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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 511 - Deflection: Part 2

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Chapter 511 - Deflection: Part 2

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Getting out of bed, Lin Sheng strode out of the bedroom.

While he went, he felt a newfound level of perceptibility after getting his new soul power. The Reflector of Souls technique had absorbed his initial soul power and released it back to him in a whole new level of state.

Passing the cloister, he entered the door on his right. Inside was an empty square space that looked like a courtyard. Lin Sheng walked to the edge of the ground, quietly summoning his newfound soul power in his body. The total amount of soul power might have reduced, but the converted soul power was far better in quality than previously.

“The technique is a success. Next, as long as I can completely replenish my soul power, I should be able to achieve transcendence.”

Standing in the empty space and gazing at the fuzzy moon above, he was trying to think of a way to find all the soul power he needed.

“I got most of my soul power from killing the monsters in the dreams and dark spirits in the dark spirit world. The rest came from the Soul Vessels of the cults. I won’t be able to get that many monsters in the dreams. The only source now was to find enough dark spirits, kill them and devour their dark-spirit beads.”

Making up his mind, he immediately contacted Tenko Kasumi through telepathy, instructing her to collect the amount of dark-spirit beads he needed.

“The flow of time in the Dark Spirit Palace is much faster. Six or seven days there is equal to a day in the actual world, best for closed-door cultivation.” He had a feeling that the closed-door cultivation session this time would take a longer time.

Extending his hand, the tip of his fingers were surrounded with streaks of navy-blue soul power, which was now nearly physical.

“At this stage, according to the division of Reflector of Souls, I must be getting close to the essence of it: the so-called Legend Realm,” mumbling to himself, Lin Sheng appreciated the nature and changes of these streaks of soul power.

The Reflector of Souls had a detailed division of the Legend. The so-called legend was a state of being that one achieved by elevating a part of one’s ability to a level no mortal could have ever imagined. It was a level where one could approach the essence of one’s ability.

“According to these descriptions, once entering that realm, I can choose an ability I am good at and make a Legend qualitative change, just like the special ability of the Palatinates.” Lin Sheng thought to himself.

Lin Sheng had chosen to use his soul power as the fundamental strength to enter the realm of Legend. By burning the rest of his powers, he had purified himself and finally come to the very essence of his soul power. With the help of the Reflector of Soul technique, he successfully got the highly concentrated, new soul power, stabilized it and stepped into the realm of Legend from the Palatinates. Now it was the time to reap his harvest.

“Probably I can choose to elevate the Palatinate special ability: Unlimited Conversion.”

The time for Unlimited Conversion might be short, but it was very useful to him. It was not an exaggeration to say that it had been his ultimate trump card when he faced the many powerful opponents. This special ability had not only made him fearless during a melee, it had also supplied him with endless holy power in a short time.

“That it is. Instead of choosing a mediocre ability, I might as well elevate Unlimited Conversion.”

Making up his mind, Lin Sheng directed his new soul power to flow from his body to his brain. The elevation method was simple: the first ability used after gaining the new soul power would automatically become the target for elevation.




Lin Zhounian, Gu Wanqiu and two kids were sitting at the table, enjoying their lunch. The noon sun struggled to shine through the black mist onto the land below. The bright level was more or less the same as during a cloud day previously.

While digging in, Lin Zhounian smiled as he talked about the funny moments he saw in his shop. The two kids, a boy and a girl, both in their teens, were nearly as tall as Gu Wanqiu. They were very well behaved, occasionally echoing what Lin Zhounian said.

The roar of a motorcycle came from outside the door all of a sudden.

“It must be Lin Xiao,” said Lin Zhounian with a big smile on his face.

“I’ll get Sister Lin Xiao her bowl of rice!” The boy got up and scurried into the kitchen.

The girl with a bob haircut secretly glanced at the door a few times as if she was anxious as Lin Xiao was about to come in. Gu Wanqiu took that all in and felt it a little weird.

The boy, Hanyu, and the girl, Nisse, were the kids from their new neighbors since they moved here. The kids were from separate neighbors. The Lin family maintained a friendly relationship with them all. They invited the two kids in for lunch when they saw them playing outside with no adults around. It was not the first time the kids came here for lunch, though. But today, it just felt different.

The little ones appeared cautious and anxious, and very well-behaved compared to last time. It was especially apparent when they heard Lin Xiao’s motorcycle arriving outside; they shuddered for a second, looking nervous. It would look normal on the boy, Hanyu to behave nervously as a reaction of a boy seeing a pretty girl of his senior. But the girl was well-known as a gutsy kid around here. Her out-out-character demeanor naturally made Lin Zhounian and Gu Wanqi nearly want to scratch their heads in wonder.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back. You all having lunch?” Not long after, Lin Xiao strode into the dining room, wearing a body-hugging leather riding suit with gloss black long hair.

“You’ve had your lunch outside again?” Lin Zhounian frowned.

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you earlier? Don’t bother about me. Enjoy your meal.” Lin Sheng smiled at the two neighbor kids, who then returned the same, but with a somewhat unnatural expression.

“I’m going upstairs.” Lin Xiao turned around and disappeared up the stairs.

The dining room lapsed into silence again as Lin Zhounian and Gu Wanqiu kept fetching food to the kids.

“What’s next?” Nisse shot Hanyu a look, asking via telepathy.

“Buttering her up! She is the Night Matriarch who will control the dark side of the world!” Hanyu replied via telepathy. “So long as we save her family because the Night Matriarch kills them, we can prevent her from losing the good side of herself. When she recovers her good side, it will be good for us!”

There was a strong excitement in his eyes. Coming from the future to this timeline by sneaking through the ritual of the Astral Mere was not an easy feat. It would be sorry if he could not get something done after taking on so much risk.

“What if the two investigators find out what we do?” Nisse was a little worried.

“There is nothing to be worried about. We are just being ourselves, back to our childhood. So long as they don’t check the minute parameter of our souls’ spectrum, no one will find out we come from the future.” Hanyu rolled his eyes.

“Let’s hope so,” Nisse said helplessly.

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