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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 505 - Divinity: Part 2

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Chapter 505 - Divinity: Part 2

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“Ten thousand years?” Lin Sheng frowned. It seemed things did not tally with Ancellia’s timeline. Could it be that different worlds had different speeds of flow of time?

“Yeah. But since three thousand years ago, there had been no outsider coming until now,” said the humanoid who claimed to be the Divine Pillar.

“Then why are you revealing yourself before me? What is your purpose?” Lin Sheng squinted.

“Purpose? There is no purpose. I am dying soon,” said the Divine Pillar calmly. “Nothing is forever in the world. My life is ending. Had it not been for the master using his power to keep me alive, I would have vanished several thousand years ago.”


“So I want to find an outsider who can take away everything that could record things about the Phantasieren race.” The Divine Pillar did not sound like he was dying.

“Then what is the meaning of it?” Lin Sheng’s brows knitted together.

“As a demigod, the master has the most powerful trait of the Phantasieren race. So long as there is a living being remembering him, there is still hope that he could resurrect.” The Divine Pillar gazed at Lin Sheng. “Of course, the process is extremely long, and after resurrection, the master would lose his memories. Everything will start anew. So instead of saying he resurrects, it is the continuation of the master’s bloodline. It is his offspring who resurrects.”

“so?” Lin Sheng knew what he was up to now.

“So I want to make a deal with you,” the Divine Pillar said. “The master used to collect many divine beings and peel off some divinity. I can gift you with it so long as you promise to help the master resurrect.”

“Divinity…” Lin Sheng had only heard about the term from novels and mythology. What the hell was divinity? He had no clue. And he did not trust this guy who called himself the Divine Pillar. He said he was the Divine Pillar. But was he really the Divine Pillar?

“That’s a fair deal.” Lin Sheng looked up after thinking for a moment.

“You have agreed?” The Divine Pillar asked, his voice went a gear higher.

“Of course… no!” While speaking, Lin Sheng raised his hand, pointing at the Divine Pillar. In that instant, a massive twisting force shrouded the Divine Pillar, his body exploding spectacularly with golden fluid spattering in mass messes everywhere.


“You are too weak.” Lin Sheng looked as the golden red humanoid slowly reshaped his body. It looked like he was badly injured. “Who are you to bargain with me? Not to mention I know nothing about this place. What I want to do and what my purpose is are not something you can dictate.”

Lin Sheng looked calm. As he pointed with his finger with a Ward of Deformation again.

The Divine Pillar howled in pain with his body being ripped apart.

“You maniac!”

“What proof do you have to show that you are the Divine Pillar?”

Lin Sheng’s face stony as he lifted his finger again, pointing at the humanoid. This time, it was not Ward of Deformation but Incarceration. The invisible energy of the Dark Wheel formed a cage, trapping a compact ball of liquid of the golden red humanoid’s core inside.


Lin Sheng retrieved the thing and tucked it into his pocket. It did not matter if the guy was the Divine Pillar. At least he was the only intelligent being around here. It would be a waste to kill it summarily. Beating it black and blue and taking it back would be better. But then again, even if this guy was the Divine Pillar, Lin Sheng would still do the same. The premise for negotiation was first beating him until he was half-dead, then only negotiation could begin. Equality was only possible when the two of them had a similar level of strength. Playing a good Samaritan here was the biggest no-no in a place full of dangers like this.

After putting away the half-dead golden-red humanoid, Lin Sheng moved forward. This time, nothing happened.

The end of the hall was a dark opening in the shape of an arch. Stepping into it, it was a cavern that looked like a beehive. Everywhere he looked, there were dark holes inlaid on the cylindrical wall. Lin Sheng could almost imagine the number of Phantasierens who used to live here. But now, it was dead silent here.

Coming inside the cylindrical cavern, Lin Sheng looked around and put up his hand.


A beam of dazzling holy white light rose from his hand and exploded in the air, turning the pitch-dark cavern into daylight. The bright holy light was illuminating everything.

“It looks like this is the central axis of the Divine Pillar. If I could purify this place at once, on the premise that the Black Tide had not corroded it, maybe I can turn this place into a pure place for the holy power.”

Lin Sheng willed in his mind, keeping the holy light sphere in the air so it would continuously release a suppressor-class holy light. All monsters with strength below Four Wing would die and vanish under the light. Monsters with Four Wing-level strength would be extremely uncomfortable as the holy light continued purifying them. Only Six Wing- of Palatinate-level monsters were immune from the attack. But they would still feel irritated.

The holy light sphere would become the catfish that disturbed the entire Divine Pillar from the inside. This was exactly what Lin Sheng wanted.

Soon, in the cylindrical cavern, a paltry amount of black threads of the souls drifted toward Lin Sheng. Some were slightly thicker. Lin Sheng stood at the entrance, letting the holy light sphere do its job. This was causing Lin Sheng to lose one-hundredth of his holy power reserve in his body every hour. This was peanuts to him. And if he needed it, he could always summon his special skill of the Palatinates, converting endless holy power to replenish his reserve.

It was not until twenty minutes later that Lin Sheng retrieved the holy light sphere. Even then, the air inside the cavern was filled with holy light particles. These light particles could maintain nearly the same brightness level in the cavern as before.

Lin Sheng ambled forward along the spiral path at the edge of the cavern. A violent trembling sound came from above all of a sudden. He raised his hand, wanting to use a Ward of Distortion. His heart missed a beat, and he changed his mind, using a Ward of the Stalwart Wall from the Dark Wheel and at the same time, summon a holy power shield in front of him.

Before he could see it, a shadow came down at top speed, hitting his shield and Ward of Stalwart Wall. Lin Sheng saw starburst in his vision and heard a loud roar in his ears. The next second, he was sent flying out like a meteorite and crashed into the wall behind him. He had disappeared into the hole that looked like a bottomless abyss he had just created.

“Very well…”

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