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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 509 - Refinement: Part 3

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Chapter 509 - Refinement: Part 3

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“The color of my soul power is blue?” Lin Sheng took a peek at the ball.

As more soul power was being injected, the pressure needed was getting higher. The force-field ball could stand it, but he needed to use bigger pressure to inject the soul power into the ball.

Soon, he had finished injecting two force-field balls with soul power. Then he increased it to three, four, five, six…

As Lin Sheng increased the amount of soul power, the color of the force-field ball became dark in blue, like the color of the ocean and a cold crystal.

Finally, a soul power shot out of his hand like a laser beam, scraping past his face, leaving behind a very shallow cut on his skin.

“Twelve times the soul power!” Lin Sheng stared at the navy-blue force-field ball. Quickly, he sealed it.

“Next, it’s time to do the compression.”

As he willed in his mind, the Dark Wheel caged the force-field ball with another layer of even stronger force field. He then directed the Dark Wheel to compress the force-field ball. It gradually shrank from the size of an apple to that of an egg. Under the watchful eyes of Lin Sheng, the ball shrank further into the size of a table tennis ball, looking like a blue marble.

It seemed it had reached its limit. No matter how much more pressure Lin Sheng tried to apply, the force-field ball would not shrink further.

He took a closer look and found something unusual. Inside the navy-blue force-field ball the size of a table tennis ball were streaks of meridian that looked like the roots of the tree.

“What are they?” Lin Sheng was looking in amazement. He carefully memorized the pattern of the meridians and took the ball in his hand.

“Compression is finished. It has reached the maximum limit. What’s next?” He found himself scratching his head. He had no clue what was the required condition for the high-density soul power in the force-field ball to stabilize. If he wanted to produce soul power with the same density, it would take at last twelve times the amount of existing soul power. It would be an extremely large amount because the total base of the amount of his soul power was too high. And it was not easy to get pure soul power.

“Come to think of it, it’s entirely logical. If soul cultivation is easy, there would not have so many people become a lost ball in high weeds.” With this thinking in mind, he suddenly felt at ease with himself.

He kept the force-field ball, got to his feet, and picked up the bead that confined the golden red humanoid.

“Do you know how to transcend souls?” He got straight to the point.

“Of course,” The golden red humanoid replied. “But why would I want to tell you?”

“Because I can’t even go higher in the Divine Pillar, let alone find your master and get him out of there,” Lin Sheng told him the situation frankly. “If you help me to break through it, I will help you save your master. Otherwise, I can’t beat Cypross, and you can forget about the rest.”

“Fair. But what guarantee I have that you will not do the disappearing act after getting what you want?” The golden red humanoid asked.

“What can you do except to trust me? If you don’t, then I will leave. I believe that soon or later, I will find a way in other places. You are not the only person who knows how.”

“Deal.” The golden-red humanoid agreed after some thought.

Elated, Lin Sheng quickly told the humanoid his situation, eagerly waiting for his reply.

The golden red humanoid sneered after hearing what Lin Sheng described.

“Do you know how to get soul power?”

“Nourish and nurture in the body.”

“Then you should know the body is the limit to soul power. The better the body nurtures, the higher the strength of the soul power and the possibility of transcendence.” The golden red humanoid explained.

“So does my problem lie with inadequate soul power?” Lin Sheng asked.

“No. Your soul power is adequate. But the method of soul cultivation is far more complicated. What you need is the method to achieve divinity. It is not something that you can do at home.” The golden red humanoid paused for a second, then continued. “I will teach you a technique, which you can use with your soul power to bind, store and compress them.”

“A technique?” Lin Sheng started to pay attention.

“Yes, a technique. It is one of the secret techniques I’ve heard from my master. To achieve transcendence, different techniques would achieve different levels of refinement and compression. The technique is called Mirro of Souls.”

The humanoid started to teach the Reflector of Souls technique to Lin Sheng. After repeatedly examining it, Lin Sheng did not find any problem with the technique. But he did not dive in headfirst. He wanted to do more comparison analysis to understand how it worked.

With all the knowledge and wisdom acquired from the soul fragments, and the higher-order knowledge system in the research center, halfway through the analysis of the Reflector of Souls technique, Lin Sheng had roughly understood the principle behind this soul cultivation technique.

He sent this technique to Tenko Kasumi using telepathy, instructing her to do an experiment on a batch of wild dark spirits. As soul powered living beings, dark spirits were highly intelligent. This made them the best lab mice.

After the humanoid told him about the technique, Lin Sheng sat still as if he was in the midst of trying to understand the technique. But in reality, he was awaiting the experiment result from his laboratory.

Three days had passed. But for the golden red humanoid, who had lived for thousands of years, three days might feel like three minutes. He did not appear impatient.

At last, the laboratory sent back the result.

“The technique could refine and purify souls. But it will need an extremely large amount of soul power if you want to elevate all your soul power. There aren’t any sequelae or side effects. It is just a simple technique.” That was what Tenko Kasumi said. As for those dark spirits that had learned the technique, they had been exterminated.

“So you have just taught me the technique of refinement, but not the technique of increasing the soul power, isn’t it? Lin Sheng suddenly understood. So the bugger was trying to trick him.

But the golden red human just put on a poker face despite getting busted.

“Your existing soul power is just about enough. But once transcended, without a proper soul power cultivation technique, it will take you at least a thousand years to fill up the soul power and complete the transcendent ceremony. Don’t count on your old soul power cultivation technique because it won’t work. You’ll know when you get there. So, if you want more of the techniques, do me one more favor.”

Lin Sheng said nothing. Apparently, the golden red humanoid did not know how Lin Sheng got his massive amount of soul power.

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