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«Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 2481 Million Metal Whirlpool

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Chapter 2481 Million Metal Whirlpool

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Di Feng had also arrived, and he seemed to have become very confident. Upon entering the fourth step of Netherpassage, his aura had changed. It felt foreign, ancient.

The only thing that hadn’t changed was the wildness deep within his eyes. He was like a wild beast who had been holding back for far too long and could finally bare his fangs.

Mo Nian disdainfully said, “Di Feng, I know you’ve merged with the Blood Emperor’s heroic spirit. But even with the Blood Emperor’s blessing, you are still nothing in front of me. When you sent people to attack the Mo family to draw Long Chen out, he didn’t kill you because he was leaving you to me. As for why I didn’t go kill you after coming out of seclusion, one reason was my own lack of time, but another reason was that I didn’t want to kill you randomly. I wanted to let you see the extermination of the Di family. But since you want to die so quickly, fine. Show me just what qualifications the Blood Emperor had back in the day to make my Mo family one of his followers.”

Mo Nian’s bow appeared in his hand. The Mo family and the Di family’s grudge had been brewing for tens of thousands of years. Despite not wanting to kill Di Feng here, Mo Nian was still human and couldn’t perfectly control his emotions.

“I hear that you’ve gained control of divine energy? I don’t know which fallen god became your dad, but it just so happens that I also want to test your power. I can conveniently clean up the ancient family alliance’s disgrace as well,” said Di Feng.

Killing intent rose between the two of them. The other experts were stunned. Although Di Feng was also considered a generation’s genius, the strongest expert of the ancient family alliance’s junior generation, he had fallen from the ranks of the supreme experts in other people’s minds after his multiple defeats by Long Chen.

As for Mo Nian, his standing in people’s eyes had soared after fighting evenly against the Corrupt path’s Ye Ming. He was now classified amongst the strongest of all experts.

That was why others didn’t find it strange that Mo Nian would speak so coldly to Feng Fei and Zhao Ritian. He had the qualifications.

For Di Feng to challenge Mo Nian at this time was very strange to them though. Had Di Feng truly obtained the blessing of the Blood Emperor as Mo Nian had said? His power had soared to such an extent?

Their auras began to climb higher and higher. This would be a battle between a dragon and a tiger.

“Scram! This is my battlefield! Do you think you clowns can step onto it?!”

Suddenly, the earth exploded. Blinding light filled the air, and sharp blades shot out in every direction. Those blades were metallic runes, and they tore through the air, covering up the sky.

Mo Nian and Di Feng’s expressions changed. The two of them were still in the midst of gathering their power and were suddenly interrupted by this attack before reaching their peak states.

The two of them dashed behind the barrier of the dragon corpse, avoiding the metal runes.

Those metal runes had formed a giant whirlpool surrounding Long Chen and Zhao Ritian.

“What terrifying power. Isn’t this kind of power capable of tearing apart the very world?” exclaimed someone.

Those metal fragments clashed and merged, causing the void to twist. They could see that the earth around the whirlpool was sinking. The world of the dragon king was deforming.

“I’ll let you live a bit longer. Once Long Chen is done beating his target, I’ll slaughter you,” said Mo Nian indifferently.

“That’s what I was going to say,” snorted Di Feng. The two of them turned their attention to the battlefield. This was an awe-inspiring battle to witness.

As the countless runes raged through the air, the center was sluggish like mud due to the sheer number of metal runes. Their weight caused the earth to sink.

“Long Chen, to be buried within my Million Metal Whirlpool, you can rest content.” Zhao Ritian suddenly appeared from within the whirlpool, sneering at Long Chen down below.

As for Long Chen, his figure was completely drowned in the countless runes. The two of them were originally at the core of the whirlpool, but with Zhao Ritian’s Million Metal Body, the whirlpool did not affect him, allowing him to escape easily while Long Chen was caught.

“If I did die to an idiot like you, I’d never be able to rest in peace. A little whirlpool thinks it can trap me?” Long Chen’s voice rang out from within the whirlpool.

The rapidly spinning whirlpool suddenly began to slow down, as if some force was preventing its movements. The whirlpool began to shudder, and cracks appeared in the ground, spreading to the ends of this world.

