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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 355: Memories: Part 2

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Chapter 355: Memories: Part 2

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His vision was a storm of grey debris as Lin Sheng felt a stinging heat and shock wave radiating from below.

His body started to roar in pain all over.

“Thank god I summoned the Armor of Dawn beforehand.” This was the only thing in Lin Sheng’s mind now.

He was a good three hundred meters from ground zero, and yet the massive aftershock still managed to drag him into it. And like a massive tornado making landfall, he was sent flying by the powerful shockwave into the storm of debris.

After being thrashed about for a good dozen of seconds that Lin Sheng felt he was now falling in a parabolic line.


Lin Sheng slammed hard against a dark green human-headed frog that had just popped out from the ground.

The human-headed frog squelched as it was squashed by the impact, and its body simply just slinked down the crack. A short shudder later, it stopped moving.

Before Lin Sheng could even get up, he felt that a rain of debris was falling all over him as detritus crashed hard against his armor.

The human-headed frog quickly reduced into black smoke and disintegrated with only a single black line entering Lin Sheng’s chest.


Lin Sheng turned about as he pushed a large piece of rock away, and stumbled out from the wreckage.

The entirety of his armor had clear dents on them, as his arms and legs were torn to the point that his bones were visible.

“Gotta count myself lucky.” Lin Sheng shook his head hard as he tried to shake off the vertigo from his mind.

He then unleashed his senses and started inspecting his surroundings. His powerful dragon eyes allowed him to see through the smog, and soon he saw the epicenter of the blast. A rippling pattern extended out of the area as all of the buildings within the vicinity were reduced to rubble, with a large black crater remaining in the center of the blast zone.

Thick smoke rose slowly from the crater, and without any much hesitation, Lin Sheng quickly healed himself up with his holy power.

For his Crag Dragon blood enhanced defenses to be torn apart like this, one could imagine what sort of horrifying inferno the epicenter was.

Lin Sheng was very clear how his defensive powers were now. When he fought against Bluetail, he had worn the latter down to nothing with his defensive abilities alone. For an attack of the same level to strike against him, was akin to a five-wing hitting a six-wing, a clear drop in power level.

And for him to be that grievously wounded.

“She was right in the middle of the blast epicenter, even if she survives it she’d probably be pretty screwed. But if she has any way to regenerate quickly then I’ll be in trouble.”

As he thought of that, Lin Sheng quickly made his way to the ground zero.

And the closer he got to it, the more he felt the scorching heat coming at him. Soon, Lin Sheng returned to the place he had planted the bombs, and looked on.

The entire blast zone had been reduced into a massive black crater. Everything within it were naught but red or black. Black was the charred soil, and red was the molten lava.

And in the very center of it, a charred figure slowly struggled to rise up.

It was that red-haired lady.

She had burn marks all over her body, and half of her hair had been burnt away, revealing a scalped head. Her clothes were torn, and blisters lined her entire skin.

“This power…” Lin Sheng was speechless. This was the first time him understanding what a dark powered enhanced weapon could do against a high level transcendent.

“If they had taken these weapons out the last time, those heretics would not have stood a chance.”

But then again, this was the reason why the heretics sealed the gates and moved against the academy’s hidden realm. He thought.

For a weapon this powerful against the sealed hidden real, it will definitely cause catastrophic destruction, and in the end result in a situation where all perish together.

That was even before considering if the weapons were unsealed of course.

“Let’s end this.” Pure, concentrated white light glowed all around Lin Sheng.

His Armor of Dawn quickly disintegrated and disappeared before reconstructing itself over him. He then focused half of his entire holy power before him into a human-sized disc.

“Finish her!”

Lin Sheng held the disc with both hands, as his Crag Dragon blood’s explosive strength roared.


The disc howled as it flew out towards the crater with deadly accuracy.

The distance between them were too short, too short to the point the red-haired lady had no chance to dodge.

A second later, clusters of light pillars blasted out from the crater like a sea of spikes


And the entire crater lit up like the sun for a good dozen or so seconds before fading away.

Lin Sheng gently let out a sigh of relief the moment he saw the upper body of the red-haired lady were totally annihilated, with her lower half staggering about for a bit before falling on her knees.

“It finally ended.”

He got close, and waited.

Very quickly the corpse disintegrated and turned into strands of black smoke, and a black line appeared out of the smoke and into Lin Sheng.


The black line entered Lin Sheng’s chest and he immediately ran towards the place he had scouted out earlier.

A moment later, he was inside a ruined cavern a few hundred meters away, and hide inside it.

At that same instant, a violent torrent of memories crashed against his mind.

Inside a dark underground palace.

Lin Sheng stood quietly in a corner as he looked at the palace. There was a ritual altar in the middle with a giant silver sword in it.

There were visible chill around the area as permafrost covered the entire surface.

Time seemed to bare no meaning here. And after a long wait, the sound of the palace door being pushed open rang out.

“It’s here! It’s here!” A hoarse female voice came from the door.

Lin Sheng looked over, and immediately recognize the person. She was the red-haired female warrior that he had fought against for so long.

She was wearing a grey cloth outfit, and in one of her hands was a black iron greatsword and a torch in another as she slowly squeezed it through the gap in the door.

“Hahaha! It is really the Froststar Blade!” The red-haired lady walked in with big strides as her eyes were glued onto the giant silver sword in the middle of the hall.

Behind her were two ladies, one tall one short.

One of them had the air of a noble with long black hair and another cold and calculation with a dagger in hand.

All of their gaze were now focused on the great sword in the middle of the altar.

“Mistress! We found it!” The red-haired lady turned over as she looked at the black-haired girl, excitement was clear on her face.

“Yes. We have found it. Good work, Kasumi.” The elegant lady smiled as she walked ahead, ignoring the frost as she held the hilt of the sword.

Yet a white aura drove her hand off.

The lady was stunned for a moment.

“What’s going on? I got rejected even with my bloodline?”

“Let me try.” The cold-faced lady stepped forward, and grabbed the hilt.


A similar white aura butted her hand away, and refused her grip.

Before the two could react, the white aura did not disappear and instead made a turn and landed on the red-haired lady’s shoulder.

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