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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 354: Memories: Part 1

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Chapter 354: Memories: Part 1

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Lin Sheng placed a white durian-shaped object by the left side of the street, beneath a round window.

He then continued forward. He was now about a kilometer away from the red-haired lady. There was visible white frost on the ground now.

Lin Sheng looked left and right as he dragged a sack of white durians gently to the right side of the street.

The street there was divided into two portions, the top part was for small vehicles while the bottom was an expressway, with a toppled ‘slow-down’ warning sign by its side.

Lin Sheng leaped over onto the ground and placed a durian after every set distance. Only until he had placed all of the durians apart into a giant circle did he lay by one of the street lamps to rest as he grabbed onto his empty pocket.

“With one hundred and three odd Effervescence Annihilators, let’s see if you survive this!” Lin Sheng touched the floor and felt something.

Picking it up, Lin Sheng gave it a good look. It was a small green plastic board, and on it was a weird alphabet-like pattern. By the side of the pattern was a small sandwich-like picture.

“A bakery? There’s actually one here?” Lin Sheng threw away the piece and looked at the red-haired woman.

The air was cold as dark clouds roiled above as lightning flashed from time to time.

“This god forsaken dream is getting more and more realistic… or have I really crossed over into another world?” The thought flashed past Lin Sheng’s mind.

After a short rest, he got up from the ground and walked towards the entrance of a tilting building. With a light step.


His entire body was launched up at least seven to eight meters into the air and landed on a flat surface on the roof of the building.

There was a black device that was spinning slow on the surface.

He grabbed the device and pressed.


“Program activated. Diffusive aura scanning commence… auxiliary systems activated.”

Underneath the device was a beehive-like box where a long barrel appeared out of it as the entire box transformed into a black gun not dissimilar to a light machine gun.

“Come, where are you now?” Lin Sheng smirked as he squat down and placed his eyes on the dark red scope.

The red-haired woman stood unmoving in the middle of the scope, her giant sword planted beside her.

Just like how Lin Sheng met her the first time around.

“Now, let me show you the power of technology.”

Lin Sheng had lost count the number of times he had died facing that woman. And now that he had a chance to strike back, he felt a tiny excitement in his heart.

“Not even the Night Lord could survive the explosion of this blast, and this is much, much stronger. Will be a waste?” Lin Sheng suddenly felt uneasy.

He could only replicate these bombs into the dream once, and if he use all of them up here, and should he run into trouble the next time…

It was difficult to find an explosive of this level after all.

As he pondered, he decided to just wing it.

“Forget it, better safe than sorry and leave the rest for later.”

The red-haired lady could easily suppress him, and the moment he tries something big, it was an instagib.

So the lady was probably somewhere in the Palatinate level. And for the Holy Sanctum, having an additional Palatinate would definitely be very helpful.

Regaining his determination, Lin Sheng refocused as he placed his attention back on the scope as he looked at the red-haired lady in the distance.

With a deft and accurate motion, he pulled out a bullet the length of a palm, and put it into the chamber.


As the bullet was fed into the gun, the entire rifle glowed in golden rose hue.

“Bullet loaded. Auxiliary system activated.”

“Anti-armor mode activated. Penetration accelerator chamber activated.”

“First level enhancement, second level enhancement, third level enhancement, bullet base speed acceleration enhancement completed.”

“All preparations completed. Ready to fire.”

The digital voice soon went silent as Lin Sheng placed his finger in the trigger, ready to fire at any moment. His sight was firmly locked onto the red-haired woman standing still there. His focus unwavering.


He then gave the trigger a powerful pull, as he felt the entire gun shuddered.

A line of pure blue flame blasted out from the barrel, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Inside the scope, the red-haired lady twitched as she suddenly pulled out her sword to block the attack.


A massive force crashed against the blocking blade. The long bullet still spun wildly like a drill as it tried to tear a hole through the sword and into the woman.

Yet, the red-haired lady let out a low rumble as a surge of white mist emanated all over her and converged upon the giant sword to increase its defensive power.

Before she could fully respond to the attack, Lin Sheng quickly loaded two more rounds into the chamber.

Two loud bangs later, a duo of blue light blasted out.

This time, she had no avenue to respond and took two brutal shots onto her left shoulder.

What surprised Lin Sheng was the moment the two bullets made impact on her shoulder, only a small blot of black blood appeared before the bullets were repelled.

“Wow!” Lin Sheng was awed.

This rifle was called Sephiroth, the Barb of the Fire God. Based on what he knew, a single shot of that rifle was equivalent to a full-powered attack by an apex six-wing.

But this rifle could only fire three times, and it was now useless.

That aside, the only reason Cainphas dared to allow Lin Sheng to enter the vault as all of the weapons there bore the seal set up personally by the principal. So as long as the weapon is within the arsenal, no weapons will misfire, explode or have any sort of reaction. And anyone seeking to bring the weapons out would need the principal’s permission and personally undoing the seals.

So, before even entertaining the thought of him bringing the weapons out, and even if he manages to pull that off, the weapons will simply be reduced to scrap metal, and cannot be used.

And for a weapon with the power of a six-wing like the Sephiroth; its value notwithstanding, was the only weapon of its kind there.

The academy had fitted it with all sorts of top of the range modules, and it was the veritable jewel of the arsenal.

Yet the Barb of the Fire God did not fare any better before the red-haired lady as the ambush only managed to scrap a bit of her shoulder skin off.

Dark, murky mist of the red-haired lady’s eyes as she was taken by surprise. She opened her mouth in a voiceless roar. And as the ground around her cracked, she disappeared.

Lin Sheng felt goosebumps all over as a chill ran down his spine.

He suppressed his instinct to run as he stood his ground and waited for the foe to approach.

As for how far a kilometer distance is for a Palantine, Lin Sheng soon knew.

Ten seconds.

His eyes narrowed as he saw the cold silhouette flew it like a crashing comet from the distance towards him.

And just as the red-haired lady had about half the distance to travel, Lin Sheng pressed a remote control button in his pocket.


As the digital beep rang out, a second later.


The land before him buckled.

Lin Sheng felt that the whole world spun as he felt like he was sucked by a vortex and thrown into the air and right into the storm of dust and debris.

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