“Heavens, will this world be destroyed?!” Some people grew afraid. The two of them were monsters. The world was breaking apart as if an invisible hand was smashing it.

Zhao Ritian’s expression changed. The destructive power of his Million Metal Whirlpool had never failed him. No one who had been sucked inside had ever come out alive.

Zhao Ritian quickly formed hand seals as he pushed the whirlpool to spin harder. It staggered as if two powers were wrestling it. Long Chen used his own power to resist a power that a human body shouldn’t be able to endure.



The whirlpool exploded, with the metal runes dissipating into specks of sand. It was like a rainbow had exploded and landed on the earth. It was a violent and beautiful sight.

Amidst the flying sand was Long Chen. At this moment, it was vaguely possible to see a white dragon moving through his scales. The current Long Chen looked just like a dragon god.

“Damn, he’s taken the spotlight from me again. It seems that today isn’t a good day for me to fight, or I’ll be relegated to an accompanying act.” Mo Nian sighed. When did Long Chen learn such a flashy technique?

Everyone was staring in shock at Long Chen. The dragon might pouring out of him was something that made all races submit.

Within the multicolored sand, Long Chen appeared indomitable. He was both majestic and solitary, like a figure that had transcended all others.

Long Chen clenched his fists. He was filled with excitement as he sensed the dragon blood power flowing through his body.

“The dragon king senior was wrong. The Azure Dragon Seal does not just possess a state for offense and defense. There is a third state where offense and defense are combined. It seems that even he did not possess a complete understanding of the origin of this azure dragon reverse scale.”

Just now, when he had been trapped within the whirlpool, Long Chen could only stay in his defensive state. But Zhao Ritian’s technique was too powerful. It was supported by the power of the entire world. Even Long Chen had felt like he might be crushed.

It was at that moment that he seemed to have heard a voice telling him to switch to offense. Long Chen hadn’t quite dared to take that risk, but the instant he switched, the Azure Dragon Seal’s rune completely transformed, allowing him to enter his current state.

In his current state, he was in possession of his full offensive and defensive powers. He no longer had to switch between them. Furthermore, in this state, Long Chen felt like he had enough power to swallow the very heavens, a power that this world could not contain.

“Again!” Space twisted, and Long Chen appeared in front of Zhao Ritian in an instant.

Zhao Ritian howled and formed hand seals once again. The scattered sand rapidly flowed toward him, forming a giant shield.

Although it was condensed in just an instant, it looked no different from solid metal. It gave off extremely heavy air.

However, this giant shield shattered on contact with Long Chen’s fist. The current Long Chen had reached an unimaginable level.

At that moment, Mo Nian saw his chance. He directly flew over to the largest fragment of the shield. However, the fragments quickly sank into the ground and vanished.

“Fuck!” Mo Nian was enraged. This petty Zhao Ritian was now on guard against him.

The distraction of having to regather his fragments allowed Long Chen to land a kick right on his crotch. With an explosive sound, Zhao Ritian was split in two.

Everyone let out a startled cry, thinking that Zhao Ritian had died. However, the two halves of Zhao Ritian merged once more.

“It really is an undying body!” If he didn’t die even like this, then he had truly transcended the limits of a human. He was an incomprehensible existence.

Long Chen seemed to have expected this and was already following up with a palm. Zhao Ritian raised his arm, only for it to shatter. Long Chen’s palm struck Zhao Ritian in the face, taking his head off his body and leaving a headless corpse.

However, even in that state, Zhao Ritian didn’t die. His aura didn’t change. Hence, everyone felt a chill. In front of an undying expert, they felt profoundly helpless and afraid. How were you supposed to defeat such an opponent?

On the other hand, even against such a terrifying opponent, Long Chen was beating him like a lump of dough. No matter how Zhao Ritian blocked, his body ended up deformed.

This was a true battle of the peak. For a moment, everyone forgot about the matter of searching for the treasures in this place.

Everyone couldn’t help thinking a certain thought: The tough-as-iron Zhao Ritian vs. the iron-beating Long Chen.

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