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«Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 2803 Long Chen’s Oath

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Chapter 2803 Long Chen’s Oath

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“If you wish to, you can leave a strand of your divine will on this statue. It will then become a seed to gather faith energy and will definitely help you in the future,” said the dragon expert.

Long Chen shook his head. “They kowtow to me due to gratitude. But if I were to leave a seed of my divine will, it would become a kind of deceit. I disdain doing such a thing.”

Upon ascending to the immortal world, Long Chen seemed to understand many things that he hadn’t before. He gained a deeper understanding of the god inheritances left in the lower plane.

When it came to accepting these people’s worship, he didn’t feel anything wrong with it. He knew that they weren’t just kowtowing to him but also kowtowing to the five Sovereigns, to big brother Yun Tian, to senior Ling Yunzi, the old man, Qu Jianying, and the other countless heroes who had sacrificed themselves.

This statue stood as a testament to their heroism. It was for them to recall just how painful that battle was and to make them cherish their current peace.

Perhaps a long time from now, when they had gotten used to peace, they would forget this pain, forget this history. When the memories grew faint, people would question the history and turn it into a story. They would then overthrow this history, just like those people who had questioned the existence of the Sovereigns.

After the scab fell and the pain was forgotten, people would forget the heroes. But while that scab was still there, Long Chen was sure that they would remember what respect and gratitude were. After such a fierce battle, he was confident that the people of the Martial Heaven Continent wouldn’t be fighting amongst themselves, at least for a short time. With those memories and the threat of the fierce beasts outside, they would cherish their current life.

Furthermore, he saw that everyone felt great respect for his parents and sister. Their safety was something he didn’t need to worry about.

Suddenly, the vision faded and Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. His soul returned to home, to reality.

For a moment, Long Chen was lost in his emotions. Other than his father and mother, he also saw many familiar faces. There was Xia Youluo, Xia Yuncong, Ouyang Qiuyu, Shui Wuhen. He even saw Xiao Hua from back then amongst the crowd.

However, it was just a glance. He didn’t even have a chance to get a closer look before his vision ended.

“Senior, I really have to thank you. In the future, no matter what you need, I will definitely repay you for this great favor,” swore Long Chen. This favor was truly huge.

“The current you is still too weak. If you want to repay me, work hard to survive. Stop doing things that will get you killed. Then you might have a chance to help me.” The dragon expert sighed. All nine star heirs were like that.

“Junior will follow your instructions,” said Long Chen. “Speaking of which, senior, do you know where my biological father and mother are?”

Now that Long Chen was in the immortal world, the pressing thing was to find his biological parents’ whereabouts.

“Your father and mother are still alive, so don’t worry about that. But their lives aren’t going as they wish. In your current state, knowing where they are is meaningless. You are too weak, and you can’t help anyone. You should focus on yourself. Other than that, don’t try to find that person who keeps sending you messages. His situation is even worse, and he can’t help you. The owner of that voice wanted you to awaken, but due to multiple reasons, it has always ended in failure. In the end, that girl still used her own life to make you awaken,” said the dragon expert.

“Senior, you must know about Qingxuan’s reincarnation. Can you tell me where she is?” asked Long Chen.

“She went through a thousand reincarnations to awaken you. Your fates are tightly bound. Even if you don’t search for her, she will appear before you. However, after accomplishing the mission behind her reincarnations, the power of that reincarnation will dissipate. She will no longer have those memories. That is why she was very afraid. She was afraid of her next reincarnation marrying someone else. The love of a thousand reincarnations would vanish just like that.” Even the dragon expert sighed here. It was also affected by the Pill Fairy’s deep emotions.

Hearing that he would sooner or later run into Yu Qingxuan and that his parents were also still alive, Long Chen felt much steadier. He also grew more confident.

“I’ll have to make sure to live happily starting today. That’s the only way to live up to their sacrifices.” Long Chen took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

So many people had died in that battle. Their lives, their hopes were now with him, so he couldn’t wallow in this failure. He had to live even better and cultivate even harder for them.

Long Chen slowly formed hand seals, but he quickly sighed. As expected, in the immortal world, the Martial Heaven Continent’s magical arts were useless.

The spiritual qi of the Martial Heaven Continent was a completely different concept from the immortal spiritual energy of this place. Here, he was like someone who didn’t even know cultivation.

Originally, Long Chen had been planning on finding Long Aotian’s location after coming to the immortal world. The black soil pill that Long Aotian had swallowed not only caused him immense pain, but it also left a brand of the black soil’s aura on him.

That was why Long Chen let him off. It was to find where he went afterward and conveniently come clean them up as well, while also getting a step in the direction of finding his parents.

The aura of the immortal world was completely different from the Martial Heaven Continent, so Long Chen would have to learn how to control this immortal spiritual qi first. No matter how big the immortal world was, as long as he kept sensing, he would sooner or later find in which direction the brand was. Then he would be able to find Long Aotian.

“Alright, it seems that you’ve regained your confidence. Good. I’ll leave now. Be careful. Remember, nine star heirs cannot see the light of day. Once you are exposed, you will find countless people hunting you down. Your Purgatory Eyes might have been temporarily sealed, and you’ve also changed your nine stars so they’re no longer completely the same, but it would be best if you didn’t expose it much. The High Firmament Academy has countless ancient tomes and immortal arts. It is the oldest academy within the hundred domains and thousand prefectures. I don’t need to tell you what to do, right?” said the dragon expert.

“Yes. It would be best if I can find some cultivation techniques that look similar to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art to mask it.” Long Chen nodded. There was no way he could avoid fighting in the immortal world. If he couldn’t use his divine ring or battle armor, he would be killed.

Thus, the best method was to find other cultivation techniques and skills that would cover his skills up, making people think that they looked similar but weren’t the same.

“It’s good that you understand. The path is beneath your feet. The rest is up to you.”

After saying that, the dragon expert’s aura vanished.

“Ah, senior, you forgot to tell me where Zi Yan went!” exclaimed Long Chen suddenly.

Regretfully, the dragon expert’s aura had already vanished. It didn’t reply.

“Fine. If everyone else was set up, I suppose Zi Yan wouldn’t be left behind. Senior must have some reason for not telling me. Brothers, just wait for me. The name of Master Long San will resound through the immortal world.”

Long Chen looked to the sun and swore his oath. He then turned around and walked back toward the long line.

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