose any resemblence of control with its body.

After a series of fruitless attacks, Cypross could not longer bear it as it turned around and stumled towards the exit of the cavern.

By now, it could not even muster the strength to fly.

But this was a stage Lin Sheng had meticulously planned, and how could he allowed Cypross to escape so easily.

The power of the wards immediately activated as Lin Sheng pointed towards the mouth of the cavern.

“Wheel of Existence.”

The Wheel of Existence is a protective ward that enhances and strengthens, and at this moment, Lin Sheng had used it on the storm of holy crystal sands swirling about in the cavern.

And the crystal sands instantly became a veritable wall of adamantite as it firmly blocked the exit.

Cypross crashed against it in a daze and was immediately send tumbling back by the wall of holy crystal sands.

Its strength was just about average but it was extremely fast, and this time, with the purification force field talking a toll on its control of its body, it could barely muster even half of its strength.


Cypross was sent tumbling over back with nary any resistance, and under Lin Sheng’s watchful gaze, it was slowly being buried alive but more and more holy crystal sands…

And calm soon returned.

Yet the holy crystal sands continued to be converted and unleashed.

And five minutes was soon up.

The white armor on Lin Sheng’s body faded away naturally as the billowing holy crystal sands behind him also stopped.

But at this very moment, the entire cavern had been transformed into a land of holy crystal sands.

Each inch of the space, nook and crannies were all filled by pure white holy crystal sands.

And at the mouth of the cavern, the wall of holy crystal sands that had been strengthened by the Wheel of Existence had became a veritable hole plug and had completely turned the place into a sealed environment.

Lin Sheng had already thoroughly purified his body, was now filled with a huge amount of holy power.

This holy crystal sands were all created by him, and naturally all of the holy power belonged to him.

But due to its large amount, even when he still had the Crag Dragon blood in him he could not hold all of them in. Even more so now when the Crag Dragon bloodline was gone, and all of the other impure energies that strengthened his body had also disappeared, his overall strength had dropped by a lot.

Stowing his thoughts away, Lin Sheng had an idea as he pulled back the power of the Wheel of Existence at the entrance.


In an instant, a large amount of holy crystal sands blasted out from the cavern entrance and onto the cylindrical space in the middle.

And very soon, half of the crystal sand within the cavern were lost, and Lin Sheng now saw Cypross.

The massive fly monster was now covered in a layer of crystal similar to a white frosted crystals. They were holy crystals that had taken form.

The potent aura of Blacktide roiled within its body, and even the purification force field created by these amount of holy crystal sands could not purify the power of the Blacktide, and only suppressed it at most.

Even though Lin Sheng had a hunch before, but seeing this with his own eyes, he could not help but to be a little disappointed.

Even in an environment where holy power held absolute superiority it cannot purify and dispel the power of the Blacktide, much less the endless surge of Blacktide that was encroaching outside.

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